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BOOK XOTICES. rei later edition differs from the earlier only in the Aciphex Generic Name cor- rection of a few inaccuracies and in the addition Is There A Generic For Aciphex of a ehapter upon latrotheurgic Sjnibolism, which is both of interest and of value. .1 Manual of Organic Materia Medico. Being a Guide to ilateria Medica of the Vegetable and Animal Kingdoms. For the Use of Students, Druggists, Pharmacists, and Physicians. By John Buy Generic Aciphex M. Maisch, Ph. if., Phar. D., Late Professor of Materia Medica and Botany in the Philadelphia College of Phar- macy. Seventh Edition. Revised Generic Name For Aciphex by Hen'RV C. C. Maisch, Ph. G., Ph. D., Professor of ilateria Medica and Botany in the Medico-chirurgical Col- lege of Philadelphia, Department of Pharmacy. With Two Hundred and Eighty-five Illustrations. Philadelphia and Xew York: Lea Brothers & Co., 1899. Pp. vi-ir to 523. TiiK seventh edition of this well-known work is but a modernization of the si.xth, the form and scope re- maining unchanged and the volume being increased only by the few additions Aciphex Tablets that progress has required. The work remains what it ha.s been since its first appear- ance, an authority in its field. Chernislri/: (ieneral. Medical, and Pharmaceutical, in- cluding the Chemistry of the L'nited States Pharnia- copo'ia. A ^lanual on tlie Science of Chemistry, and its Application in Medicine and What Is Aciphex 20 Mg Pharmacy. By John- Attfiei.d, F. R. S., Ph.D. of the University of Tiibingen, F. L C, F. C. S., for Thirty-fouV Years Profe.s.sor of Practical Chemistry to the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, etc. Si.x- tecnth Edition. Philadelphia and Xew York: Lea Brothers & Co., 1899. Pp. x.xii-lT to 780. No more need be said of the latest edition of this admirable work Ihnn to refer to the vcrv thorough re- vision and modernizing which is apparent throughout. That 80 able a work should be perpetuated by frefjuent rejuvenation is a matter for self-congratulation by all who are student.-* of chemistry. Sixteen editions an; a siidieitnt warranty of the esteem wherein it is held. BOOKH. ETC.. RECEIVED. 'I'he Nose and 'I'hrnat and their Disea.-^es. By Len- nox Browne, F. !{. ('. S. K., Senior Surgeon to Aciphex Rebate Coupon the Cen- tral London Throat, .Nose, and Far Ho.-ipital, ete. With ^•lecial Assistance as follows: Anatomy, by Mayo Col- • r, M. .S., F. U. C. S. ; Buy Cheap Aciphex Nervous Diseases, by .'ames Ciig- Aciphex Generic Available iM V, .\f. F). ; and llislopathology, by Wya'lt Wingnive. \l.i;. ('. S., As.Mixtjint Surgeon "and" Pathologist to llii' • '.riinil I/indon Throat, .Nose, and Far Uospiial. With live Hundred and Fifty Illustrations in Color, mostly Aciphex Pi I ".signed and Fxeculerl by the Author. Fifth Edition. revised anil nwritlen. London: llailliere, 'I'indall. iiiid < ox. I'lnla"j(i'. Illu«traled with Nini' lliimlred and Fiflv En- gravings in Black and Colors. Philadelphia an.l N.w Vorl . The Mi-dirnl Coniplieiitions. .Areidrntu, and Si-.|iielie ■f Tvplioid or Kntoric Fever. By Hobnrt .\mor\ llnre. >r. D., B. Sc, Professor of Therapeutics in the Jetferson ^ledical College of Philadelphia, etc. With a Special Chapter on the Mental Disturbances following T}-phoid Fever. By F. X. Dercuin, M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Xervous System in the Aciphex Discount Card Jefferson iledical College. Philadelphia and Xew York: Lea Brothers & Co., 1899. Pp. vi-17 to 286. Aciphex 40 Mg [Price, $2.40.] The Surgery of the Head and Xeck. Bv Levi Cooper Lane, A.M., M. D. (Berol.), M. R. C. S. Eng., LL. D., Professor of Surgery in Cooper iledical Col- lege, San Francisco. Aciphex Generic Equivalent Second Edition. Philadelphia : P. Blakiston, Son,.& Co., 1899. Pp. x.\x-7 to 1180. [Price, $5.] A Review of Recent I^egal Decisions affecting Physi- cians, Dentists, Druggists, and the Public Health. To- gether with a Brief for the Prosecution of Unlicensed Practitioners of Medicine, Dentistry, or Pharmacy, with a Paper upon Manslaughter, Christian Science and Order Aciphex Online the Law, and other Matter. By W. A. Purrington, of the X'ew York Bar, Counsel of the Dental Society of the State of X ew Y'ork, etc. Xew York : E. B. Treat & Co., 1899. Pp. 3 Aciphex Buy to 105. [Price, 50 cents.] Golden Rules of ifedical Practice. Bv Arthur Henry Evans, ^l. D., B. S. (Lond.), F. R. C. S. (Eng.), House Surgeon, Late House Physician and Resident Ob- stetric House I'hysician, Westminster Hospital, etc. Golden Rules Series. No. 4. London: Simpkin, Mar- shall, Hamilton, Kent, & Co., 1899. Pp. 3 to 71. [Price, Is.] Die laryngo- und rliinologischen LTntersuchungsnie- thoden. A'on Dr. Gustav Abeles, Assistent der Kaiser Franz Josef- (friiher Mariahilfer) Ambulatoriums When Will Aciphex Go Generic in Wien, praktiseher Arzt. Mit 25 Abbildungen Aciphex Coupon Rebate im Texte. Ix-ipzig: C. G. Xaumann. 1S99. Pp. 15G. [MeiUci- nijsche Bibliolhek fiir praklischc Aerzte, Xr. 139-141.] Die neuere Geschichte der Jfcdicin. Kurz darge- stellt Purchase Aciphex Online von 0. V. Boltenstern, in Bremen. Ijoipzig: C. G. Xaumann, 1899. Pp. vii-39S. [Medicinische Biblio- lliek- fiir prakiische Aerzte, Xr. 142-147.] Die Zuckerkrankheit. Von Dr. med. Otto Aciphex Savings Card Hezel, pract. Arzt in Wiesbaden. lA^pzig: C. G. Xaunumn. 1899. Pp. viii-333. [Medicini^^che BibUotlwk fiir liraktiscbe Aerzte, Xr. 148-152.] Xew York Eve and Ear Infirmary Reports. Vol-

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