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amount, twenty-six Inindrcd cubic ccnlinietres; cloudy; Jnne 3, 1899.] CARR: DISPLACEMENT OF THE BLADDER WITH F^CAL IMPACTION. 781 reaction alkaline; specific gravity, 1.010; trace of al- bumin present. To obtain urine for examination for the presence of casts, the bladder was thoroughly irri- gated, and two hours later urine was obtained Buy Bupropion Online by cathe- ter; the specimens showed a few hyaline casts, no sugar, indican, or bile being present. In this case anti- nosine solution was merely used for the purpose of ascertaining its value of reducing pus in the bladder when it was associated with complications, such as a nephritis, without hope of permanently relieving the cystitis present, as the existing complications made that an impossibility. We began irrigating the bladder with a two-per-cent. antinosine solution; this was continued for two weeks. During that time the urine did not show as large an amount of pus as it did previous to the employment of antinosine. At the end of the above- named time the irrigation was discontinued. A week afterward a uranalysis was made; the Order Bupropion urine had become thick, ammoniacal in odor, and contained a larger amount of pus than it did during the time irrigation was employed. The rapid and satisfactory results shown in these few cases have been duplicated in the experience of some of the internes in the City Hospital, and there can exist no doubt whatever of the value of this remedy in cystitis more particularly, especially when of a puru- lent character. An advantage possessed by antinosine, which is not shared by other remedies which are used for the same purpose, is that it is positively non-toxic. There need be no hesitation in its employment, and in- stead of irritating it is soothing. Patients remark upon this and are pleased to have the injections administered. Another great advantage possessed by antinosine is its rapidity of action. I have had occasion to observe this, and also the fact that, a cure being well-established, it becomes permanent. It seems to fulfill the ideal re- quirements of a remedy so well expressed in the old Latin motto, " tuto, cilo el jucunde." A C.\SE OF KKtllT ]>ATEUAL DISPLACEMENT OF THE BLADDER WITH FvECAL IMPACTION.* REi'oirrr.ii iiv Majiik L. t". CAUli, Patient, a medical olTiccr of the volunteer nriny, forty-four years Generic Bupropion old; born in Guernsey County, Oliio. Father living and in good health, nged seventy-eight yonrx; inotluT ilii-d in 18!I0, when sixty-eight years old, of nn abdoiiiiiiiil tumor, proljiibly a carcinoma; four brothers and oin- sister hving and in good lu'allli. Mar- ried ; h»H four healthy ehihireii. From infiincy he no- tired a vnrieone Order Bupropion Online eonditinn of the veins of the riglit leg. Had an attack of pneumonia when lie was* about niiu' yrard old; typhoid fever at the ngc of eleven years; measles at fourteen yearn, and another attack of imeii- nionin at tifteen years. When HcvcntiHMi years olil lie contrm-tefl irilerinittent malnrial fi'ver; then enjoyed goBuy Cheap Bupropion recurred in October and persisted several days. Another attack occurred November 4th, this time as- suming a remittent type and lasting four days. On Xo- vember 9lh he was ordered to proceed to the United States in charge of the sick on a government transport. During his stay in the United States his health was good. He returned to Cuba in fairly good condition De- cember 31st. Previous to his Purchase Bupropion departure from Cuba he had noticed a swelling in the right iliac fossa. This swelling recurred once during his stay in the States, and again on his return voyage to Cuba. He left Santiago at 10 p. M. January 3d, 1899, en route to Guantanamo. During the sea voyage the patient was chilled, owing to the Bupron Sr Tablets fact that his underclothing was of light grade and totally insuJficient to keep him warm. During the night he rested badly, having frequent calls for micturition; he also had a severe attack of sciatica the following day. About twenty-four hours after landing he made a trip Buy Bupropion to Jamaica, ten miles distant, on an ambulance over a very rough road while still suffering from the sciatica of the right side. During the trip he made an attempt to pass urine at Jamaica, but without success. Upon returning to Guantanamo late in the evening of Janu- ary 5th lie was still unable to empty his bladder. A swelling appeared in the right iliac fossa, which grad- ually increased in size until it reached the line of the umbilicus, giving rise to great pain. There had been no passage from the bowels from the time of leaving Santi- ago, and large doses of salts, castor oil, and croton oil failed to overcome the constipation, although a slight liquid stool followed the use of the croton oil. The swelling continued to increase, accompanied by constant dribbling of urine. The sciatica became more intense. Hypodermic injections of morphine and atropine were given and inhalations of chloroform were resorted to. His condition grew gradually worse up to Purchase Bupropion Online the time of his reaching the United States Army General Hospital, Buy Bupron Sr Santiago de Cuba, January 10, 1899, to which hospital he was sent with Bupropion Online a diagnosis of fa;cal impaction and Cheap Bupropion obstruction, with the previous message by cable to make preparations for a laparotomy. Lnmediatcly upon his arrival the commanding othior, in company with the

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