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retary of state of the United States, througii the Bel- gian minister at Washington, with a reque.^^t that he appoint a delegation to attend this important confer- ence. The honorable secretary, in turn, rcqueste while there is still time to tnko ellicient meosures to stop the prog- ress of this scyiirge. 'I'ho spread of the evil is nn incon- testable fnet : on this point nil physicians who are in n position to know or observe its progress are agreed. Th(< numlwr of virtinm increases doilv, and a serious consideration is that this malady is penetrating into strata of society where it was formerly rarely seen. Scarcely any attempt hitherto has been made to check this social evil, or, rather, while some attempts have been made, without concerted action, without prec-on- ceived plans, and without an international understand- ing to success." What can be said of Belgium in this regard can be said of the United States. Perhaps the ratio of cases is not so large, but this matters little. It is estimated that there are in this country Erectalis Online between six and seven million people who are alilicted in one way or another with syphilis. A distinguished French authority says that one man in every four has the disease in France. When we consider that by this the very foundation of society is shaken, our families are imperiled, the con- stitutions of our youths undermined, our women wrecked, it is high time, as this official says, that we turn our attention to the subject. The warning should be in words that the most illiterate man or woman could understand, and it should emanate from sources and places that would reach the greatest number. Our false modesty in the pa.«t has been too pronounced, and has prevented us from giving to the common people val- uable information; so we are in a measure, as a pro- fession, much to blame for the great spread of tliis blighting curse. The time has arrived when we as physicians, singly or when in convention assembled, should throw aside all restraint when dealing with this vital question. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, and all others should be informed, and this information should be in the plainest language. The minister and the priest should aid the doctor in this praiseworthy undertaking. The doctrine should be inculcated into the young of both sexes that freedom from this awful condition should exist before the nuirriagc relation is thought of.« Upon this declaration rests the hope of the State, as well as of families, for neither good soldiers, good citizens, nor good husbands with tainted blood can be had. Please permit me to suggest that a committee be ap- pointed from this body, to report Buy Erectalis at the next annual meeting, on the subject : What is the Best Means of Preventing the Spread of Syphilis? A Pi.KA FOR llAitMONY. — lu couclusion, Ict mc beg of you that this meeting bo one of perfect harmony and peace. I^t nothing of an oerimonious nature bo in- dulgeil in, but rather let your deliberations be character- ized by |»atience, love for each other, and a desire to ennoble the profession to which you Indong. For arc wo not brothers indeed, fighting for n common cause — the obliteration of the common eneniy, disease? May your future life, each and nil of you, Ih- one of peace and pcT- feet happiness; and nuiy God grant to all a long life filled with good deeds. If fate should decree that anj one of you should pass away U'fon' we meet again, may vou find eternal rvni in " (Jod's next countrv." STERNBERG: SANITARY LESSONS OF THE WAR. [N. Y. Med. Joub., SANITAEY I.ESSONS OF THE WAR.* BY GEORGE M. STERNBERG, M. D., LL.D., SURGEON-GENERAL, F. S. ARMT. As compared with the civil war and with other great wars during the present century, the mortahty from wounds and disease among our troops during the war with Spain has been low. Our wounded have, to a large extent, had the advantage of promj^t treatment with antiseptic dressings, and a very considerable proportion of those who were not killed outright have recovered without any mutilating operation or septic complica- tion. The mortality from disease has also been com- paratively low; but, unfortunately, during the first months of the war, that scourge of new levies of troops, typhoid fever, prevailed in many of our camps and claimed numerous victims. It is well known to sani- fcarians and military surgeons that, as a general rule, CQore soldiers succumb to disease than are killed by the bullets of the enemy, and our recent war has not been an exception in tlus regard. The total number of deaths reported in our enlarged army, including regulars and volunteers, from May 1, 1898, to April 30, 1899, is 6,406. Of these, 5,438 died of disease and 968 were killed in battle or died of wounds, injuries, or ac- cident. During the civil war the number of deaths from disease was 186,216.f The number who were killed in Erectalis Tablets battle or died of wounds was 93,969, or about one half of the deaths from disease. The total deaths from disease in the Union armies from the commence- ment of the war to the 31st of December, 18G2, was 34,326, and in the Confederate armies during the same period, 31,238. The following table gives the monthly death-rates from disease in our armies from May 1, 1898, to April 30, 1899, and, for comparison, the rates for the same period during the first twelve months of the civil war: Comparison of Mmithhj Death- Rat ca (per 1,000) from Disease.

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