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of its use which are reported seem to confirm the state- ment made as to its properties. As a direct result of the relief of the dyspncea, sleep is greater in amount and more restful. " Oxidized Toxines " in the Treatment of Microbic Diseases. — Dr. George Stoker {Journal of Laryngology, Rhinology, and Otology, April) suggests the use of " oxidized toxines " in laryngeal phthisis and other What Is The Best Acai Berry Product microbic diseases. He says that it is reasonable to sup- pose that under healthy conditions certain micro-organ- isms may prove beneficial in maintaining 100 Pure Acai Berry Capsules health or pro- moting healing, but that under wwhealthy conditions these same micro-organisms may prove detrimental to health or prevent healing, Top Rated Acai Berry Products as witness the Bacillus coli, instanced by the late Professor Kanthack. It is also evident, he says, that the secretions or toxines produced by certain micro-organisms, which are in the first in- stance virulent and deadly, can be so altered as to prove beneficial, as is the case 4 Week Acai Berry Diet in, for instance, the bacillus of diphtheria. Dr. Stoker's contention is, that the most potent factor in bringing Which Acai Berry Product Is The Best For Weight Loss about such a change is the process of oxidation. The author makes a broth cultivation of bacteria taken from the affected part. This is incubated for fourteen days in an air-tight flask, when a stream of oxygen is passed through the Try Acai Berry Free broth for several hours. The organisms are then removed by filtration, and the remaining fluid applied to the affected part Best Acai Berry Product as often as Acai Berry Trees For Sale experience directs. He has found special interest in this method in cases of true lupus, and in cases of Acai Berry Scams Uk wounds and ulcers infected with the Bacillus pyocyaneus. In cases of lupus the part is first scraped, to remove as far as possible all dis- eased tissue, and oxygen is then applied by means of a gutta-percha mask as soon as bleeding has stopped. In all such cases reactions have occurred — reactions of an What Is The Best Acai Berry Product For Weight Loss essentially toxic nature. From this it is concluded that the toxines produced on the wounds are oxidized and so altered that, when absorbed, they become antagonistic to the original poison. Acting on this Natural Acai Berry Diet conclusion, oxi- dized toxines have been prepared and applied in various cases, lupoid and otherwise, with most beneficial results. These artificial oxidized toxines also produce reactions, not, however, Which Acai Berry Product Is The Best so marked as those by the toxines generated on the wound. This may be accounted for by the fact that the chemical change takes place in the oxidizing flask, and not on the diseased surface. The Bacillus pyocyaneus is, in the author's experi- ence, the most persistent and most hostile to healing of any Acai Berry Free Trial Uk of the micro-organisms usually found in wounds or ulcers. He has known this bacillus to resist the usual germicides, including strong Acai Berry Seeds For Sale solutions of carbolic or boric acid, the double cyanides, and solution of per- (■lil(u-ide of mercury (1 in 500). I f a stream of oxygen is passed through a sterile broth, says the auihor, no result is observed; if Acai Berry Weight Loss Scam this same broth is inoculated with the Bacillus pyocyaneus and incubated without access of air in an air-tight flask for fourteen days, there is no change apparent b(\vond the usual cloudiness; but if a stream of oxygen is passed ihrouRli (he broth two important changes are observed : 1. The broth at once becomes of a green color, which dccpcii'* and int(Uisifirs as oxidation is couiinued. 2. The brolh from Ix'ing liquid Buy Acai Berry Power 500 bi'comes glnliiKiiis or semigehitinous, showing that the bacilli have modified the character of the broth, and I bat llie Acai Berry Thin Uk oxygen has further altered (he brolh so modified. 1899.J PROCEEDINGS OF Super Acai Berry 1200 SOCIETIES. Tsg The product of the bacilli plus oxygen is volatile; * if the stream of Purchase Acai Berry Power 500 oxygen be discontinued after a few ites, the broth will in a few hours resume its origi- 'olor, but if the stream of oxygen is continued for w hours the color becomes permanent. When thi ized toxine is applied to the wounds or ulcers fr. After the

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