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Stewart, W. J. S., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Upon being relieved from duty at Vineyard Haven, Massa- chusetts, to proceed to Mobile, Alabama, and assume command of the service. Thomas, A. R., Clomipramine Buy Assistant Surgeon. Bureau letter of March 30, 1899, directing Assistant Surgeon A. R. Thomas to proceed to the Tortugas Quarantine Station and assume command of the service, re- voked. Gumming, H. S., Assistant Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for one day. Bureau order of March 30, 1899, assigning Assistant Surgeon Gumming to duty at the Cape Charles Quarantine, revoked. Upon being relieved from Buy Clomipramine Online duty at Norfolk, Virginia, to proceed to the South Atlantic Quarantine Station and assume command of the service. Granted leave of absence for twenty-seven days. Clark, Taliaferro, Assistant Surgeon. Upon being relieved by Assistant Surgeon H. S. Gumming, to ref)ort to him for temporary duty. Relieved from duty at the South Atlantic Quarantine Station and directed to proceed to the Tortugas Quarantine Sta- tion and assume command of the service. McMui.LEN, John, Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from Clomipramine For Ocd duty as sanitary inspector on United States trans- port Buford and directed to report to medical offi- cer in command, United States Marine-Hospital Service at the Immigration Depot, Clomipramine 10 Mg New York, for temporary duty. Relieved from temporary duty at the Immigration Depot, New York, and directed to proceed to Portland, Maine, and assume temporary command of the service. Anderson, J. F., Assistant Surgeon. To proceed to Norfolk, Virginia, on special temporary duty, and then to proceed to New York and report to medical officer, Marine-Hospital Service, at the Immigration Depot for temporary duty. McAdam, W. R., Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from duty at Key AVest, Florida, and to continue in tem- porary charge of the Tortugas Quarantine Station. To report to medical officer in command, Tortugas Quarantine Station, for duty. Craig, R. C, Acting Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from duty at New York and directed to proceed to Pitts- burgh, Pennsylvania, and assume temporary charge of the service. BuRFORD, R. E. L., Sanitary Inspector. Granted leave of absence for thirty days on account of sicloiess. Bureau order of May 10, 1899, convening a board of officers of the service to meet at Detroit, Michigan, for the physical examination of Godfrey, Clomipramine Anafranil John, Surgeon, revoked. Appointments. ilFRRiLL, Walthi! E., of Maine, appointed acting assist- ant surgeon. United States Marine-Hospital Service, for duty at Portbuid, Maine. May 11. 1899. Henderson, W. S.,of Michigan, appointed acting assist- ant surgeon, UnitcHl States Marino-Hospital Serv- ice, for duly at I'ort Huron, Micliigan. ]\1av 11, 1899. Society Meetings for the Coming Week : AIondav, June f>tli : .American .Aciidciny of Medicine (third day) ; Aiii(!ri(;an Jledical Publishers' Asso- Jone 3, 1899.] MARRIAGES AXD DEATHS.— SPECIAL ARTICLES. 789 eiation (Columbus) ; Xew York Academy of Sci- ences (Section in Biologj') ; German Medical So- ciety of the City of Xew York; Morrisania Medical Society, Xew York (private) ; Brooklyn Anatomical and Surgical Society (private) ; Coming, Xew York, Academy of Medicine; IJtica, Xew York, Medical Library Association; Boston Society for Medical Observation; St. Albans, Vermont, Medical Association ; Providence, Ehode Buy Clomipramine Island, Medical As- sociation; Hartford, Connecticut, Medical Society; Chicago Medical Society. Tui:sD.-vY, Clomipramine Ocd June 6'//t.- American Clomipramine 50 Mg Medical Association (first day — Columbus); Xew York Xeurological Society; Buffalo Academy of Medicine (Section in Surger}-) ; Elmira, X'ew York, Academy of Medicine; Ogdens- burgh, Xew York, Medical Association; S^Tacuse, Xew York, Academy of iledicine ; Medical Societies of the Counties of Franklin (semiannual), Herki- mer (quarterly), Xiagara (annual — Loekport), Saratoga (annual), and Yates (annual), Xew York; Hudson (Jersey City) and Warren (annual), New Jersey, County Medical Societies; Clomipramine Hydrochloride Tablets Androscog- gin, Clomipramine 50mg Maine, County iledical Association (Lewis- ton); Baltimore Academy of Medicine; iledical Society of the University of Maryland (Baltimore). Wednksday, June 1th: Clomipramine Tablets Maine Clomipramine 20mg Medical Association (first day — Bangor) ; American Medical Association (sec- ond day) ; Xew York Academy of Medicine (Section in Clomipramine Hydrochloride Public Health) ; Society of Alumni of Bellevue Hospital ; Jledical Microscopical Society of Brook- lyn ; Medical Society of the County of Richmond, New York (New Brighton) ; Penobscot, Maine, County Medical Society (Bangor) ; Anafranil Clomipramine Xew Hampshire State Medical Society (annual — Concord) ; Orleans, A'crmont, County Jledioal Society (annual) ; Bridgeport, Connecticut, Medical .\ssociation. TiiLBSD.w, June Slh: Maine Medical Association (sec- ond Clomipramine 25mg day) ; American Jledieal Association (third

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