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* D6jol «». .lohnHon, ndmr., 1 2 La. Ann., H!,:i. f Autnugn Co. t'». DnviK, 32 Alii., 703. X Wood VK. Uiirker, -I!! Mieli., 2(10. « //,»/. I HucccKitiun uf DucloH, 11 Lu. Ann., 406. tion of the jury and will justify generic cymbalta from india a greater compensation.* A witness who is produced to show the value of the serv- ices in question must discount cymbalta testify regarding the value of the particular services upon which suit is pending or those of the same character.! It is not necessary that the physician should prove the value of discount cymbalta 60 mg the services to the patient, the value online cymbalta petition to be proved by him is the ordinary and reasonable price for services of that nature. J The reasonableness of the charges can not be established generic cymbalta from canada by a witness proving what the same physician had charged him in a similar case,* nor is one not a physician com- petent to testify as to the value of such services. 1 1 While in epidemics custom may sanction an increased rate of charge, such conditions will not justify exorbitant fees, and in estimating the correct amount the court is in- clined to the lowest estimate given by witnesses.* ( To he conlinued.) |litb of CurMnt i^xtfraturc. Airol as an Application in Rupture of the Perinaeum. — Dr. M. Eberson {Therapeutische Monatshefte, Janu- ary; Wiener medizinischc Blatter, April 13th) finds airol superior to iodoform as an application to perineal rup- generic cymbalta tures that have been sutured, but he advises that it be used sparingly ; otherwise, like iodoform, it will cake and obstruct the escape of discharges. " Phosote," a New Creosote Compound. — The Eli- nisch-tkerapeutische Wochenschrift for April 30th says that the French have given the name of " phosote " to a creosote ether containing eighty per cent, of creosote generic cymbalta online and twenty per cent, of phosphoric anhydride. It is de- scribed as a cymbalta discount card syrupy liquid having a faint odor and taste of creosote. It is employed in tuberculous disease like creosote carbonate and oleate and the corresponding compounds of guaiacol. Trichloracetic Acid for Persistent Perforation of the Membrana Tympani. — Dr. Felix Pettesohn {Berliner l:liiiisclie Wochenschrift, buy online cymbalta 1899, Nos. 15 and 16; Wiener kiinisclie Rundschau, May 7th) reports a gratifying de- gree of success in cymbalta discount program causing perforations of the nioml)rana tympani to close by the emplo3'ment of Okuneff's method of cauterization with trichloracetic acid. generic cymbalta available us The acid is applied to the cicatrized border of discount prescription card cymbalta the perforation, and, according to the effect produced, the cauterization is re- peated in four, eiglit, or fourteen days, care being taken not to apply cymbalta 60 mg discount card it too often. The pain is severe, but lasts only a few minutes. In case a scab forms, it is well to wait for discount cymbalta coupons its spontaneous detachment. Resuscitation from Drowning by Rhythmical Trac- tions on the Tongue. — According to tiie Medical and Sxirqical Eevicw of Reviews for April, cymbalta online pharmacy citing the Tribune medicale for January 18th, one evening two boatmen lieard a body fall info the water. In consequence of the darkness several minutes elapsed before they found and pulled out a young woman, who was generic cymbalta 60 mg absolutely inert, * LnnRC «». Kcttrnpy, 4 N. Y. Supp., 14 ; nfiirmed, 127 N. Y., 67(1. \ Tieiior M. (Jentiul 1'. R. K. Co., DO Oil., 222. X Styles Vf. Tvler, (54 Conn., 432. « CollinH VK. Fowler, 4 Ala., r)47. II Moek vs. Kelley, 3 Ala., 3H7. '■ CollioH r«. (iravrs, 13 l.a Ann., Ofi. June 3. 1899.J FITff OF CURRENT LITERATURE. 793 into generic cymbalta 2013 their boat. Immediately, without returning to land, they opened her mouth with the handle of a knife placed between the teeth, and practised rhythmical trac- tion of the tonjrue, following the prescribed directions to get rid of the imbibed water. After ten or twelve . minutes she regained consciousness. Resuscitation in asphyxia and in threatened death during anesthesia by rhythmical tractions on the tongue was introduced a few cymbalta discount prices years ago by Laborde. The writer in the Tribune comments on the importance of at once seizing the tongue and practising tractions without wait- ing to carry out any of the traditional directions, as to the position of the body, removal of clothes, etc. Diaphragmatic Pleurisy. — Zuelzer {Miinchener me- diciniscJie Wochensrhrift, November 22, 1898; Canada Lancet, March) gives a description of pleurisy as it oc- curs between the diaphragm and the lung ; a form which is very apt to give rise discount generic cymbalta to localized encapsulated em- pyemata. There are certain special characteristics which enable the diagnosis of this condition to be made even in the absence of physical signs. These consist chiefly in certain tender points. The first is round the base of the thora.x at the level of the insertion of the diaphragm ; the second is in the posterior triangle of the neck, where the phrenic nerve lies on the scaleni muscles; and the third is found where an imaginary line prolonged in the direction of the tenth rib cuts the

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