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Hun, 1. \ Beutty TO. Clark, 44 llun., Cozaar 25 Mg 120. X Smith vs. Smith, 13 N. Y. App. Div„ 207. « In re Fulton Est., 178 Pn. St., 7S. II 9 A. nnd E. Encycl. Cozaar 100 Mg Discount Cozaar of I.., 2(1 eil., DOft. A McBiiile vs. Wiitts, Cozaar 100mg 1 McCoid (R. C), 384. Sec « A. anil E. Encycl. of Online Cozaar L., 2(1 cd., 903 et aeij. 1 TIk! court!* of Kentucky, Mninc, Mnssnchusctts, Minnesotn, Mis- souri, New .lersey, I'ennHvlviinin, South Cnrolinn, Tcxiis, nnd Vermont rciiuirc that the hook shall lie one of oriKinHl entry. I lireiniK vs. Mcilzlcr, 23 Pa. St., IMl. J Davison vs. Powell, III How. Pr., 4B7; Pattern vs. Kyau, 4 linwlo (Ph.), 408. *» Chicago l-UMihcr <'». )••■.. llcwiU, (VI Kcd. Hep., 31IS ; Miller vs. Shay, I4n Mass., 1112; Paine i/.i. Shcrwoncl, 21 Minn., 22ft. line 3, 1899.] SPECIAL ARTICLES. 791 o refer at this point to the manner and method of ;i;eping the physician's books of original entry. It has leen observed Buy Cozaar that a physician may be required to state -pecifically the nature of Cozaar Online each service rendered and charged upon the account, especially if the amount charged for the same is of an unusual character; it therefore is necessary that some explanation be entered with each item which will enable the physician to re- fresh his memory and testify to the particular serWces rendered. Upon the other hand, if the books are desired to be used in evidence in those States e.xtending to profes- «ional communications between physician and patient the privilege of secrecy, they must not divulge matters com- ing within the protection of the statute, otherwise they ■will be objectionable and will be excluded upon motion of the patient or his personal representatives. Generally speaking, any information obtained by the physician in his professional intercourse with his patients which was necessary to enable him to treat them, and also the char- acter of treatment advised or prescribed by him, are within the protection of the statute.* Here is clearly a case where the requirements of the law on the one hand, and the prohibition of the law upon the other, conflict in such a way as to subject the physician to a severe hardship. This hardship it is thought may be overcome if the physician living in a Cozaar Mg State wliich enjoins silence as to all knowledge professionally Price Of Cozaar Purchase Cozaar obtained will invent a code of arbitrary signs and characters, and by the use of these characters describe the ailments for which he Cozaar Cost treats his patients, together with the services rendered by him. Such characters when Cozaar Price used must, however, be completely unintelligible to others, and Cheap Cozaar it can not be safely advised that he would be permitted to eggett attended (Jaltney's family in his ilisenec. i[o testified that he had seen I^eggett at Galt- iiey'H hou.so two or three times, but did not say at what lime. He did not know anything about any of the (•linrgps ma«• fiillv Irrntml In r irlli-r Buy Cozaar Online nrli.'l». nlm • full Ij.l ..f ||,r Himm In wlilili ■■■. h lno I. I» for men situated as they were to suffer accounts to run on uncollected for a long time. Justice Thatcher, in commenting upon the case, said : " The evidence, how- ever, upon wliich the jury found for the plaintiff some portion Cozaar 50mg of the account for medical and surgical services seems extremely vague and uncertain. The only wit- ness called Losartan Cozaar by tlie plaintilf to establish this account could speak neither as to the time or the character of the services charged, and, in point of law, gave no testi- mony as to the account tiled. It is true that it is difticult for Buy Cheap Cozaar accounts of this character to be strictly proved, nor indeed is it necessary; but it would seem to be always in the power of a physician or surgeon to show that he was in the habit of keeping correct books of accounts, and that the account sued upon had been correctly copied from liis books. It is also true that the court will not lightly disturb the findings of a jury in cases of this kind where they are particularly the Order Cozaar proper judges of the weight of the evidence Cost Of Cozaar ; but in the present instance the evidence does not seem at all to warrant the verdict upon the account."'

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