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relief in Havana, where he died in February, 1857. Another man to whom we New Yorkers are anafranil 50 mg espe- cially indebted is Rufus II. Gilbert, M. D. (1832-1885), who invented the elevated railroad. He was a student of Willard Parker, and graduate of the College of Physi- cians and Surgeons. In 1862 he was surgeon to the Duryea Zouaves, and performed the first surgical oix>ra- tion under lire at Big anafranil 150 Bethel. Later lie was director of the army hospitals. After the war his health failed, and he became assistant superintendent of the Jersey Central Railroad. He was greatly interested in the overcrowding of the poor district!*, and so Inlwred to find a way of relief. The original elevated railroad, from Battery Place tlirough Greenwich Street to Thir- teenth Street, was In^gun in 1807. Dr. GillK>rt at first held a large anunint of the stock, but he lost most of it, and his death was really hastened by anxiety and diHHjipointnu'nt. In tlie.«»e days of interchanging war and ]h^i\(v \xo arc reminded of liichnrd J. Gntling, M. D. (ISISK who Ih Htill living in our city. His inventions i»o filled his mind Hint he anafranil 150 mg clomipramine 50mg never practiwHl n>edicine. When n boy lie perflated n cotton-Hwd Kower and n wheat drill. (How he miglit have helpoanafranil online DOCTOR OUTSIDE OF MEDICINE. [N. Y. Med. Joce., which was tried by General Butler and later adopted by the United States service. It is, as you know, virtually anafranil for ocd ten breech-loading rifle barrels together, and can now deliver twelve hundred shots a minute. Its efficiency may be learned by reference to the Manila battles of recent dates. Of all medical men and patriots there is none whose history anafranil buy is so romantic or whose deeds are so daring and magnificent as those of Marcus Whitman. His name is inseparable from that rich territory " Where rolls the Oregon, and hears no sound Save his own dashings." In 1836 he left this State with his young wife for a bridal tour of thirty-five hundred miles. When the party reached Fort Laramie the garrison tried clomipramine 50 mg to pre- vent his going beyond with his " old wagon." The great forests were then occupied only by Indians and traders of United States origin or belonging to the Hud- son Bay Company. There this little band meant to go and did go. In 1842, six years late. Whitman was anafranil price visiting a patient at Walla Walla and attended a dinner of traders and others where an express rider announced that a quantity of immigrants were two hundred or three hundred miles above, coming down there. An enthusi- astic priest jumped up, shouting, " Hurrah for Oregon ! America is too late ! " Whitman grasped the situation, and left for home. In twenty-four hours he had started, in spite of all cheap anafranil entreaties not to anafranil buy online do so, to ride to Washing- ton to see Webster before the Ashburton treaty should be signed and Oregon lost to the United States. It was a rich possession, of thirty-two times the size of Massachu- setts, and Whitman's residence there six years showed him its value. The experiences of four months clomipramine hydrochloride tablets of winter spent in the order anafranil saddle, pushing on constantly over mountain passes, through forests, swimming rivers frozen half over, at times eating dog meat and mule meat, and once being wholly lost — what history it is, and what an indomitable will the man had ! Mr. Lovejoy and the guides were his companions, yet he may be said to have made clomipramine anafranil the trip alone. After five months' travel he reached Webster clomipramine tablets at Washington, and set aside all the arguments against the worthless and inaccessible land. When told that wagons never could be taken over the mountains, his sufficient reply was, " My wagon is there now." He returned on September 4, 1843, with two hundred wagons and nearly a thousand persons (eight hundred and seventy-five) and thirteen hundred head of cattle. Daniel Webster said, " It is safe to assert that our country owes it to Dr. Whitman and his associate mis- sionaries that all the territory west of the Rocky Moun- tains and south as far as the Columbia River is not now owned by England." The rides of Paul Revere and Sheridan were momentous, but Whitman outdis- tanced them and saved us six thousand miles of Pacific coast and inestimable wealth yet to be secured. Poor Whitman and his family were massacred in November,. 1847. Compare his journey with a trip by the North- ern Pacific or Sunset Limited. Since his day our west- ern horizon has been pushed seventy-five hundred miles farther. I can not well refrain from reference to one eminent doctor now living and very active — Dr. Leonard Wood, now brigadier-general and military governor of San- tiago. Governor Roosevelt, his long-time friend, counts- him one of our most superior public men. He received purchase anafranil his medical diploma from Harvard in 1882, and for a short time practised in Boston. His adventurous spirit led him into the army, and shortly clomipramine hydrochloride we find him with General Miles fighting the Apaches. His great power ocd anafranil of endurance, his kindly manner, and unusually sound judgment soon made him the natural leader of some of the detachments sent out. He soon won the medal of honor. It was the most natural thing in the world that he should command that unique regiment, the Rough Riders, and his evident executive ability and justice made him the natural selection as clomipramine 20mg governor of the prov- ince. He is a man whom we may proudly claim as one of us, though he has grown out of medicine. There is one doctor who belonged to all English- reading people — Oliver Wendell Holmes, M. D., LL. D. (1809-1894), the " autocrat," " professor," and " poet." A student of law, then of medicine; professor of anat-

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