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were kept for correction and the poor sheltered. Besides a salary, the keeper received fees from Coupon Alli all who entered or were discharged, and Is. Q,d. for whipping. In 1764 the keeper was allowed £20 extra, as there had been no whipper for some time. The second floor room on Alli Sale the Broadway side Alli Coupons was the hospital ward, containing six beds. Dr. John Van Beuren was in charge on a salary of £100 a year. It was here that Dr. Beekman Van Beuren intro- duced vaccination in the face of much opposition. Dr. Gerardus Beekman, as president of the council, filled the executive chair in 1710 until the new governor arrived. He was a wealthy landholder, lieutenant-colo- nel of militia, etc. He was " the great gunner who shot a deer in city common, Alli Prices the antlers of which are still preserved in the family." He was one of the eight men condemned with Leisler when the latter was executed for treason in refusing to give up the fort. The doctor wrote to the governor that he wished to visit some pa- tients on Long Island that were "very dangerous." Having leave to go, Alli Uk he neglected to come back to be executed. Upon the arrival of Governor Clinton, in 1743, George Clarke returned to England said to be worth £100,000, "so profitable was it to rule New York." Ten years later Sir Danvers was governor. He had been deranged by grief at the loss of his wife, and two days after arriving here hanged himself from the fence in Mr. Murray's garden. Dr. Magraw, " the best physician in town," had ordered him sack and whey the day before, but he had refused it, telling the servant to prepare broth. Mr. Murray seemed to think Alli Canada this a sure evidence of madness. In 1743, Dr. McGrath introduced free cold bathing for the cure of fevers. He was an unrefined, captious man who was himself often " in hot water." These were troublous days in the colony. Small-pox and yellow fever prevailed (1737 and 1739), the Jews were disfranchised (1738), and thirty-four negroes and whiles were executed for a plot to burn the city (1741). About Coupons For Alli this time (1745) Dr. John Nichol died. He was an active practitioner and useful man, a member of the governor's council. In the same year Mr. John Dupuy, M. D., the man midwife, died, of whom the Alli In Canada |iaper stated, " in which loss it may be truly said, as of Uoliath's sword, 'there was none like unto him.' " The most conspicuous Alli Cost physician of the last century was probably Cadwallader Golden (1C88-177G). He was a Scotchman by birth. Wilson calls him " one of the ablest men in the province," and well he may. He graduated from the University of Edinburgh, studied medicine in London, and practised the same in Phila- delphia for several years. Governor Alli For Sale Hunter induced him to come to New York and made him first surveyor general in the colonies. The governor Buffered much from sciatica, and finally returned homo. In a letter he wiya: " I have no hope of caKO on this side, having try'd all remedys. Christian and Pagan, Polemical, Chymi- cal, and Wliimsical, to no purpose. Aix-la-Chapelle is all my present comfort." Colden's favorite study was botany, and he sent to Linnaeus three or four hundred American plants. His pen was ever busy. Coupon For Alli He wrote on yellow fever, a History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada, and numerous scientific articles. Alli On Sale He was for fifty years in his Majesty's council, and for twelve years lieutenant-governor. On accoimt of the stamp act in 1765 a procession of citizens burned in effigy Golden Price Of Alli and the devil; however, at another time fifty-six merchants congratulated him on his administra- tion. At one time he had a country seat near Newburg, and Alli Coupon again a large farm on Long Island. His intellec- tual capacity and attainments were great and various, one biograplier saying that he was " known in the scien- tific and literary world Alli Ireland as a physician, botanist, astrono- mer, and historian." He was the first to suggest the formation of the American Philosophical Society. He was loyal to the crown all his life, and died at the ripe age of eighty-eight years, in 1776, just after the English occupied New York. The revolutionary period supplies medical anecdotes as well as war history. Dr. James Beekman erected a house in 1764 upon the bluff above East River at what is now Fifty-second Street. It stood there until 1874. This is a familiar Alli 120 spot to us of Charity Hospital. This historic house was at times occupied by such notables as General Howe, Sir Henry Clinton, and Madame de Eiedesel. In the greenhouse there Nathan Hale was tried as a spy on September 21, 1776. Alli On Line He was then taken to City Hall Park and executed, not far from where his statue now stands. The most important day this country Alli Price ever saw was July 4, 1776, when the delegates from the thirteen colo- nies assembled in congress and declared American in- dependence. All the fifty-six delegates present signed, and five of them were physicians. They were as fol- lows: Lyman Hall, from Georgia, a successful practitioner, afterward governor. Benjamin Rush, graduate of Princeton when fifteen years old, who became professor of chemistry in the Col- lege of Philadelphia when twenty-four years old. He was surgeon-general of the hospitals during the war, and for the last fourteen years of his life treasurer of the United States Mint. Oliver Woolcott, of Connecticut, was major-general in the army and held many high public offices, includ- ing that Alli Shop of governor. He and Hall were classmates in Yale in 1747. Josiah Bartlctt, of New Hampshire, was a " noble patriot"; for ten years in legislature and congress, governor of his State, justice of the supreme court, and first president of the State Medical Society. The last signer was Dr. Mathew Thornton, from Londonderry, New Hampshire. Ho was n practitioner June 3, 1899.]

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