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(104.5° F.). In the morning 1 deemed a second dose necessary, so I gave him two thousand units. A slight drop in the temperature occurred, but it rose again during the next day, and at midnight it reached 105° F. His condition was very poor, and I felt but little hope. A Biaxin 500 third dose of three thousand units was admin- istered, and in tft'o hours the temi)erature began to fall. Before the change took place Dr. Eodenstein was called in consultation, and we agreed that the case was almost hopeless. The depression was extreme, and constant stimulation was resorted to in the hope of tiding over the crisis and giving the last dose of antitoxine a chance Biaxin Xl 500mg to work. As stated, the temperature fell, and in forty- eight hours had reached almost normal. The reniainBiaxin Antibiotic recovery was ordinary. We were convinced, how- ever, that the child had practically been snatched from the jnws of death, and to antitoxine we give all credit for the recovery. Cape V. — I*;. T., aged thirty-seven years, the father of the foregoing patient, Biaxin Xl Biaxin Antibiotics was obliged to attend to some trifling Antibiotics Biaxin fluty in the sick-room, and in three days he showed the disease, lie was at once isohitcd ami given fifteen hundred units. As he had Ih-cu con-Purchase Biaxin BEMOIt APSI8TAST PHYSICIAN TO TUE S-T. LOn.« CITT HOSPITAL. In presenting the following cases, I desire to place before the medical profession Buy Biaxin a full and detailed account of the treatment which was employed. Not that I be- lieve it lo be a treatment which will in Biaxin 500mg every case Biaxin Order give results superior to many of the other known remedies used in the treatment of cystitis and enun^sis, but be- cause of its value in the cases I have to present to Order Biaxin you, and of its good effects in cases which did not respond to other well-known remedies. The use of antinosinc was purely experimental in the cases selected, but the good result obtained in the few cases in which it was used will give it n place among the best-known agents employed in cystitis and Antibiotic Biaxin enuresis. The following are the eases thnt I present : Case Biaxin Online I.— Frank F..aged twenty-eight; native of Qor- mnnv; occupation, laborer. Haiiits: Smok(>s tobacco nioderntely, drinks whisky and Iner to oxcciv*. uses no nnn-oties. indulges excessivt-ly in venery. /•'(ifMi/i/ lliiton/. — Mother dieil of typhoid fever: one sister Cheap Biaxin died of some nffwtion of the lungs, the nature of which wa.H unknown to the patient; other members of Biaxin 500 Mg the family are nlive and well. No luetic history in the fiiiiiilv. I'rrvioiin History. — Po<-s not ni'all what diseases he had during childhood ; i:i\e« n.. hi«|.Biaxin Buy Online — Patient entered the hospital in- toxicated, having been drunk for several weeks. After having recovered from the effects of his indulgence in whisky, he complained Biaxin Xl 500 of pain during urination and

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