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ume VIII. January. 1899. Report of the Public Education Association of Phil- adeljihia, made at the Eighteenth Annual Meeting. The Twenty-seventh Annual Report of the Board of Directors of the Zoological Society of Philadelphia. Medical and Surgical Reports of the Boston City Hospital. Tenth Series. .Annual Report of the Board of Health of the City of Winona, Minnesota. For the Year ending March 31. 1.S99. The DifTerentinl Diagnosis of Pharyngeal Syplnlitic liosions and niphlheria. By I/owis S. Sonicrs. M. D.. of Philadelphia. [Reprinted from the Philadclphut Mrdiral Journal.l Till' Surgical .\i)atomy of Hernia. Ob.Generic Acticin cut with pointed ends by a twist with the pliers. The need of sewing the gauze cover or the use of the extra wire holder is thus made unnecessary. A square of double thickness of gauze is cut large enough to cover the wire frame. A hole is made near the selvage end ; this passes over and is held at Acticin Price shoulder {A) ; then the gauze may be readily fastened around the hooks and Purchase Acticin Online trimmed. Tlie frayed ends tucked in will take up any excess of chloroform which may run down from the use of such thin material. A plentiful supply of air is thus not impeded during the anassthesia. 15 West Kiity-kichtm Stkkkt. Itl i s £ 1 1 1 Acticin Permethrin Cream a n IT . The American Orthopaedic Association. — The thir- teenth annual meeting will be held in New York on Wednesday, May 31st, Buy Acticin Online and Thursday and I'^riday, June Ist and 2d, under the presidency of Dr. W. R. Buy Cheap Acticin Town- eend. In aildition to the president's address, the pro- gramme includes the following papers: Rotation of the Spine in the So-called Lateral Curvature: its Causes and Treatment, by Mr. W. Adams; Clinical Notes re- lating to the Operation of Order Acticin Online Arthrodesis, by Dr. B. Bar- tow; The Forcible Correction of Lateral Curvature, by Dr. E. ir. Bradford and Dr. [■]. G. Brackctt, of Boston; On the Treatment of Lateral Curvature of the Spine, by Mr. Bernard K. Brodhurst; Further Observations of Adenoids in Orthopa;dic Deformities, by Dr. F. S. Coolidge, of Chicago ; The Operative Treatment of Con- genital Luxation of the Hip, by Dr. G. G. Davis, of Philadelphia; Brisement force, with Immediate Mas- sage in the Ankylosis, following Tuberculous Osteitis of the Knee, by Dr. V. P. Gibney; A Study of Pott's Paraplegia, as effected by Correction of the Spinal De- formity, by Dr. Joel E. Goldthwait, of Boston ; A Treat- ment for Acute Serous Synovitis, permitting Joint Functions, by Dr. Philip Hoffmann, of St. Louis; Pigeon Toe, by Dr. W. Barton Hopkins, of Philadel- phia; Prothesis, a Branch of Orthopsedic Practice, by Buy Acticin Dr. A. B. Judson; The Cause of Failure after Phelps's Operation for Clubfoot, by Dr. Daniel La Ferte, Purchase Acticin of De- troit; Joint Changes in Hemophilia, by Dr. Robert W.

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