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day) ; Society of Medical Jurisprudence and State Ifedicinc, Xew York ; Brooklyn Clonidine Tablet Pathological Soci- ety; Xew York I..aryngological Society (Xew York) ; Medical Societies of Clonidine Hydrochloride the Counties of Cayuga, Cortland (annual), and Fulton (semiannual), Clonidine Clonidine Xi'W York; South Boston, JIassachusctts, Medical Club (private) ; Patliological Society of Philadelphia. F'niDAY, June (>th: Afainc Medical .Association (third day) ; American Medical Buy Clonidine As.-;ociation (fourth Buy Cheap Clonidine day) ; Brooklyn DcTinatological Clonidine Dosage and tJeiiito-urinary Soci- ety (private); German Medical Society of Brook- lyn; Medical Society of the Town of Saugertics, New York. SATfitDAY, June lOlh: Obstetrical Society of Boston (private). Jlirt^g, |)\;uri;i(jrs, nub Dt:it()S. ^farr^rd. AiiMMTiiovo — Kkxham,. — III Brooklyn, on Mondnv, May 2'M\\, Dr. VVillinni L. ArinHtrong, of Ni'w Clonidine Tablets York, nnen rendered bv the physi- cian and accepted by the patient is sufficient" to establish employment. If, however. the services have Iven rendered to some third party, for whose medical attendant the de- fendant is not primarily liable, this step in proving the case may require great "care and skill. The law govern- ing liability in such ca.ses is fully treated in a proa>ding article. Proving Buy Clonidine Online Services Rendered. — Having passtvl very briefly over (he method of proving (he Clonidine Mg physician's Cheap Clonidine right lo practise medicine, and his proof of employment, wo will pass lo the ne.\{ and. to him, Withdrawal Clonidine more imi>or(ant step of proving the Clonidine Dosing scrvitvs rendered. The (pies(ioTi Clonidine Buy of how far a ph3'8ician may go Clonidine Catapres in giv- ing (o»(imony upon (hi.« jioint is Catapres Clonidine often n very nicv one. for (ho sta(«te» of nuiny Sta(es phuv n seal of Clonidine Dose wvnH-v upon (he lips of What Is Clonidine (he iihysieian with regard (o knowl- eilgo ol)(ainoClonidine 0.1 Y. Mbd. Jook., New York a iDliysician Clonidine Patch brought a suit to recover for serv-

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