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entire medical stalf, held a consultation on his ease. The patient's condition was then a-* follows: He was in groat agony; tem]K'rature, 100° F. ; pulse, buspar 10mg tab 90; respiration, 18. His expn^ssion was chei'rful and re- vealed but little sign of the intense agony much does buspar cost without insurance above re- ferred to, nor did he show 45 mg buspar the slightest apprehension of impending danger, although he was fully cognizant of tlie diagnosis of f.i'cal impaction and of the furtlier fact that all preparations had Ihhmi made for laparoto- my. There was no vomiting or retching. He only cnm- ploined of slight colic now angeneric buspar price accept the dingnosis — fnval injpaotion — to tlic cxclu- 782 THERAPEUTICAL NOTES. [N. Y. Med. Joce. Bion of other trouble, when attention was called to the dribbling of urine, and Acting Assistant Surgeon F. W. Fabricius suggested the passing of a catheter before coming to a definite conclusion. Catheterism was performed who makes generic buspar with the result of drawing sixteen hundred where can i buy buspar online cubic centimetres of urine; this was only part of the contents of the bladder. The tumor disappeared immediately, and disseminated hard masses of faecal matter could be discovered in its place, proving beyond doubt that the tumor had consisted in greater part of the overdistended bladder. buspar 15 mg The second indication to meet, then, was to overcome the constipa- tion, which had lasted for six daj's, and large buspar available generic enemas were given with good results. The patient rested easily until about midnight, when average cost buspar the catheter was again passed, drawing oif twelve hundred cubic centime- tres of urine. After this the patient slept tolerably well during buspar 15 mg high the rest of the night. His temperature next day had dropped to 99° F. It rose again to 101° F. in the evening. The patient was catheterized every four hours. On the morning of the 14th his temperature was 99° F., and rose again to 100° F. in the evening. He then complained of burning pain when using the catheter, and began to pass bloody urine mixed with pus. The region of the bladder was very painful on pressure, indicating that acute cystitis had supervened. An irrigation of the bladder with a four-per-cent. solu- tion of boric acid was made morning and evening, and the patient placed on a milk diet. His temperature on buspar 15 mg twice day the morning of the 15th was 102° F., rising to 103° F. in the evening. buspar 30 mg high Phenacetine was buspar generic problems given until his tem- perature was reduced to 101° F., continuing at the same time the irrigations. The cystitis was greatly relieved by ne.xt morning; there was no pain on urination; the urine was no longer sanguinolent, and only contained some mucopus. The temperature of the patient dropped to 99° F., and on the evening of the same day it was 98° F. During all this period rectal injections were continued with more or less success. Sulphate of magnesia was also administered. The bowels continued to act, but not freely, and, as no danger was imminent, and hard faecal masses were coming away at intervals, showing that the bowels were regaining their tonicity, heroic measures were not deemed justifiable. After the evening of January Ifith the patient's temperature re- mained normal. In the meantime the sciatica had at- tacked the other side and was buspar 10mg pills now double, continuing its nightly exacerbations. Phenacetine and quinine sul- phate, in doses of five grains of the former and seven grains of the latter three times daily, were then pre- scribed and continued for several days, accompanied by daily applications of electricity. From tlie buspar 10mg high periodicity of these attacks of sciatica, ma- larial infection was suspected. Several microscopical examinations of the blood were made. These examina- tions were negative, and malaria was excluded. Iodide of potassium in increasing doses was now prescribed, with a hypodermic injection of morphine during the ex- acerbations of the pain, especially at night, and buspar generic buspirone the pa- tient's condition improved so much that now he is able to sleep moderately well and walk about with compara- tive ease. He has been able to pass his urine do you need a prescription for buspar without the use of the catheter on a buspar cost australia few occasions, and also to do without tiie use of morphine. The most striking feature of this case was Hh; ab- normal position of the bladder. Whether it was due to a congenital displacement or to the pathological condi- tion of this organ is an open question. If we recall to mind the numerous attachments of the bladder to the surrounding parts, we can understand how difficult it must be for this viscus to get displaced even by mechan- ical causes. I have been unable to find any analogous case or any reference made to this condition in the med- ical works at our command. One of the chief objects of reporting this case is to suggest that it is of the utmost importance to bear in mind that buspar 10 mg three times day this evidently was only one of the many anomalous conditions that might occur to mislead even the most careful diagnos- tician when called upon to perform a laparotomy in cases where there is undoubted intestinal obstruction, and to emphasize the importance of absolutely excluding every other possible complication before resorting to the laiife. This case was watched with much interest by every medical officer on duty in this hospital, as all of them were warm personal friends of the patient. Clj^rapcutkal Uotcs. Antiseptic Gelatin in Erysipelas. — The Riforma

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