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Lovett, of Boston; Heat as a Therapeutic Measure, by Dr. S. L. McCurdy, of Pittsburgh; Surgical Interven- tion in Spastic Paralysis, by Dr. B. E. McKenzie ; Con- genital Dislocation of the Hip, by actos mg Dr. T. Halsted Myers; A Preliminary Report of the Study of Lateral Curvature, by Dr. A. M. Phelps ; Degeneracy as a Causa- tive Factor in the Production of Scoliosis, by Dr. John Ridlon, of Chicago ; A Study of the Musculo-neural Ele- ments in Chronic Joint Disease, by Dr. N. M. ShaflEer; Position Symptoms in Joint Disease, by Dr. H. M. Sherman, of San Francisco; The Recording of Lateral Curvature of the Spine, by Mr. E. Noble Smith; The Conservative Surgical Treatment of Tuberculous Dis- eases actos generic name of the Joints, by Dr. Clarence L. Starr ; Pointers on the liCather Splint, by Dr. A. J. Steele, of St. Louis ; The Report of a Case actos online of Dorsal Dislocation of the Hip, occurring Spontaneously during the Course of an Acute Osteomyelitis of the Neck and Shaft of the Femur, by Dr. William J. Taylor, of Philadelphia ; Sentences select- ed from the price of actos Orthopaedic Writings of C. Fayette Taylor, M. D., by Dr. Henry Ling Taylor; The Liver in Rickets from a Clinical Standpoint, by Dr. R. T. order actos online Taylor, of Baltimore; Some Clinical Features of Rheumatoid Arthritis — A Summer Plaster-of-Paris Jacket, by Dr. R. T. Taylor, of Baltimore, and Dr. S. H. McKim, of Washington; Some Post-paralytic Deformities and their Treatment, by Dr. Jacob Teschner; Congenital Deformities of the Spine, by Dr. Augustus Thorndike, of Boston ; Some Remarks on the Class Method of Gym- nastic Treatment in Lateral Curvature, by Dr. Walter Truslow, of Brooklyn ; The Diagnostic Value of Radiog- rajjliy in Orthopaxlic and General Surgery, by Dr. L. A. Wcigel, of Rochester; Further Observations on the Treatment of Congenital Dislocation of the actos 30 mg Hip, by Dr. Royal Whitman; Forcible Correction of Spinal Deform- ities under Anipsthesia, by Dr. W. E. Wirt, of Cleve- land ; and Joint Infection in Typhoid Fever, by Dr. Chnrles W. Wilson, of Vinoland, N. J. The Hospital Graduates' Club will give its four- teenth anniversary dinner on Saturday evening, June 3d, at the Union Square Hotel. The Seeming Immunity of Street Cleaners and Prostitutes to the Plague. — The Cincinnati Clinic for May 13th, referring to the Lancet cheap actos for February, date Tiot named, calls attention to the fact that the plague, which generic for actos has already carried olT some three hundred thou- sand people in l^ombay, has left the street cleaners and prostitules conijinratively untoucliod. Of (he lowest caste of Indian population, whose very occuiiation loads them into squalor and (iUli, the order actos street cleaners, only (wenty-one persons out of about a thousand have been affected in three years; while out of some seven thou- Mav 27. 1899.] MISCELLANY. rti3 sand actos tablets prostitutes of various nationalities but one case of bubonic plague has been cost of actos di.scovered. These singular facts, if such they are, seem hardly explicable on any known grounds. One would expect that these two classes would be among the greatest sufferers. II The University of Michigan. — The annual com- mencement will take place on June 22d. Besides the purchase actos online usual ante-commencement ceremonies, the medical de- partment will have a special programme for its friends and the alumni, an unusual number of whom have sig- nified their intention of being present. All the labora- tories will be open on the 19th, 20th, and 21st, demon- strations will be made on special subjects in anatomy, histology, pathological anatomy, pharmacology, bac- teriology, actos cost and medical electricity, and clinics will be given in each clinical branch. We are informed that these exercises will not interfere with those of the general programme or with each other. The American actos 45 mg Dermatological Association. — The twenty-third annual meeting will be held in Philadel- phia on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 30th and 31st, and Thursday, June 1st, under the presidency of Dr. John A. Fordyce. In addition to the actos buy online president's ad- dress, the programme contains the following titles: Epithelioma as a Sequence of Psoriasis, and the Prob- ability of its Arsenical Origin, by Dr. Milton B. Hart- zell, of Philadelphia; Imperfect or Deficient Urinary Secretion as observed in Connection with Certain Dis- eases of the Skin, by Dr. L. Duncan Bulkley ; Two Epi- demics of Alopecia Areata in an Asylum for Girls, by Dr. John T. Bowen, of Boston ; A generic actos Report of a Case of Congenital Dermatitis Herpetiformis and almost Com- plete Absence of Finger and Toe Nails, by Dr. Samuel Shcrwcll, of Brooklyn; .\ Maculo-ana>sthetic I.«pride of the Palm, by Dr. D. W. Montgomery, buy cheap actos of San Francisco; A Report "n Some Ca.ses of Bilateral Linear Xipvus, or So-called Na;\us Unius Lateris, by Dr. Isadora Dyer, of New Orleans; The Demonstration of Ringworm and Favus Cultures, by Dr. Sigmund Pollitzer; The Sensory Disorders of Leprosy, by Dr. Prince A. Morrow; Re- marks on the Treat iiient of Scabies, by Dr. Samuel Sherwell ; A Contribution to the Histopathology of EpidiTnioly.xis liiillosa, by Dr. George T. Elliot; A Con- tribution to the Study of Blastomycetio Dermatiti.'s, by I>r, James N. Hyde, of Chicago; and Necrotic Granu- loma and Indurated Erythema in the same subject, by Dr. James C. Johnston. There will he a general dis- cussion on the role of ])us organisms in diseases of the in, which is to bo opened by Dr. T. Carson Gilchrist, ■f Balliinorc, and Dr. George T. Elliot. The " Bemiss Rules " for the Diagnosis of Yellow Fever— Tlic lAniisiana State boanl of actos price health has lately iwHutd actos 15 mg a circular embodying tlic rules arranged by the late Professor Samuel Bemiss. The circular is ■ iilmtnntiallv as follows: 'I'he following groups of symptoms shall Iw consid- ■ red to iiidirato yellow fever: Qroup I. — A person after n sudden attack has n

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