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STOWELL: THE DOCTOR OUTSIDE OF il ED I CINE. 767 and " most ardent patriot," whose monument bears the simple inscription " An honest man." Xew York sent few doctors to the war, but among these zealous patriots are mentioned James Brewer, Moses Younglove, Ebenezer White, and Daniel Menema. She had seventeen original members in the Society of Cincinnati. In 1790 congress removed from City allopurinol iv Hall, Xew York, to Philadelphia. On October 14th of that year the medical society was allowed to use the council chamber for its meeting. There Dr. Nicholas Romaine gave medical lectures a year or two later. At that time the medical society numbered twenty- eight members. Among the noteworthy men were Dr. allopurinol pharmacology John Bard and his son, Dr. Samuel Bard, who operated upon the carbuncle that afflicted George Washington. Dr. John Bard (1716-1799) was a very eminent man, noted for his urbanity of manner as well as great learning. He established the first quarantine at starting allopurinol Bed- loe's Island, and was first president of the Xew York Medical Society organized in 1788. He was allopurinol brand name usually dressed in a red coat and cocked hat and carried a gold- headed cane. He drove allopurinol brand names in a low phaeton and was ac- companied by a colored servant. Samuel Bard (1742-1821), son of John, graduated at Columbia, and took his M. D. in Edinburgh. He organized the first medical what is allopurinol 300 mg school with Columbia, then King's College, and in 1709 took the chair of physic. He was dean of the faculty. Dr. John Cochrane was evidently a man of wealth, as he lived on Broadway and entertained the generals of the army in a royal manner (Lamb). No one enjoyed a higher social position and influ- ence at this time than Mrs. John Jay. On one date, allopurinol uk her only guests at dinner were Dr. and Mrs. John Charlton. Charlton brand name for allopurinol was an English surgeon from the court of George III, who came with the army. He married Miiry de Peystcr. He usually rode on horse- back, but practised little. In 1795 yellow fever again raged. The cabin boy and surgeon order allopurinol of a West Indian ship were tlie first to die. The disease spread, only to bo checked by fho frosts of Novenil)or. allopurinol online Governor Jny then set Thursday, allopurinol generic name November 2Gth, as Thanksgiving day. 08 had prcviou.Hly Ijoen done in Massachusetts. More than fifteen hundred persons had died of the population of fifty thousand. This scourge resulted in underground sewers Ix-ing Ix'gun. allopurinol 20 mg At this time there were one huncired students in Columbia nnd fifty more studying medicine. Professor MeMnster, writing on yellow fever, gives this interesting pietiire: "If the purchaser of the vini*- gnr (for prevention) were n nervous man nnd tormented with hourly fear of Ijeing stricken with the fever, the sjK'ctnele ho pn'wnted ns he sallied forth to b>iy was most pitiable. As he Bliut his housi' allopurinol tablets 100mg door lie wns careful to have n piece of tnrntl tojm' in either hnnongo wot with camphor nt the nose, nnd in his pocket a hand- kerchief well soaked in the last preventive of which he had heard. ... If he were so unhappy as to meet a friend on the way, neither shook hands, but exchang- ing a few words at a distance, each sought, bowing and scraping, to get to the windward of the other as he passed. buy allopurinol online When at last the shop was reached, nothing could induce him to enter while another stood at the counter, or was seen approaching on the street " (Wil- son). April 13, 1788, was the date of the "Doctors' Eiot." This was caused by some inquisitive boys discovering the hospital doctors dissecting. They spread ghastly tales and soon had an angry mob after the young medics. The doctors sought safety in the jail, but bare- ly escaped being removed from there. Dr. Hicks was hiding behind the chimney of his preceptor's house (Dr. Cochrane) while the mob were below, looking for him and evidences of his dissecting. The trouble lasted part of two or three days and was only quelled by the militia. Baron Steuben and Secretary Jay were en- deavoring to quiet the mob by speeches when both were injured by flying missiles. Steuben was just praying that the soldiers should allopurinol cost not be allowed to shoot when he was hit upon the head with a brick. As he fell he cried out, " Fire, Governor, fire ! " and it was done. Nicholas Romaj-ne was a native New Yorker, 1765- 1817. His weight of three hundred pounds did not affect his activity. He was " vested with almost all the honors the medical profession can bestow." He could upon invitation " lecture on the aphorisms of Hippoc- rates, unfold the structure of the brain, expound the philosophy of paludal diseases, or discourse on the plant which Clausius cherished." He was " at all times a.ssiduous in civic pursuits and closet studies," a type of what a physician should be to a community. allopurinol rxlist Dr. Hugh Williamson (1735-1819) was another man of many gifts. He allopurinol 50 mg was ordained to preach, but gave up because of his health. He studied medicine in Edinburgh and Utrecht and practised successfully in Philadelphia. He was surgeon in the army, member of the North Carolina House of Commons, delegate to the convention to frame the Constitution, and waa elected as a federalist to the first congress. In Philadelphia he was profe.<.allopurinol 150 mg one of a commission to obscr\'e the transit of Venus and Mercury. Seventeen hundriHl and ninety-eight was marked by the invention of the steamboat. In March of that year Dr. Samuel L. Mitchell, then a representative in the legislature, introduced an cost of allopurinol act granting the exclusive right to nnvignto tlie Xew York waters by fire or steam

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