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State society. I trust that sonielhing will Elimite Cream Otc be done in regard Permethrin 5 Percent Elimite to this matter, Buy Elimite Cream in order tliat tiiese good societies can obtain rr-cognition from tliis nssoeiation. The npi)oiiitment by your nominating committee of three s\u'li distinguished gentlemen (o read the several iiddresses l)eforn this nssoor- fion of deaths is equally great. So important has this subject become that at a recent convention held in Eng- land to consider the question, " How to Elimite Cream Scabies Prevent Elimite Lice the Sprrnd of Ponsumption," the Crown was repn>sentent encfniragement was given the move by n>ynlly Permethrin Elimite Cream and all others The medical pro- 804 MATHEWS: Permethrin Elimite PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS. [N. Y. Med. Jodb., fession all over the world is deeply interested in the subject, the aid of governments is solicited, and every effort is being made to suppress this formidable dis- ease. Since the germ which causes it is known, and its ihabitat, the condition under which it thrives, and it is known also that the disease is contagious, it does appear Elimite Or Kwell but rational to assume not only that it can be prevented fcy precautionary measures, but that Where Can I Buy Elimite Cream it can be cured by proper environment and treatment. It is equally Elimite Price true that, even in the best of homes, the treatment usually accorded the patient is nil in effect and accomplishes nothing. Something more than this must be done if we expect to decrease the death-rate materially. What is that Elimite Cost something? Detweiler believes that over twenty- four per cent, of cases of tuberculosis Generic Elimite are curable ; Mei- sen, twenty-seven Elimite Cream Over The Counter per cent. ; Where Can I Buy Elimite Braymer, twenty-one and a half per cent. And this under ordinary climatic and iiygienic treatment. A much higher percentage of re- ■coveries could be recorded if a real systematic and sci- entific treatment could be afforded these patients. Such a course can be instituted only in well-ordered and •equipped hospitals designed especially for such inmates. In regard to the extent of the disease, I can do no better "than to use the words of Professor Hirsch. He says : ■" It is emphatically a disease at all times, all countries, and all races. No climate, no latitude, no occupation, no combination of favoring circumstances forms an in- Elimite 5 Cream fallible safeguard against the onset of tuberculosis, how- ever such conditions may mitigate its ravages or retard Permethrin 5 Cream Elimite its progress. Like Elimite Otc typhoid fever, phthisis dogs the steps ■of man wherever he may be found, and claims its vic- tims among every age, class, and race." In answer to the question. What is to be done to prevent its progress? I would suggest a remedy in using the words of a reso- lution adopted at the International Congress of Hy- giene in Brussels, in 1897: "The hospitalization of tuberculosis is urgent and will not long be withheld." In several large cities in the United States an Elimite Generic earnest effort has already been made to carry this thought into practical utilization, especially in Chicago Elimite For Lice and New York. It can readily be seen, however, that but a com- parative few out of this great number of afflicted can be accommodated in this manner. A country or State that is ever on the alert to prevent the landing of a foreign foe or a hostile army surely should ever be

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