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slides made from fresh cultures resembled a very large gonococcus. This biscuit-shaped appearance was best seen in specimens that had been but lightly stained ; in these there was also noted a transverse line running through each half of the organism, giving it the appear- ance of a tetrad. Tliis appearance was, however, not constant, especially in older cultures, where the organ- ism frequently presented itself as a diplococcus, both segments of which were perfectly globular. The size of the organism Cytoxan Tablets also presented a number of variations, but it was always considerably larger than the ordinary pus microbe. The lancet-shaped forms that occurred in the Taxotere And Cytoxan pneumococcus were never met with. Usually, unless in spreading the culture on the slide it was rubbed very hard, Cytoxan Cyclophosphamide these Cytoxan Oral cocci occurred in bunches of from ten to fifty, being united by a large amount of glutinous inter- cellular substance. Streptococcus forms were occasion- ally, though rarely, met with, as were also single cocci. They had no capsule and did not show any spores, had no fiagellffi, and, examined by the hanging drop, did not show any independent motion. Staining. — Specimens derived from pure cultures were stained with a number of the aniline stains. With a watery solution of methylene blue very pretty pictures were obtained, especially when only lightly stained ; car- bol fuchsine also stained them well, and brought out their characteristics. They also stained with Bismarck brown and with Pitfield's flagella stain, but did not stain Buy Cytoxan Online very deeply, however, with any of the stains men- tioned. They were destained by Gram's method, though not to the Cytoxan And Taxotere same extent as the gonococcus, the larger variety of the germ holding the stain somewhat better than the smaller. Biological Characters. — The culture medium on which this germ grew was prepared as follows : Glycerin agar-agar was made accordi.ng to the method generally used ; to this was added about five per cent, by weight of black garden earth, which had been rendered sterile by intermittent heating. The garden earth was first dried Cytoxan And thoroughly, then sifted through a very fine hair sieve until it was reduced to a fine powder, all particles of gravel, sand, etc., being removed; it was then mixed with sufficient bouillon to form a thin paste. This was boiled for an hour, enough sterile bouillon being added from time to time to replace that evaporated by boiling; it was then set in a warm place for a few days to allow the spores found in the earth to develop. It was next boiled for an hour, after which it was again set aside for a few days. This procedure had to be repeated until no growth was developed. It was then added to the agar-agar, which mixture was also boiled for about thirty minutes, and then put aside for a few days to see if any germs developed. Should this be the case, the mixture was again boiled and tested as before. On this medium the scales of a scarlet-fever patient were placed with a sterile platinum loop, and the tubes were put in an incu- bator, the temperature of which was left at 35° C. Within from forty-eight hours to one week small whit- ish-gray semitransparent colonies appeared along the tract of inoculation and around the scale. These colo- nies were isolated at first, but subsequently coalesced; their diameter varied somewhat, but in general Buy Cytoxan was about one micromillimetro. f)n taking up with a plati- num needle some of the material of which the Cytoxan Taxotere colony was composed, it was seen to be glutinous. ]f the culture medium was very dry, as happened when the colonies were old, they lost their viscidity and became Taxotere Cytoxan grayer in color. On agar-agar Iv Cytoxan and glycerin agar-agar there was no growth. On gelatin the result was also negative. Bou- illon was not clouded by the germs, and they apparently did not multiply in this medium. On the blood serum furnished by the health department for the diagnosis of diphtheria there was a growth, but it was much more meagre than on the culture medium described by the author. That Cytoxan And Adriamycin the germ had not Adriamycin Cytoxan been noticed when ex- aminations were made with blood serum was probably due to the fact that other germs wliieh were always pres- ent on the Order Cytoxan scales grew so much more abundantly than the diplococcus that their presence was overshad- owed, while in the author's medium the diplococcus grew almost to the exclusion of all other organisms. Milk did not appear to be afiEected by the diplococci,. although they apparently multiplied in it. On potato there was no growth. Pathogenesis. — Kabbits and guinea-pigs were inocu- lated by subcutaneous injection of a pure culture, by scarification and inoculation of the wounds produced, and by injection Cytoxan Adriamycin into the Adriamycin And Cytoxan abdominal cavity, without pro- ducing the slightest results. The negative result of the subcutaneous injection showed that the germ was no pus producer, at least not in the species mentioned. Other animals were at present being experimented with by Dr. Class. The germ described had been cultivated from the scales of about thirty cases of typical scarlatina. It had also been found in the angina of scarlatina, and in cases of angina occurring in persons exposed to scarlet fever in whom no eruption showed, and, lastly, he had found it in the throats of children in a family where one mem- ber had typical scarlatina, the children being in a nor- mal condition when the culture was made, but subse- quently developing a typieal rash, in the scales from which he also cultivated the same germ. Self-intoxication from the Intestinal Canal. — Dr. Beattie Nesbitt, of Toronto, the editor of the Dominion Medical Monthly, has been investigating an important aspect of this subject in the pharmacological laboratory of the Cyclophosphamide Cytoxan Johns Hopkins University. He presents the re- sults of his researches in the January number of the Journal of Experimental Cytoxan Generic Medicine, in an article en- titled On the Presence of Choline and Neurine in the Intestinal Canal during its Complete Obstruction. Dr. Nesbitt's experiments lead him to believe that complete occlusion of the small intestine at its lower end will give rise to the occurrence of choline, neurine, and perhaps other bases, provided the food taken contains any considerable quantity of lecithin. It is not iuiprob- abic, he thinks, tliat still other poisons are formed by bacterial action from other constituents of the food in cases Oral Cytoxan of intestinal obstruction. While choline would have to be absorbed in relatively large amounts to exert a marked toxic action in human beings, he says, it is

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