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'J'he author oxpre.Mses what seems to us very sound views on tlie knowledge to bo imparted to the adolescent and on the miiniuT of its ilnparling and the limitations thereof. The roiiiparisou of the difference between the evil rlTects of mastnrbnlion (which, iiowevcr, the author eontinnously terms onanism, the proper name for what lip eUewherc refers to as " framling " in diflucan 150 mg costo the sexual rela- tion*) and excexdive venery is exceedingly well drawn. There is mui'lt fhiif will not be agreed to by many when the niithor ventnns into the field of opinion, and we make Inild to suifge-it Hint Hareastie or rynical re- mnrk'M nlMiiil jieople who from (raining or how much diflucan cost other prejii- flie«' are uiinl>|p»to lay nitiile a ilominnnt inllnenee and |f>ok at riinltiTM in Ihi- iliHimxiionate light of roM facts, will inililate agaiuHl the niithorV end, where n jiiilieioiH ml.iicr wdiilil liiivr 111,1. ,1 It lint of tho incstinmblo value of the actual practical part of the work generic diflucan 150 mg as a trea- tise generic diflucan cost for the guidance of the practitioner in the cetiology, patholog]i',and diflucan cost treatment of oneof the most far-reaching and distress-producing ailments in the world, it seems to us there can be but one opinion. BOOKS, ETC., RECEIVED. A Text-book of Jlental Diseases. With Special Ref- erence to the Pathological Aspects of Insanitv. Bv W. Bevan Lewis, L. R. C. P. (Lond.), M. R. C.S. (Eng.), iledical Director, West Riding Asylum, Wakefield, etc. Second Edition, thoroughly revised, enlarged, and in part rewritten. With Hlustrations in the Text, Charts, and Twentv-six Lithographed Plates. Philadelphia : P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1899. Pp. xxvi-G09. [Price, $7.] Atlas of Diseases of the Skin. Including an Epitome of Pathologv- and Treatment. By Professor Dr. Franz Mracek, of Vienna. Authorized Translation from the German. Edited by Henry W. Stelwagon, M. D., Ph. D., Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. With Sixty-three Col- ored diflucan compresse costo Plates and Thirtv-nine Full-page Half-tone Illus-. trations. Philadelphia: W. B. Saunders, 1899. Pp. 7 to 199. [Price, $3.50.] The Study of the Hand for Indications of Local and General Disease. By Edward Blake, M. D., Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, etc. Second Edition. London: Henry J. Glaisher. New York: G. P. Put- nam's Sons, 1899. Pp. .xvi-13.5. [Price, pfizer diflucan costo 5s.] Clinical Lectures on Neurasthenia. By Thomas D. Savill, M. D., Physician to the West-End Hospital for Diseases of the Nervous Svstem, London, etc. London: Henry J. Glaisher, 1899. 'Pp. .\v-144. [Price, 3s. 6d.] Massage and the Original Swedish Movements. Their Application to Various Diseases of the Body. By Kurre W. Ostrom, of the Royal University of Up- sala, Sweden. Fourth Edition, revised and enlarged. discount diflucan With One Hundred and Five Illustrations. Philadel- diflucan cost without insurance phia: P. Blakiston's Son & Co., diflucan cost with insurance 1899. Pp. viii-9 to 168. [Price, $1.] Vital Science Based upon Life's Great Law. The Analogue of Gravitation. Agnosticism Refuted. By Robert Walter, M. D. Philadelphia costo del diflucan : generic diflucan over counter J. B. Lippincott Company, 1899. Pp. xix-17 to 319. [Price, $1.50.] Bad-Xauheim. Its Springs and their I'ses. with Useful \joca\ Information and a Guide to the Environs. By J. Groedel, M. P.. Medieinalrat. Physician in Bad- Nauheim. Second Edition. From the German Guide to Bad-Nauheim by O. Weiss and J. Groedel. Fried- berg and Bad-Nauheim: Carl Bindeniagel, 1899. Pp. viii-n(i. The .Abdominal Brain and diflucan 150 costo .\utomatic Visceral Gan- glia. By buy generic diflucan online Byron Robinson, B. S., M. D., Professor in the Chicago Post-graduate School of Gynavology and Abdominal Surgery, etc. Chicago: The Clinic Pviblish- ing Company, 1S99. Pp. 2(51. Some .\spects of the Hace Problem in the South. By Rev. Robert F. (^nmi.lM'll. D. D.. of Asheville. North Carolina. Second Edition. Asheville: The Cititen generic diflucan no prescription Comjinny, ISO!). Pp. 24. The Scientific Tninsaetions of the Roval Dublin So- cietv. 1808. Volume VL Series II. Piirts XIV, .\V, and" XVI. Volume VII. Series II. Part I, Mt^moire siir la Imrt^riologie, pathogt'-nio, traite- mcnt e( prophylnxie de la fli^vn- jaunc Pn'-senti'^ nu Congn^s intemntionnl d'hyjiiAne et d^niographie d< Madrid. Par Ic Dr. Domingos Frciro. Dirc.i.Mir d, 798 MISCELLANY. [N. Y. generic diflucan fluconazole Med. Joijh., rinstitut bacteriologique de Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro : Typographia Leuzinger, 1899. Pp. ii-5 to 182. The Scientific Proceedings of tlie Royal Dublin So- ciety. Volume VIII (K S.). Part VI. November, 1898. Studies from the Department of Pathology of the College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia TJniver- sitv. New diflucan gel costo York. Volume VI. For the Collegiate Year 1898-1899. Proceedings of the American Medico-psychological Association at the Forty-fourth Annual Meeting, held in St. Louis, generic diflucan online May 10 to 13, 1898. Aceto-soluble Albumin in the Urine. A Brief Re- view of the Literature on the Subject, and a Report of diflucan costo

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