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tion of skull discussed; temporized; improvement in a few hours from intracranial pressure {e.g., as caused by crying, etc.). Flattening less distinct by the next day; cliiid more vigorous; saw it again in a week; it was improved in every respect; advised by Dr. McKeowu that the child progressed exceedingly well. Position: Occiput to the left sacro-iliac synchondrosis, order atarax chin to the right ileopectineal eminence; lateral tlexion atarax cost of the neck with its convexity to the right of mother. Considering everything, version would have been a much preferable procedure. Forceps delivery, 1 can not help but think, was fraught with much possibility of at least remote, if not immediate, danger; such a case would be one the like of whidi is atarax tablets 25mg spoken of as being a cerebral case, or one likely to develop meningitis later on in life. De- torrent points from performing version were the drained Micmbranes and the pinched condition of the cervix, irguing, it appeared, for lack of room for skillful and, if ni'cd be, dexterous manipulation. C.vsK X. buy atarax — September 17, IS'JS. Faulty labor, due, in great measure, to tlie nervous apprehension of the mother. Inertia uteri; chloroform; forceps; easy ex- traction; good rotation; protracted anaesthesia; slight ' vcoriation over right eye of babe, followed by swelling f the same; very transitory; no untoward results; mother made a perfectly good recovery. (Jask XI. — t)ctobcr lt», 1SK8. Caput succedancuni to the right of the purchase atarax online occiput, forceps blade lying over the left eye, temporarily marking and swelling the same. The head was obliriue to the jx-lvis ; a deep perineal rent ; slight adherence of the placenta; a atarax online atarax 50 mg most dillicult and glow extraction of (he shoulders; atarax mg babe was quite cya- notic; it was vigorous, however, and quickly restored. Cask XII. — .Tanuary 10, 1S!);», assisted by Dr. Rum- Htor. Called when labor was slightly advanced; fmind f)r«)lnp.sc of cord, complicating a vertex presentation. Only n few inches of cord had prolap.fed,and one was al>lc without exceeding dilliculty, to carry it up al)ove ami U'- hiiid the head during the jiaiiis until Hliglit ndvaiui' of liPiid atarax 10mg in (lie pelvis shut it off and away from the exaniiii- ini; finger. Progress Ix-ing very slow (nil the more par- ticularly Rinco the mother had previou.sly had several rnjiid, easy deliveries), ann'sthesiu and forcep.'* were de- cider! upon, not before, however, vertex had well settled into inferior strait. Holatioii of head and bliulen oc- eiirred when the fortnrT renrhrd perineal floor. iOxlenial nitntion of the head (face to the pubes) oorroborated po- sition and brought order atarax online slioiiMers into the transverse diame- ter of atarax 25 mg the jM-Jvis. Con! was frit for and found encircling the neck ; it wns pii.Mxcd over luwid. Aniislhesia had U-en (iiis]M'nded in till' lin|ic Hint Natiin' nii;:lil help to in-^li- tnle where nrf often but poorly (.imulales the ineclmn- isin of sliotilder delivery. Mother's elTorls proving pnie tirnlly iinnvniling, we wep- confronted with one of ilir most dillicMll inaninil extrnetionN of NJiouJiler in mir ex- perience. A conservative estimate agreed in by atarax tablets both of us wotild set the shoulder extraction at fifteen minutes- of unremitting effort; all hope of saving the child had long ago been abandoned when the child was born- Vigorous efforts at resuscitation were soon rewarded by an infant's gasp, replaced later by several hours of fee- ble moaning, the latter giving way in turn to the lusty cry of a vigorous babe; the child weighed twelve pound^ and a half. Eepaired perinasum; mother's recovery un- eventful. I am alive to the likelihood of a harsh criticism upon the conduct of these cases; I am sensible of the disposition you all feel to have possibly done otherwise; I am aware that 1 might be given credit for better judg- ment and skill in having done version in many of these cases; I am satisfied that it is probably the teaching of the best minds ; and yet, for all that, possibly because of a good fortune attending my efforts, I am almost ready to stand buy cheap atarax on this record. I have felt that, now for one reason and again for another, insurmountable contrain- dications to version presented themselves. I may be considered heretical in saying so, but I xyill express an emphatic doubt as to whether, after all, atarax price better results would have attended the child and the mother in the pursuit of different methods. Take, for instance, a case presenting occipito-posteriorly and perform a version: Have we any assurance, after such tax on a child's cheap atarax x-itality (and it is in certain cases at least a tax), that, despite the trouble one commonly meets with in the management of the shoulders, an occipito-posterior position of the after-coming head might not be encoun- tered? You will recall, perhaps, that one of these cases [)resented by the breech originally, and, if the breech ex- traction were not faulty, how comes it that we had an insurmountable difficulty to successful delivery in the management of the shoulders and head ? For one should remember that in an occipito-posterior the abdomen of the child lies in apposition to the mother's abdomen, and that version must be accompanied by such a rotation of the child's body as to engage the after-coming head in an occipito-anterior position in the pelvis. Can this alwnj's be trusted to an easy accomplishment, and is it not an element in the advisability or ollierxvise of where to buy atarax what to do under certain given conditions? And, again, for instance, in a shoulder casse with prolapse of the cord, to which I shall have no more time than this to refer, though a version was generic atarax rapidly and dexterously nccom- [ilished by Pr. numster, it is only fair to say, in n sup- posetily xveakiy chilil. fnun tlie history of the case, with the same failure of the child's head to nitate there wns a grewsonie lernunnlion of nn othcnvise jKisisibly buy atarax online fortu- nate case. As to diagnosis of faulty vertex ]>ositions, I shall mention jtist n few winch occur fnim n mental rehearsal purchase atarax of prnrtirnl incidents ond not pmniulgnttHl b,s a studitxl resoareh of the subject : 1. Fonlnnelle an
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