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the uterus. Beefsteak placenta; curettement, under ether, twenty hours after delivery. Attachment of pla- centa was very firm, evidently due to a placentitis, pain having been complained of for some time over the left side of the fundus of the uterus, where the placenta was most firm. Artane Tablets Temperature was oi)ly once 101° F. (fifth day) Purchase Trihexyphenidyl Online ; very slight foetor from discharge; nervous, quick Artane 1 Mg pulse throughout puerperium. Evidences of air hunger and weakened circulation twenty-four hours after deliv- ery. Inhalation of oxygen very efficient ; given when pulse rate was 160. Phlegmasia alba dolens upon get- ting up. Ca.se III.— March 22, 1897, called to assist Dr. Bumstcr. Diagnosis vague before chloroform anes- thesia; face, inclining to a brow presentation, easily made Order Trihexyphenidyl Online out after anesthesia. Head, engaging in trans- verse diameter of pelvis, face to the right of the mother; membranes ruptured some hours. Temporized a short while; some advance made under natural pains; face points becoming lost; diagnosticated occiput to rear wlien head had engaged somewhat. Forceps applied after an hour's wait; slipping of same. Some advance with the forceps when traction was made distinctly backward. Forceps unlocked and reapplied ; the head was brought down on the pcrinffium with face directly anterior. Chin easily brought out l)cIow pubns. No Order Artane Online ro- tation of Hhouldors; most difTicult extraction of the same; little or no expulsive pain. Supposed fracture of base of skull of babe; died in three hours. Adherent placenta; seventy-five minutes taken up in its delivery. Uneventful recovery of the mother; no laceration. Case IV. OccipiLo-posterior of After-coining Head Artane 2 Mg of a Knee Presentation. — March 26, 1897, assisted by Dr. Bumster. Left-knee and right-foot presentation. Membranes ruptured eight hours; no pains of conse- quence; feet brought down Order Artane under slight chloroform an- aesthesia; waited considerable time for natural pains. Chloroform readministered and extraction begun; arms ascended about head; difficult delivery of same; occipito- posterior of vertex; rotation of the body, after some trouble and much caution, effected rotation of the head ; very difficult extraction of the Generic Artane head ; occiput rotated to the right, anterior; flexion was attempted by counter- pressure over the occiput and traction on the mouth and Order Trihexyphenidyl chin; child was stillborn. The placenta, adherent in a previous confinement, was easily delivered. Per- haps the smaller size of the child, it appearing to be two or three weeks premature, had something to do with this ; douches in the lying-in period. Case V. Right Occipito-posterior Position. — August 30, 1897, called to assist Dr. Bumster. Difficult for- ceps ; head rotating when low down ; laceration of the perineum ; repair ; good recovery Artane Price in mother ; child born alive and vigorous. Case VI. — September 15, 1897, called to assist Dr. Bumster. Head engaged in the transverse diameter of the pelvis ; fairly immovable ; twelve hours in labor when forceps was easily applied. Considerable traction by colleague ; less by the writer. Satisfactory evidence that child was living, and perhaps vigorous when the head rested on the perineum and forceps were removed. Face became very cyanotic (an evidence of its vitality). Buy Trihexyphenidyl Online It was, perhaps, better judgment not to have expressed the Buy Trihexyphenidyl head until involuntary pains were helped by voluntary ones, as the patient was rapidly becoming conscious; or perhaps there was too much delay in introducing fingers into the axilla and extracting the shoulders. Child Purchase Artane was stillborn; Buy Artane Online bruised, ecchyniosed spot slightly to the right of centre of the frontal bone corroborated the diagnosis of the position. Case VII. — November 12, 1897, called to assist Dr. Frey. Chloroform anesthesia; head grasped primarily almost antero-posteriorly, Purchase Trihexyphenidyl indicating a transverse posi- tion of the vertex. Scarification of nose and suboccipital region ; slight abscess later in the latter region ; rota- tion of the occiput on the pelvic floor; child born liv- ing; good recovery in mother; slight laceration and re- pair of perineum. C.\SE VIII.— July 17, 1898, called to assist Dr. Bumster. Buy Cheap Artane Occipito-posterior position; head transverse at first; later, occiput to the left sacro-iliac synchon- drosis; difficult forceps extraction, frequent unlocking of blades. Rotation of the blades and the head at the outlet; slight scar over occiput; upper lip swollen and slightly cut from forceps blade. Diagnosis correctly made and confirmed; child born living; no laceration; no reaction in mother. Cask IX. — Called to assist Dr. McKeown. Seen by (ho writer with labor well advanced regarding dilata- tion of the cervix and firmness of pains. Head not engaged; thick, (rdeinalous, strangled condition of the cervix, such as would be met with in a contracted pelvis. Dr. McKeown had experienced considerable difficulty in ap]ilying forceps, which, with the difficulty of handling the (inesthetic at the same time, b(>caino the occasion of my Ixnng sent for. It was fairly easy to recognize Purchase Artane Online Jane 3, 18'J9. BARRY: SOilE FURTHER OBSERVATIONS OX OBSTETRIC CASES. •73 that the occiput lay posteriorly, the very considerable difficulty of applying blades corroborating that point. After considerable tractiou, the infant was delivered with an expulsive shock. Xo rotation of head or blades occurred; completed as occipito-posterior direct, with considerable laceration of the perinaeum; repair of the same; a fairly large lia»matoma of the right side of babe's neck, slightly Buy Artane posterior to the ear; some excori- ation of the same. A Artane Online distinct flattening or indentation (an eighth of an inch) of infant's skull over the left anterior angle of the parietal bone. Paralysis of left side of the mouth and ptosis of left eyelid for an hour. Weak, cerebral cry of babe; incision of scalp and eleva-

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