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I.cleocin iv case. Chilninliun, Mnlco Mar 6-13 Mav 1-14 as caoet, Apr. 29- May Mar 6-13 Apr. 16-29 14 " Apr. 29-Mar cleocin 2 fl 1 caar. Mrlio... Mrliro Nur»„ l.«r<.d.., Mo»l, Nurv.. I.arrdo, Mrth Moscow, 1(u»la IM...... |(.i..|« , Illiintl.ld«, NiianiKua Apr. 2tf-May fl 1 llMnflrM,, cleocin 600 mg Nlraranua May A- cleocin t acne IS I sits S<cleocin cream acne Mat II IS . Cholera. Bombay, India. order cleocin online Apr. 18-25 6 Calcutta, India Apr. 8-15 9 PlofflU. Hongkong, cleocin suppositories China Apr. 1-8 19 cases, 14 Hongkong, China Apr. 8-15 10 " 12 Hongkong, China Apr. 15-22 3" Bombay, India Apr. 18-25 Calcutta, India Apr. 8-15 Uadrajj, India Apr. 15-22 135 " 1 death. St. Vincent's Hospital. — The new cleocin cost wing was formally- opened by Archbishop Corrigan on Decoration Day. cleocin oral The oTound floor contains casualty wards, St. cleocin t pads Antonj-'s cleocin topical gel ward"with nine beds, furnished by Miss Teresa O'Dono- liue, receiving rooms, pharmacy, and dispensary. On the next floor are the parlors, St. Teresa's ward and St. Aloysius'fe ward, containing thirty-one beds, furnished by Mrs. Teresa R. O'Donohue and Miss Eleanor Iselin. On the floor above are St. Vincent de cleocin antibiotic Paul's ward and St. Joseph's ward, furnished respectively by ilrs. John Beresford and the Eev. cleocin 100 mg Dennis P. O'Flynn ; on this floor also are the medical officers' quarters. Higher still are St. Adrian's, St. Ambrose's, cleocin 900 mg and St. Lawrence's wards, containing forty-one beds and furnished respec- tively by Mrs. de Lancy Kane, :Mrs. Jeremiah Campion, and iliss Teresa Iselin ; there are also private wards on this floor. The fifth story contains St. Margaret's, buy cleocin t St. Helena's, and St. Rose's wards, containing in all forty- one beds, and furnished respectively by the Ladies' Au.xiliary, Mrs. Iselin. and i[rs. A..L. Ashman: also private wards. The sixth floor, St. Matthew's Hall, is furnished entirelv for the occupation of the Sisters by }itatthew Rowan." On the top floor is an admirably constructed operating theatre, generously equipped by an anonymous cleocin topical solution doctor, with ansesthetizing rooms, steril- izing chamber. X-ray apparatus, surgeons' dressing and bath rooms, etc. The new wing will prove a LToat addition to the charitable institutions of the city. A Plague Quarantine at Malta. — According to the

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