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case anywhere." THE NATIONAL COLLEOE OF ELKCTRO- THEBAPEUTIC'S. Tiii.i is the name of an institution in Liniii, Ohio, which advertises that it gives a " generika f𴱘r cipralex mail course of instruc- tion," but cipralex 15 mg hinta adds that "no instruction is given in medi- cine or surgery in the miiil course." Some months ago an individual living in Passaic, N. J., took the " mail course " and, on the strength of the. diploma which was issued to him cipralex 20 mg 56 tablet at its conclusion, began to practise medi- cine. He was accused of practising illegally, convicted, and cipralex 20 mg tablet sentenced. In his defense he had submitted the diploma in question, but it appears from an editorial in the May number of the Blectro-ilterapeutist that the diploma did not purport to constitute its recij)ient a doctor of medicine. Nevertheless, the Passaic case has been made the basis of a number of articles in various medical journals reflecting upon the college. While we do cipralex 20 mg fiyat not approve of " mail courses," and cual generico cipralex know nothing of the merits of the National College of Electro- therapeutics, we must say that the institution seems to have been im justly criticised in this instance. THE REMOVAL OF BELGIAN RESTRICTIONS ON AMERICAN CATTLE. AccoEDiNG to a special dispatch to the Sun, the Bel- gian government has decided to discontinue the re- strictions on the importation of American cattle. They were imposed five years ago and were founded, it is said, on the errors of Belgian veterinarians. The United States Bureau of Animal Industry has done incalculable good getting off cipralex 10mg to the country in various matters, and now cipralex price india it is probably to be credited with bringing about this reestablishment of justice in Belgium. THE HEARING IN LOCOMOTIVE EMPLOYEES. Much attention has been paid cipralex 10 mg insomnia of late years to the subject of cipralex 10mg weight loss color-blindness in railway employees, but not so much, so far as we have observed, to the acuity of precio de cipralex 15 mg their hearing. Dr. V. Saxtorph Stein {Nordiskt medi- cipralex farmaco generico cinskt Arhiu, April) has examined forty- four firemen and thirty-eight engine-drivers, and found only three out of the whole number to possess perfectly normal hearing power. He finds, however, by frequent excur- sions on locomotives, that these employees hear sound signals well enough under favorable circumstances, ex- cept those of the whistle. Nevertheless, he thinks there should be established a minimum standard of require- ment as to the hearing. AGRICULTURAL LABOR FOR LUNATICS. At the rc'cent meeting of the American Medico- p.sycliological Association Dr. G. Alder Blumer, of the irtica State Hospital, read a paper entitled The Care of the Insane in Farm Dwellings, in which he told of the good effects upon a number of chronically insane men of daily work on a farm under the supervision of a young farmer and his wife who had no cipralex 20 mg tabletten special knowl- edge regarding the care of the insane. The improve- ment in the patients' condition, physical and moutal, said Dr. Blumer, " exceeded the most sanguine coming off 10mg cipralex expec- tations." This seems to us a line of inquiry well worthy of further pursuit. A GRAVE ACCUSATION AGAINST TWO I'lIVSICIANS. The press dispatches state that two ])hysicians have been arrested in Rhenish Prussia charged with having caused the death of several recruits by can take 30 mg cipralex drugging them for the pur])ose of securing their exemption from mili- 10 20 mg cipralex tary service. It is dillicult to believe that members of our jirofcssion wo\il(l engage in 15 mg cipralex any such work, or, hav- ing enferod uj)oii il, would (■(niducl it so recklessly as to June 3 1S9 .J ITEMS. 78T jrive rise to the fatal results reported. We hope to see the accused physicians cleared of the charge. ITEMS. Infectious Diseases in New York. — We are indebted to cipralex⬠10/- 20 mg filmtabletten the Sanitary Bureau of the Health Department for the followintj statement of cases and deaths reported during the two weeks endins; Mav 27, 1S99 : Week ending cipralex 15 mg biverkningar Ma; 20. Typhoid fever Scarlet fever Cerebro-spinal meningitis Measles Diphtheria. Croup Tuberculosis Smallpox

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