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mcdica for May 2d ascribes the following to Gallois : 1^ Water 1,500 grains; Gelose 15 " Corrosive sublimate, I ^ „ -u n What Is Caduet „„„,-„ „ . • -J ' r 01 each, 1* gram. Tartaric acid, ) > ^ o For local application. [Gelose is the active gelatinizing principle of the nutrient gelatin obtained from agar-agar. — Ed.] An Aromatic Saline Bath. — The Riforma medica for May 1st ascribes the following to Loirct: J^ Bromide of potassium 15 grains; Carbonate Generic For Caduet of calcium 60 " Siilphate of sodium 75 " Phosphate of sodium 120 " Carbonate of sodium 4,500 " Essence of lavender 15 " Essence of rosemary 15 " Essence of thyme 15 " For one bath. An Application for Infantile Ecthyma. — Dauchez (Bulletin (jeitcnil dc llit'nijiciiliiiiir, ]\lareh 15tli; Ri- forma m,edica, A])ril Gtli) reconunends the following application for favoring the detachment of the crusts : R Glycerite of starch Caduet Coupon GO parts; Ammoniated mercury 1 part; Sodium sulphite 10 parts. M. An Elixir of Hamamelis. — The Hifoniia medica for April 7tli attributes this formula to Loiret: IJ Fluid extract of hamamelis .... 3 Purchase Caduet Online parts; Syr\ip of liiller-orange peel 50 " Tincliiri' of vanilla 2 " Alcohol 18 " Distilled water Caduet Generic 27 " M. A tablespoon fill witli cacli meal. June 3, 1399.J EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 783 NEW YORK MEDICAL JOURXAL. ^1 Weekly Review of Medicine. NEW YORK, SATUEDAY, JUNE 3, 1899. THE VETO OF THE COLORADO MEDICAL Caduet Online BILL. The Cannon medical practice bill, which recently passed both houses of the legislature by a good majority, has Caduet Dosing been vetoed by the governor. The Caduet 10 Mg bill is spoken of by both the Colorado Medical Journal and the Denver Medical 2'imes as a great improvement on the law now in force, although the first-named journal prints the following extract from a letter from Dr. J. T. Eskridge : " In regard to the medical bill, I worked for its passage, but felt all the time that it would be vetoed Buy Cheap Caduet by Governor Thomas. Had the plain statements been inserted in the bill, excluding ' isms ' and sects, religious, etc., the law would have been Caduet Tablets equally effective and would have re- ceived the governor's approval. Had he approved the bill as it Order Caduet passed the legislature, it would have caused many contests in the courts, as it was not clear from the wording of the bill just what 'ism' followers were allowed to vaunt their faiths. After so many of the pliysicians of Colorado made the statement in the daily papers that no one e.\cept followers of the three schools were Caduet Price included in the bill, had litigation been started subsequently it would have placed the medical profes- sion in u bad light before the public." But it appears to have been on no such consideration for the public welfare as Dr. Eskridge expresses that Governor Thomas founded his veto. Had he done so, or lind he even vetoed the bill without giving his rea- sons, tlie medical profession Caduet Cost of the State, although dis- appointed, would not have felt outraged, as it certainly docs at present. We have seen only extracts from the Purchase Caduet governor's veto message, but they are enough to show that Buy Caduet he Caduet Dose took the occasion eitiicr to exploit certain crude and whimsical notions of his own or — and this seems the more Caduet Dosage likely — to iiid for the political support of "every mountebank in Colorado," "every worn-out proHtiluto Caduet 5 Mg posing as n magnetic hoali'r," and "all the bigotwi old I'hnrisoos of ' Christian Science,' " as the Denver Medical Timet puts it. In short, the governor of ColoruCaduet Mg own low

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