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different with neurine, wliich is many times more in- tense in its action, and must desyrel sale be classed with the ex- ceedingly active poisons. It has been shown both by the experiments of Schmidt and Weiss, Dr. Nesbitt remarks, and also by those recorded in this paper, that the poisonous neurim? may be formed from choline by bacteria. In desyrel withdrawal symptoms its [ihysiological action neurine agrees closely with muscariiu!; and especially to he noted is its paralytic action on the heart and its power to increase June 3, 1899.] PROCEEDIXOS OF SOCIETIES. 795 the intestinal movements to such an extent that con- tinual evacuations occur. Whether the ptomaine which was found by him is poisonous he can not yet say. It must be desyrel withdrawal considered proved, however, he desyrel with zoloft thinks, that highly to.xic substances may arise in the intestinal canal during its complete occlusion. The method of treating cases buy desyrel online of intestinal obstruction, before desyrel price surgical means are resorted to — namely, by washing out the stomach ind as much of the gut as possible — often reduces the violent peristalsis, and this is due, perhaps, to the re- moval of substances out of which irritating and toxic :roducts are formed by bacteria. In conclusion. Dr. Nesbitt remarks that our knowl- • Ige of the fate of lecithin in the digestive canal under normal conditions is very desyrel weight gain deficient. The assumption that it is saponified by the fat-splitting enzyme of the [lancreatic juice, thus yielding choline, glycero-phos- phoric acid, and fatty acids, rests on the work of Bokai in 1877, in which, as that investigator himself admits, bacterial action was not excluded. This omission throws <,'rave doubts on the results. If the assumption of Bokai is correct, caution must be observed generic desyrel online in the use buy desyrel of some foods that have been considered most nutritious and healthful ; for instance, the ingestion of a meal made up largely of eggs would hardly be without danger, be- cause of the poisonous action of the large quantity of choline liberated from the lecithin and the probability of the formation of the highly poisonous neurine. A Case of Family Periodic Paralysis. — At the recent meeting of the Association of American Physicians Dr. J. K. Mitchell (Medical JS'eics, Jlay 13th) reported the case of a boy, aged eighteen years, who had attacks of paralysis occurring at frequent intervals. He might re- tire perfectly desyrel street price well, and yet awake in the morning help- less, j)ara]yzed from head to foot, with total abolition of skin, muscle, and tendon reflexes, losS of faradaic and galvanic contractility, unchanged sensibility, and unim- f)airod mind and speech. Five cases of a similar nature lad been seen in his mother's family. The l)oy had been kept in the hospital occasionally for periods of six months, 80 that careful blood examinations and a careful study of tiio l)ody excretions desyrel 50 mg price could be made in onlcr (o determine if |)os.«ib!e the presence of toxines. While tliis liad not l)e<'n entirely successful, Dr. Mitchell was not inclined to look upon the case as purely hysterical, but rather believed it to be due to self-intoxication. |1rortfbingg of Sociftics SOCIKTY OK TIIK ALUMNI OF TIIF CITY (C II A HIT Y) HOSPITAL. Atftlintf of Friiruary S, IS9;i. The Prrsidi-nl, Or. William L. Stoweli,, in the ("hair. The Doctor Outside of Medicine. — The Piikhidknt purchase desyrel injury lunl ri'iidiTc.l tli.' eye entirely useless, according to the patient's notion. His right eye on Xew Year's day had been struck on rising buy desyrel font from a stooping posture, at the temple, not at the eye itself. After this " bump " he had noticed that his right eye was not as good as it had been. The speaker had exam- ined the eye, and the examination of it put quite a different phase upon the case and the preconceived no- tion of it, after hearing the history. In the left eye, the one which was said to have been struck with the baseball eight years before, he had cheap desyrel found a very marked picture of a retrogressive neuroretinitis. The nerve was partially atrophied, but around the macular desyrel over counter region there was a beautiful deposit of pigment with the macula itself showing almost as brilliantly in the middle of this as it did in embolism of the artery. In the right eye the picture desyrel cost was different, but very much the picture that the other one might have presented if it had been seen earlier. In the cornea of the right eye there was a distinct marking of what was called desccmetitis. It was a series of opacities, as if a pepper box had been sjiilt on the posterior portion of the cornea. It was a dis- tinctive symptom of serous iritis. The vitreous humor was filled with all sorts of opacities, one of a horse- shoe shape, and a number of smaller ones and floating opacities. In the fundus there was an who makes generic desyrel exudation into and under the retina, showing in its neighborhood some of the pigment deposits similar to those shown in the left eye ; in short, a process in the retina, and perhaps more or less in the chorioid, which had come to nearly its end in the left eye, was to be seen in the right in a more recent stage. The aetiology was this: There had been a primary lesion about a year before, and he had gone promptly to a physician, frightened about it ; there was a hard, painless lump which the doctor had burned out. The patient had continued to go to his physician again and again, being nervous over it, but finally the doctor

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