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was for the " conservation of our indigenous botany, or as a repository of Buy Ampicillin the most precious exotics." It was a curious and valuable place in many ways, but not very useful, so the property was turned over Buy Ampicillin Online to Colum- bia College. You all know how valuable the ground has proved to it. Dr. Hosack was one of the origi- nators of the Now York Historical Society, and twelve years its president. In 1824, when Lafayette revisited America after half a century of absence, he was siiown all possible honors, and Dr. Hosack, conducting him to tlio chair that once belonged to Louis XVI, " in a graceful speech tendered him his election as an honorary member of tlie Historical Society." His Order Ampicillin name is connected with most wise ami gri'iit afTiiirH of his day. It was ho who cstnl)lislicil llir lil)niry rane 3. 1899. STOWELL: THE DOCTOR OUTSIDE OF MEDICINE. r69 of Xew York Hospital which has now been (1898) transferred to the Academy of Medicine. " It was not infrequently remarked that Clinton, llosack, and Hobart were a tripod on which our city •stood." Another botanical M. D. was James E. De Kay (1792-1851), an all-round naturalist. His travels took him to Turkey, where he became superintendent of the naval yards. He returned to Oyster Bay, near his intimate friend, the poet Bryant. Though he cared Ampicillin 500 little for practice, he came here at once to help care for the cholera patients, and wrote chiefly for the New York press. Cheap Ampicillin John W. Draper, M. D. (1811-1882), chemist and physiologist, was Purchase Ampicillin a many-sided man. After practising a Ampicillin 500 Mg few years in Virginia he came here, and with Mott and -others founded the New York University Medical Col- lege. He did much in the early days for photography. It was he who first photographed from high-power microscope lenses. He wrote with equal ease upon •chemistry, Intellectual Development of Europe, The Future Policy of America, and the Conflict between .Religion and Science. Contemporaneous with Dr. Draper, though older, was another M. D. who did not practise — Peter Irving (1771-1838), M. D., from Columbia. Peter was brother •of Washington Irving, Ampicillin 500mg and helped the latter with the immortal Knickerbocker's History of New York. He found the pen mightier than the bistoury, and after traveling widely abroad led a literary life, being noted for his " classical acquisition and belles-lettres knowl- «dge." Medicine combined with art in the anatomical lec- tures given by Dr. T. G. King before the National Academy of Design. The academy originated with S. F. B. Morse, of telegraphic fame, who was its prosiw coniplelely changed; the shock- ing hole hiiH been filled up, and in or on its place stands the Criminal Court Iluilding, where the \ew York Hcnith Di-|mrtrnent residcH and ongendorH hygienic laws and nntitoxini-H instead of "unwholesome productions." Tlio Croton water niipply wn« brought to the citv willj a great celebration in 1812, having cost twelve million JollafH. In the ineilicnl hiHiory of New York no oni> look ho ({rent nn intori'»t Buy Acillin nn John W. Frnnoin, M. D., LL. P. (17R!)-18ril) In l«(t<» Dr Kmneiii wax Die firM nmn to receive the degree of M. D. from the College of Physi- cians and Surgeons. He later was professor of materia medica, of medical jurisprudence, and of obstetrics there. He was greatly interested in all the hospitals, asylums, and benevolent institutions of his time. He said " You might as well create a practical navigator by residence in a sylvan retreat as furnish a physician without hospital experience." Dr. Francis Online Ampicillin was the medical friend of the leading actors from Cooke to ilacready. Kean went with him to Vauxhall Garden (where Astor Library now is) and turned somersaults there. They then went to Bloom- ingdale, as Kean was anxious to see if our insane were like those in England. He nearly ended his own life on this trip. Dr. Francis wrote various medical papers, but is now best remembered by his Old New York, or Reminiscences of Sixty Years. Though a busy practi- tioner, he had time for the meetings of the famous " Bread and Cheese Club," where he met the naturalist Dr. De Kay and Charles King, later president of Co- lumbia. Dr. Kane, the Arctic explorer, was bom in Phila- delphia in 1820, and entered the navj' as surgeon. He was a great traveler, and visited all parts of the world while on duty or during furloughs. During the Mexi- can War (1846) he was with the military staff. Being a naturalist as well as a sailor, he went with the first Grinnell Expedition from here in 1850. In 1853 he commanded the Advance, and first definitely determined the existence of an open polar sea. His expedition ac- complished more than any preceding one. and brought him honor and fame. His health failed, and he sought

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