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Two Cases. By W. M. L. Coplin, M. D., of Philadel- phia. [Reprinted from the Philadelphia Dilantin Pharmacology Medical Jour- nal.~\ A Remarkable Case of Ventral Hernia, Cured by a Flap Operation. By George H. Noble, M. D., Dilantin Ex of At- lanta, Georgia. [Reprinted from the American Medi- co-Stirgical Bulletin.^ Four Cases of Abscess of the Uterus, Treated by Incision, Curettement, Sterilization with Carbolic Acid, and Drainage. By George H. Noble, M. D. [Reprint- ed from the Transactions of the Surgical and Gijnceco- logical Association.l The Technique of Radiography. By Alexander L. Hodgdon, M. D., of Baltimore. [Reprinted from the Maryland Medical Journal.'] A Glance at Psychiatry and Dilantin 50 Mg Neurology, as it Exists To-day and in the Olden Times. By Alexander L. Hodgdon, M. D. [Reprinted from the Maryland Medi- cal Journal.^ The Debt of the Public to the Medical Profession. By W. Dilantin 500 Mg W. Keen, M. D., of Philadelphia. [Reprinted from the Philadelphia Medical Journal.] Some Reflections upon Cellular Physiology and Pathology. By Augustus A. Dilantin 1 G Eshner, M. D., of Philadel- phia. [Reprinted from the Journal of the American Medical Association.] Naphthalin in Typhoid Fever. A Remedy in Pre- venting Intestinal Putrefaction Dilantin 330 Mg and Tympanites. By Albert Woldert, M. D., of Philadelphia. [Reprinted from the Journal of the American Medical Associa- tion. ] Gelsemium Sempervirens. By Noble P. Barnes, M. D. [Reprinted from the Maryland Dilantin 250 Mg Medical Jour- nal.] Urotropin in Cystitis. By J. B. McGee, M. D., of Cleveland. [Reprinted from the Bulletin of the Cleve- land General Hospital.] iBctllnn^ . The Healthfulness of Sunshine. — Practical Medicine for May rjuotos the following remarks Dilantin 600 Mg of a " Califor- /lifi doctor," which seem to us worthy of reproduction: " Dilantin 150 Mg It 18 astonishing how few people there arc who properly estimate the hygienic value of the sun's rays. A valuable lesson on this point may be learned by ob- Bcrving Dilantin 230 Mg the lower animals, none of whom ever neglect an o[>port unity to bask in the sun. And the nearer man approaches to his primitive condition the more he is inclined to follow the example of the animals. It is a natural instinct which civilization has partially de- stroyed in the human race. The effect of sunshine is not merely thermal; its rays have chemical and elec- trical functions. It is more than possible that sunshine produces vibrations and changes of particles in the deeper tissues of the body as effective as those of elec- tricity. Many know by experience that the relief it affords to wearing pain, neuralgic and inflammatory, is more effective and lasting than that of any application whatever. Those who have face-ache should prove it for themselves, Dilantin 125 sitting in a sunny window where the warmth falls full on the cheek. For nervous disability and insomnia the treatment of all others is rest Dilantin 30 Mg in sun- shine." Official Report on the Food Supply in the Philip- pines. — The Army and Navy Journal for May 13th says : " A report has been received by the surgeon-gen- eral of the army from Major H. W. Cardwell, surgeon of the First Division of the Eighth Army Corps, giving an account of the food supply and its preparations in the Philippines. Dr. Cardwell states that absolutely no ia.\i\t is to be found with Dilantin Xr the supply of food or lack of it. Great ingenuity has been exercised by the various companies in the erection of brick and stone ovens in the courtyard of Cuartel for use in roasting and bread- making. The tops of many of these ovens are being used as huge stoves. The report concludes as follows : ' The issue of fresh beef has been sufficient, and its quality is first class. Companies who do not bake their own bread buy from those who do, or from the regi- mental bakers, and the quality is equal to the best American city bakeries. Potatoes and onions, fresh, with the Cheap Dilantin usual canned goods from the commissary, and such green produce as can be obtained from the markets supply an ample vegetable ration. The issue of rice in additional quantities by the commissary is appreciated, and, strange to say, those most liable to complain that the quantity is insufficient are newly arrived organiza- tions. I find that many, especially among the officers, who have been there for six months or more crave and eat as much meat as they did in the United States.' " " Fake " Medical Statements Too Much Dilantin in the lay Press. — We quote the following from the Medical Examiner for May : Dilantin 200 Mg " Thci^e news-mongers do not hesitate to fake in medical matters. As we have had occasion to remark in a former editorial, the most improbable and miracu- lous instances of medical skill and surgical procedures are minutely described without the shadow of a founda- tion. The developments of science and art are so won- derful in these days that fake writers take advantage of the fact and palm off almost anything of a marvelous nature upon the incredulous as truth. To-day Dilantin 350 Mg it is not safe to eitlier believe or deny any statement of this class offhand, but the instances are too numerous of scien- tific Dilantin 130 Mg prevarication by false purveyors of news to permit the thing to go on much longer without a solemn pro- test. Newspapers are becoming the objects of Dilantin 400 Mg discredit ; their statements can not be believed as in former times. To follow the so-called news, scientific or otherwise, with any degree of comfort, or, as they say in mercantile life, ' I'j. 0. E.,' that is, errors and omissions excepted, is almost impossible. It is time to ask the ])ul)lic to look into the matter, or the press in America will fall into disrepute. Willful lying, when detected in ]iui)lica-

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