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ready to aid in the suppression of a foe to the human race ten times more destructive to human life than the invasion of the country by an army of great size armed with the most improved rifles. Let us, then, in the ramc of humanity, invoke aid from the government of this very humane people, in order to help put down and thoroughly conquer this foe. During the Inst session of the New York legisla- ture a report of the senate committee appointed to in- vestigate the advisability of establishing a Slate hospi- tal for tlio cure of consumptives was made. Many rca- fion« for the same were presented in the report. Among other things, the report read: "Tuberculosis is one of the most fatal diseases that the human race has to com- bat at the present day; its yearly victims inflict endep 25mg a seri- ous and unnecessary drain upon the resources of the State. Unnecessary because it is now demonstrated be- yond question that by the adoption of proper preventive measures a large proportion of those who suffer from this disease may be saved. This is proved not only by the revelations of science but by the results which have been obtained in the practical application of the means to prevent the spread order endep online of the disease. endep 50 A large propor- tion of the cases brought under treatment have been cured, and so many have so improved as to endep 10 be restored to the producing class. It is also shown that endep 50mg the efforts of the boards of health in this and other States, as well as in other countries, have so far succeeded in reducing the percentage of deaths from tuberculosis by the measures purchase endep adopted that there is good ground for as- endep 25 suming that with wise laws properly enforced this dis- ease may be almost wholly obliterated." Is it too much, then, to suggest that this association, representing the most advanced thought of the medical profession of America, take action in this important matter? I would most respectfully urge you to appoint a commit- tee to prepare a careful report on this subject and pre- sent it to the nest congress buy endep sitting, beseeching that this government erect, prepare, or donate hospitals or reservations in and at buy cheap endep which the poor or others shall receive treatment for the cure of consumption. Also that it be impressed upon State boards of health in the various States the advisability of the respective States erecting similar institutions. The blind, the deaf, the insane, the feeble-minded, and other classes are so pro- vided for ; why not these ? They generic endep are not able to care for themselves, and they are a menace to the public health. It must be confessed that, in so far as the prevention of the disease is concerned, that must come from the edu- cation of the people to the facts. The best way to ac- complish this I leave to you. Tub Anti vaccinationists. — It may appear super- fluous to ask that you consider in the proper way a re- buke to a certain class that is doing much to endanger the lives of our citizens, and whose meddling ways arc giving the health boards of the various States buy endep online much an- purchase endep online noyance. endep 25 mg I allude to order endep the antivaccinationists, encour- aged as they are by an Antivaccination Society. It seems strange and beyond belief that endep 10mg citizens of re- spectability and supposed intelligence should band themselves together to prevent a means of saving human life, but " 'tis true, and pity 'tis, 'tis true." If these misguided peo])lc would only inform themselves of facts, patent to every reader of history, they might at least stop long enough in their mad career to think. The true condition is so well described by Dr. Seys in a recent paper that I beg to quote from him: " Well lias small-pox been termed ' the most terrible of all the ministers of dentil.' It dates back to tlie early history Jane 10, 1899.] MATHEWS: PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS. SOS of our race, but from whence it came no man can say. Then all expected to have it, and but few escaped. Xo respecter of persons, it was found in the palace and in the hovel, in the fair green fields and in the foul dun- geon. All ages yielded to its noisome touch, and no sea- son of the year was free from its deadly breath. One third of all children born to the daughters of men died before they were a year old because of this pestilence, and one half before the age of five. In epidemic years it is estimated to have caused fifty per cent, of all deaths in Europe, and in non-epidemic years not less than ten endep tablets per cent. Two thirds of the pauper blind in Europe of that day looked no more on the faces of their loved ones or the blue sky, nor saw the light of day, because of its blighting visitation. endep 10 tablets In Mexico it is said in a few years to have caused the death of three million and a half of people. Iceland and Greenland were almost depopulated by it, and it has well-nigh rendered extinct some of our Indian tribes. It was the all-important factor in keeping down the population of Europe. Nor would the task be a dilllcult one to-day, should we desire to do so, to bring back the horrors of but a few years ago." We may rest in peace and disregard the efforts of these half-mad people, but we must not close our eyes to the fact that, by their loud cry, aided by political influence given often for self-aggrandizement, they are endangering the lives in every community. So far has this thing gone that the vaccination law in England has but recently been amended, so that only those who may desire sliall be vaccinated. This endep 10 mg is a menace to endep tablets 10mg the public health and smacks of the Dark Ages. I again re.ipect fully ask that you give to the medical profession in America an indorsement of their views in a resolution sustaining compulsory vaccination. The safety of the people from this most direful nuilady demands it. A CitirsADE AOAINST Syimmlis. — An international medical conference will bo held at Brussels, Belgium, in the month of September next, known as The Interna- tional Conference for the Prevention of Syphilis. A statement of this fact has been sent the honorable .sec-

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