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Perhaps the earliest genuine doctor to Alesse Generics arrive was Peter Van der Linde, who came in 1638. When physic was slow he inspected tobacco, and gave part of his time to school teaching. He was also clerk of the church. He could not have had all the Alesse For Acne obstetric work, because during his time Ljsbert Dircksen was town midwife and lived in a house built at public expense. Her successor was voted one hundred guilders (thirty-eight dollars) annually to attend the poor. About this time (1G38-1647) there was in the coun- cil of Yaz Vs Alesse Governor-General Kieft, Dr. John de la Mon- tagne, " a man of intelligence and decision of charac- ter," a Protestant refugee from France, who had gone to Holland, and thence here. We find the colonists waging war against the Indians under " command of the inde- fatigable Montagne," and he later signs the peace treaty Purchase Alesse with them. There were at this time only a hundred white men on the island. One of them was Surgeon Hans Kierstede, from Saxony, who married Buy Alesse Online Sara,daugh- ter of Annetje Alesse Acne Janse, "the famous midwife." This worthy pair Alesse Generic Brand had Alesse Cost ten children, and so did what they could for the white population. More than that. Sur- geon Kierstede was a director for the new church and got up a sort of festival where the guests became very full of good brew. When Alesse And Acne they were in good spirits he started a subscription for the new church, and the liberal pledges seem to have been all paid when the men were BolKTL'd. The Alesse Discontinued pro|X'rty of this same .\nnetje Janse was the beginning of the great wealth of Trinity Church. Surgeon I'niilns Van der Beeek (lG4.'i) becomes rich Alesse Ocp by fartiiing in Breiickeln, is tax collector and ferry nuis- Buy Alesse ter, and nnikeri [wople Alesse Vs Aviane wait for tlie Iwat " half n day and niglit." Surgeon Jacob Vnrangcr (l(i.')l) grows tinnl of being his own importer and consumer, so |M'tition.s tlic coiinril to pay " for the uw of his medienmenf," and to rnjsc his salary ns physician to the trading company. Varnnger is chuincd ns one of tlio founders of the first hospital, ycl his name is not in the list of twenty " great • llp«cl hrforti th» Httritity of ll.c Alumni of tlir Cltjr (Ch»r1lt) llii* piul, Frl.nurt H, |N«g. citizens," but among the two hundred and four " small citizens." A little later on (1657) another composite doctor arrives — Samuel Megapolenisis, son of Keverand Mega- polenisis. He is a Harvard graduate, who studied the- ology in Utrecht, and upon his return was appointed pastor of the church. He continued the rare art of both preaching and practising, and also did his part in poli- tics, as appears from his being one of the jcommissioners Alesse Price at the English capitulation (1664). In those days the palisade was along the present Wall Street. The only remaining relic of these early Dutch times is a portion of the foundation walls of 71 and 73 Pearl Street. Those who died Aviane Vs Alesse were buried just north of Bowling Green. In 1666 Peter Harris, both physician and surgeon, was authorized to " exercise his art." The term surgeon had been applied to ships' barbers, and had not the honor we now give it. Gaudineau (1686), a Huguenot, also signs himself chirurgo-physician. He appears as lieutenant under Dongan in the French and Alesse Mg Indian War Order Alesse Online (1708). There may be no significance in names, but it is curious to note that the first autopsy was held (1691) upon the body of Governor Slaughter, whose sudden death was Alesse 21 thought to be due to poisoning. Dr. Johannes Kerfbyle, of Leyden, officiated. The doctors did some fighting, not with Indians, as appears from the duel between Governor Dongan 's nephew Thomas and Dr. John Livingston. The latter was killed and Dongan convicted of manslaughter. In 1705 law and medicine combined in the person of Dr. Bridges, for a brief time chief justice. In early days slavery flourished hero, and a slave market was established in 1709 at the foot of Wall Street. Dr. Dupay was a slave owner, for we find that he wants £55 for a negro wench nineteen years old whom he had brouglit up from infancy. She did not like being sold on approval, and a few years later is again offered for sale, " as she has a great itch for run- ning away." Quarantine was hastily established, in 1710, on Gov- rrnor's Island, then Jfutten Island. Three thousand (lerman Lutlii rans had left Plymouth to come here to make tar, cut masts, etc. Four hundrofl and seventy of them were buried at sea. The council was dismayed when the large remainder arrivect the immigrants. Carjwntcrs were also sent to build huts for them. In 1725 Bedloc's Island was uscxl as a quarantine for small-pox patients from Madeira. AWit 173.') nn ainishon.so, " |)ublick workhouse and house of c«irrection," was built in the fields or park. It wns on till' Bid- of tlic present city hall. Alesse Vs Yaz Here slnvc« 766 STOWELL: THE DOCTOR OUTSIDE OF MEDICINE. [N. Y. Med. Jodb.,

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