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nal of Ike American Medical Asuocialion for April 2!)th says that in the recently reported case of the regular State Board of Medical Examiners vs. Fowler, the su- preme court of Louisiana lays down a number of propo- sitions of general interest. It holds that whenever the pursuit of any particular occupation or profession re- quires, for the protection of the lives or health of the general public, skill, knowledge, and other personal at- tributes or characteristics Dulcolax Balance Coupon in the person pursuing it, the general assembly has the power and authority to have recourse to proper measures to insure that none but per- sons Buy Dulcolax possessing Printable Dulcolax Coupons these qualifications shall pursue it, and that a statute to that effect is not open to attack as de- priving citizens of their right to earn a living. Dulcolax Generic The right to practise medicine, it declares, is not an abso- lute natural right, but a right or privilege to be exer- cised under conditions What Is Dulcolax Tablets and limitations regulated by legislative authority. Since the general assembly has the authority to require, as a condition precedent to the right or privilege of any one to practise medicine in Louisiana, that he should be subjected, before doing so, to an examination as to his qualifications, and be found and declared worthy and qualified, it has also the right to select the particular agency to whom should be dele- Laxatives Dulcolax gated that duty. Courts can not control that selection. A statute creating a board of medical examiners, to be composed of physicians recommended for appointment from lists to be furnished by Suppository Dulcolax the Louisiana Medical So- ciety and the Hahnemann State Medical Society, to be appointed by the governor on such recommendation, is not open to attack as discriminating in favor of the regu- lar and homcBopathic schools against the eclectic school of medicine. No constitutional right is given to particu- lar individuals entertaining peculiar theories of medi- cine to group themselves together and, calling themselves a special school of medicine under a selected name, to insist that they be Dulcolax 10 Mg recognized and dealt with as such. The action of the medical board of examiners is not con- clusive, but is subject to correction in ease of abuse. The recognition by the constituted authorities of an- other State Dulcolax Laxatives that a person was properly qualified to prac- tise medicine, and that the medical college whose Dulcolax Powder diploma he presents as evidence of the fact Dulcolax Printable Coupon was a medi- cal college in good standing, does not carry with it a vested right in the party to practise medicine in Louisi- ana. Each State acts independently of the other in this matter. Nor is a person who has been practising medi- cine as a pliysician for a number of years, witliout ob- jection, exempt from complying with legislation of a later date, making it a condition precedent to any one's practising medicine that he should have been examined by a medical examining board found to have the quali- fications required by law for so doing. The American Electro-therapeutic Association will hold its ninth annual meeting in Washington on Sep- tember 19th, 20th, and 31st under the presidency of Dr. F. Generic Dulcolax B. Bishop, of Washington. Death of Dr. Buchner. — Wo learn from Science for May 12th of tlie death of Dr. Fricdrich Karl Christian Lu(iwig Biii'hner, who was born in 1S24, and after prac- tising medicine became decent at Tiibingen, from wliich po.sition he was dismissed in consequence of the material- istic doctrines in his book on Matter and Force, pub- lished in 18()5. Thereafter he practised medicine at Darmstadt. Biichnor was well known for his series Dulcolax Bisacodyl of popular works on physical science and the theory of evo- iiilion, as well as for numerous contributions to physiol- ogy, pathology, and other sciences. THE ^EW YORK MEDICiVL JOURNAL, Jr.xE 10, 1899. ©rtginal Communitations. THE PRESIDENT'S ANNUAL ADDRESS TO THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. Bt JOSEPH Generic For Dulcolax M. MATHEWS, M. D., LOUISVTIXE. Members of the American Medical Associa- tion, Ladies, and Gentlemen : In assuming the duties of the presiding ofiBcer of this association, I must con- fess that it is with a feeling of great diflBdence. For many years I sat at the feet of the masters Dulcolax Coupon in medicine, as they were wont to assemble at their annual meeting, and was content to listen only to their wise counsels, to emulate as far as I could their example, and to profit by the words of wisdom which fell from their lips. When I reflect upon the names of my pre- decessors who have occupied this chair, their great achievements in medicine, the high rank to which they attained, and the good which they accomplished, it is no wonder that I assume the role with some trepida- tion. You will therefore permit me to offer you my very sincere thanks for the honor which you have con- ferred upon me. In assuming the duties as your chairman, I hope to be just to all, and if Dulcolax Usa at any time my decisions should appear otherwise, please attribute it to my head rather than my heart. It pains me to look over this great body and recognize the fact not only that many of its most jirominent members in the past are absent, but also that the majority of those who have served you as presi- dent have also gone to their eternal home. Let their departure remind us that we, too, must soon lay aside our armor and join the silent majority. This thought brings me to consider for a moment: Our National Body : its Purposes and Destiny. — I imagine that when the father of this association, the Nestor of American medicine, called around him a few devoted friends, accomplished physicians and surgeons, and efTeeted an organization to be known as the Ameri- can Medical Association, the first thought which filled their minds was the unification of the profession which they loved bo dearly. It was their desire, no Bisacodyl Dulcolax doubt, to bring together each year Dulcolax Suppositories the men who were laboring eamos'tly and honestly Dulcolax Products for the elevation of the profes- sion, tliat Ihi'V in conclave could impart to each other

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