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More Verses on the Doctor. — The Australasian Med- ical Qazclte for A])ril 'JOth publishes the following: noCTdR. BY A DYSPEPTIC 0. P. ( With apolngiet to li. K.) T where to get doxycycline entered tlie profession, like doxycycline order other men, to live; I've found how very few and rare the prizes it can give. I've striven long from ill and 100 mg doxycycline death my fellow men to guard. And many kicks, but buy doxycycline ha'pence scant, received as my reward. For it's Doctor this, and Doctor that, and " Doctor's gross mistakes," But it's " Run and fetch tlie doctor." when the little doxycycline mg finger aches — When vour little finger aches, my friends, jwir littlo finger aches ; Oh. it's " Run nml fetch the doctor " when your little finger iiclies. 800 MISCELLANY. [N. Y. Med. Jouh. We bolt how to get doxycycline our meals, we scamp our sleep, we little know of rest; Through four and twenty hours we wait the club pa- tient's behest. Yon ring ns doxycycline cheap up at midnight, you rush us all the day, Yon wear our souls doxycycline online and bodies out, and then refuse to pay. For it's get doxycycline Doctor this, and Doctor that, and "What a monstrous bill ! " But it's " Doctor, won't you save her ? " when the only child is ill — When your only child is ill, my friends, your only child is ill; Oh, it's " Save her, how can i get doxycycline never mind the cost ! " when the only child is ill. We face the plague and pestilence, greet danger with a laugh; We win our V. C's. day by day, and get repaid in chaff. The very depths of human life, the foul and mean we scan; But bitterest of all we find where can i buy doxycycline the ingratitude of man. Oh, it's Doctor this, and Doctor that, and " lazy, careless brute 1 " But it's " Noblest of professions " when the pains begin to shoot — When purchase doxycycline your pains begin to shoot, my friends, your pains begin to shoot ; It's '■' Noblest of professions " when your pains begin to shoot. You spend your time in idle talk, and pass where can i get doxycycline the careless lie— How that d — d doctor messed your case, and made you nearly die. And everywhere you seek to do him all the harm you can. And, vile traducer though you be, pose as an honest man. For doxycycline purchase online it's Doctor this, and Doctor that, it's charlatan and quack ; But doxycycline where to buy it's " Skillfullest physician " when you're laid upon your back — When you're laid upon your back, my friends, you're laid u])on your back; Oh, it's " Skillfullest physician doxycycline 100 " when you're laid upon your back. The papers rave about our mission, which they call divine. Or deprecate our selfishness because we dare combine. The manna drops from heaven, they think, to feed us and our wives; Our business not to save our doxycycline to buy own, but only other lives. For it's " Sawbones this," and " Butcher that," and any other taunt ; But in the Valley of the Shadow it's the doctor that you want — It's the doctor that you want, my friends, it's the doctor that you want ; In the Valley of the Shadow it's the doctor doxycycline 100mg that you want. The Berlin Tuberculosis Congress was opened on Wednesday, May 2'lth, in the ]>rcsi'iife of iln palroncss the I'^mpress Augusta Victoriii. The Principles on which the Legislative Right to Control how to buy doxycycline the Practice of Medicine is Based. — The Janr-

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