About us

Enabled City was formerly known as Enabled London, we changed our name in recognition of our wider customer base.

It's what we do . . .

We help organisations communicate effectively, reach new markets and exceed legal obligations through our bolt-on value adding products and services. Our accessibility products have mainstream appeal, enabling clients to reach new audiences.

We have several product lines including PhotoRoute and Word-Bank which are technology solutions for people with learning and other disabilities but which large parts of the populations also find useful.

Services by Enaled City Limited

Word-Bank is a great facility for people with learning difficulties or those for whom English is a second language. Word-Bank will produce, on sites licenced to do so, a pictorial, animated or textual description of a word which the reader does not understand. This is done in situ in the website, so that the reader does not have to move away from the website to gain a clear understanding.