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for twenty years. The bill was passed very much as a joke. Tn .April, 1807, Fulton nctunlly made the trip from Xew York to Albany in the Clermont nt the rate of five purchase amoxil cheap amoxil miles an Imur. Dr. Mitchell wns one of the pas- sengers, nnd, ns Colden w:is li]i(kim» the srbenie, lie was most probnbly there also 768 S TO WELL: TEE DOCTOR online amoxil OUTSIDE OF MEDICINE. [N. Y. Med. Jouk., The most remarkable man of his time was Samuel Latham Mitchell, M. D., LL. D. (1764-1831).. He gradiiated in medicine in Edinburgh, and amoxil 875 returning here studied law with Chief-Justice Yates. For twenty years he was visiting physician to New York Hospital. As a teacher, he was professor of chem- istry and natural history in Columbia, professor of botany and materia amoxil tablets medica in the College of Physi- cians and Surgeons, and one of the faculty of the Eut- gers Medical School. His analysis of the Saratoga mineral waters helped their fame. In 1796 he made a geological and mineralogical tour of the State, the published results of which laid the basis of his European reputation. In 1797, together with Dr. Edward Miller and Dr. Elisha H. Smith, he foimded (and for sixteen years edited) the Medical Repository, the first medical jour- nal in this country. His knowledge of the Indians was thorough. When they gave exhibitions at the Elgin Gardens he would translate their war songs; and because of his legal knowledge he was sent to make a treaty with them. In politics he was in the State legislature working hard with Cadwallader Golden and Governor De Witt Clinton for the Erie Canal. In 1825 it was opened with the greatest naval fete the city had ever witnessed. Dr. Mitchell had procured bottles of water from the thirteen largest rivers in the world — Ganges, Nile, Mississippi, Amazon, etc. — and united them all in this artificial waterway. amoxil 500 mg The doctor counted it the proudest day of his life when the inland lakes and ocean were united in " indissoluble marriage." It cost $7,602,000 then. We heard more about its cost last autumn. With Williams we find hira working for the furtherance of West Point Military Academy. As United States senator he puts his energies amoxil 875 mg into improved amoxil 250 mg quarantine laws. With the ever-active Golden and others he established the Deaf and Dumb Institute. When State aid was wanted for the Botanical Gardens at Fiftieth amoxil 400 Street, he talked for hours to the legislature, and that without special preparation. Naturally, he was among the in- corporators of the Society for the Establishment of Free Schools in 1805. Socially he was a delightful companion, not an ab- stract philosopher. He was Sachem of Tammany So- amoxil 250mg ciety, was an active member of nearly all the learned Bocietics of the world, and yet found time to preside over the " Krout Club," or discuss conchology with Dr. Samuel Akerly, his brother-in-law. His writings include Theory of the Earth and Solar System, Phosphorescence of the Ocean, Anatomy and Physiolof/y of the Shark, a description of the fishes about New York (one hundred and sixty-six varieties), and The Ethnology of the Indian. It is little wonder that Dr. Francis called him "the .Vestor of American scicnco." In St. Paul's churchyard at Vcscy Street, on the Broadway side, there stands near the fence a large monument which you have probably all seen, but per- haps not stopped to observe. It is that of the Irish patriot who made this his adopted home. Dr. William James Macnevin (1763-1841) was educated in Vi- enna, practised in Dublin, traveled in and wrote of Switzerland, and spent four years in an Irish jail. " He had no prison house ; worth, freedom. amoxil generic Wisdom still can walk at large, though bolts and bars, and walls of adamant may intervene." He translated from the amoxil price original Gaelic, and compiled a French grammar for the children of Thomas Addis Emmet, his fellow pris- oner. On July 4, 1804, he landed here, and at once began practice. He gave clinics in the almshouse (1807), and was professor of midwifery in the amoxil 875mg College of Physicians and Surgeons, and professor of materia medica in Rut- gers Medical School. He was also professor of chem- istry. Dr. Francis says that " the amoxil buy online stores of ancient and modern science amoxil 250 were equally accessible to him, and he was ever ready to communicate." When he died, "all felt that learning had lost a distinguished ornament, . . . the charities of life an ardent friend, and patriotism one who had sustained martyrdom in her glorious cause." Another man in the faculty with 500mg amoxil Dr. Mott, Dr. Mac- nevin, and Dr. Francis was Dr. David Hosack, " distiu/- guished beyond all his competitors in the healing art " (1769-1835). Beginning with materia amoxil buy medica, he be- came professor in all the branches except anatomy and surgery. In 1804 he had to do with a tragedy amoxil order which is amoxil 500 a part of our history. When Alexander Hamilton was shot by Vice-President Burr on that early July morn^ ing at the Weehawken dueling ground, Hosack was wait- ing for him in a boat below the cliff. This was the un- timely end of the great Hamilton, and the end of duel- ing in this country. Dr. Hosack's favorite study was botany, and in 1801 he succeeded in establishing the State Botanical Garden upon twenty acres bounded by Forty-seventh and Fifty- first Streets, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues. This

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