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ices, and the patient filed a general denial to the physi- cian's complaint or preliminary statement of facts upon which he relied for recovery. The question then arose as to what facts the physician would be permitted to testify to under the law from which this quotation is taken. He attempted to, and, in fact, did, in the trial court testify to the defendant's physical condition combivent inhaler and the disease for which he treated him; but upon appeal the judgment was reversed because the physician had no right, under the law above quoted, to disclose such in- formation, the patient not having waived liis combivent nebulizer privilege. It was urged by the physician's counsel that the patient, by his general denial, waived the privilege. The court, however, held this ground to be untenable, notwith- standing combivent inhaler coupons the general denial did make it incumbent upon combivent coupons the physician to prove all of the facts upon which he based combivent udv his case; had, however, the patient set up, as a defense, incompetency, unskillfulness, buy combivent or misconduct, he would then have put in direct issue the manner of treating the disease, and would doubtless combivent dose have been held to waive the privilege, thereby permitting the physician to testify to the condition he found existing in the pa- tient and to the treatment which he prescribed. It was also urged in tliis case that if the physician were not permitted to describe the disease with which the combivent inhaler coupon patient was afflicted he could not show the value of the services, but the court was of the opinion that such a result did not necessarily follow. Justice combivent cost Haight, who wrote the opinion, said : " The physician can still testify to his employment, to the number of visits made, to the examinations, prescriptions, and operations, and if the defendant objects to liis describing them the physician may testify as to their value." * This rule would preclude the physician from cor- roborating his testimony as to the value of the serv- ices because he could not communicate the character of the services rendered to another physician to enable him cheap combivent to form an opinion as to their value; but it is ob- vious that the defendant could not produce a witness to dispute the value of such services without making public the facts which the plaintiff- was forbidden to disclose, thereby enabling the plaintiff to produce expert evidence in corroboration of his own testimony as to the value of the services rendered. Books of Account in Proving Claims. — Unless the services upon which the suit is brought have been very recently rendered it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the physician to testify combivent price to the time of making each visit and the value of the same without having recourse to his books of account. At such a time the physician's books of account may generally, if properly kept, be made use of for a double purpose: first, they may be used to refresh the mind of the physician in testifying to the facts referred to there- in, and, second, they may bo introduced as evidence to prove the account upon which suit is brought. As a means of refreshing his memory, it is proper for a physician upon testifying to have recourse to his books either where he recollects the facts and can testify from memory, combivent neb or where he doe.s not recollect the facts, but made or saw the writing when the facts were fresh in his mind and remembers that it then stated the facts cor- rectly, f No general rule can be given as to when, wliere, and under what circumstances the books of account are ad- missible as evidence of the facts stated in them, as the subject is one upon which the decisions from the courts of the several States are irreconcilable; moreover, many States have statutes regulating the subject which are peculiar to the particular jurisdiction. In New York the physician's books of account are admissible as evi- dence upon his showing them to be his regular books of account, and proving that he kept no clerk who was familiar with his business and competent to testify re- garding the facts stated in the books; that some of the work or services charged was performed, and that he kept correct accounts.* The proof that the physician keeps correct books of account should be made by pa- tients who have settled combivent mdi bills by his books, f The physi- cian's wife, who transcribes or enters items into the physician's books, is not a clerk within the meaning of the above qualification. J In Pennsylvania the physi- cian's books of original entry are admissible in evidence upon being properly proved to be such.* In Indiana it is very doubtful whether books of account are com- petent evidence.] I The rule as it exists most generally is that the books of original entry are admissible when properly proved. If the entries are in the handwriting of the party himself, then he may prove the same ; if in the handwriting of a clerk, then such clerk must identify or prove the account ; but if the person who made the entries is dead, mentally incapacitated, or beyond the jurisdic- tion, the books may be received in evidence upon proof of the handwriting of such person."^ This rule must, however, be understood as buy combivent inhaler subject to many qualifications and excejjfions.^ It is generally required that the books be those of combivent inhaler price original entry. Such is the requirement in many of the States.! In Pennsylvania it is held that a book con- taining entries transferred from combivent inhalers time to time, as the parties had combivent dosage leisure, from a blotter, which is preserved and in the possession of the party offering the book, is not admissible as a book of original entries, the blotter being the permanent record of the transaction.^ If, however, such entries are first made upon slips of combivent coupon paper or cards and then copied into a book, such buy combivent online book becomes one of oi'iginnl entries.l If these temporary memo- randa are made by one person and transcribed into the book by another, it will probably be necessary to call not only the person transcribing them to prove the entries made in the book, but persons making the original mem- oranda as well, to prove that at or about the time the charges were iiimli' "(m-vIccb were performed similar to those charged in tlie book.** Books of Account, How to be Kept. — It is advisable • Vnn Allm »». Oorilon, 83 Hun., 879 ; 81 N, T. Supp., ml. f fllinno'H Stcplien'B Di^. "f KvidciK'o, Art. 137, N. * Vopburg vx. Tlinycr, 12 .loliiis., 401; Atwood vs. Bumcy, 80

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