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Coming down to more recent times, we find Bree | referring to a case of an asthmatic restored from the dis- ease — * " De morbis acut. et chron., libri viii" ; Amstelodami, 1709, lib, iii. cap. i, p. 430. f " Consultationea medicinales," Francofurt., 1(150, xviii, p, 160 et seq. : liii, p. 666; lxxiv, p. 708 et seq. — et in a!, he. X "Am. Journal of the Med. Sciences," January, 1886, ]>. •'>-, foot- note, and p. 53. *"Praxeo3 tnedicte universffl prscepta," Lipsits, 1818, para 11, vol. ii, sec. 1. | Robert Bree, " A Practical hydrochlorothiazide price Inquiry into Disordered Kcspirati.in, distinguishing the Species of Convulsive Asthma, etc.," Phila. c.l., 1811, p. 145. " Whose Schneiderian membrane became unusually dry in the progress of his recover), and was even affected at this time with inflammation. The fluctuating qualities of the air, often irritating this membrane, occasionally produced a paroxysm without expectoration, until the habit of relapse was st last conquered by the means employed.-' In another place he ob- serves: " If there have been frequent repetitions of irritating causes and convulsive efforts of the respiratory muscles, the asthmatic paroxysm may much more probably supervene upon the milder effort to reject an acrid particle by sneezing and cough." Later on, Rudolf buy esidrix Ferber,* of Hamburg, referring to the frequent association of sneezing, buy hydrochlorothiazide migraine, bronchial asth- ma, and hay-fever, advanced the theory that these phenom- ena were the expression of a neurosis of the trigeminus brought about by circulatory disturbances in the lower pelvis. These led, he thought, to a slowing of the venous current with stagnation of blood in the skin, mucous mem- branes, nose, etc. This abnormal condition finally begets a hydrochlorothiazide online disturbance of the sensitive nerves of the parts with a tend- ency to reflex phenomena, manifesting themselves chiefly in the domain of the trigeminus. Thus the alveoli of the lungs and the mucous membrane of the bronchi become hydrochlorothiazide cost surcharged with venous blood, and this engorged condition probably acts directly on the sensitive filaments of the vagus. I may mention here a little brochure to which 1 have never seen any reference, even among German writers, which I stumbled on accidentally in the library of the Sur- geon-General's Office at Washington, and which I take pleasure in rescuing from an undeserved oblivion. The pamphlet is entitled " Die Migraine ist eine Angina, der acuter Magencalarrh buy hydrochlorothiazide online eine Neurose. Ueber die Bedevimm der Angina Faucium, ihre Verbindung und ihren Zusam- menhang mil einer Reihe run Krankheiten" and is from the pen of Dr. Ferdinand Wvdlcr, id' Aarau. The chief contention of the author is indicated in the title of his work. Among the conditions supposed to esidrix or zaroxolyn depend upon slight catarrh of the pharynx are canlialgia, gaBtralgia, \ er- tigo, vomiting of blood, epistaxis, sopor, delirium at night, hemicrania, neuroses of the trigeminus, cervico-occipital neuralgia, angina pectoris, brachial neuralgia, stenocardia, etc. He concludes as follows : " buy cheap hydrochlorothiazide Nach in einer Auffassung ist die Hemicranie, sowie die Frische Trigeminusneuralgio cine Angina, gleichsam eine frag- nu ntarische order hydrochlorothiazide online Angina, mil den liegleitelideii hcrvorM. hcn.lcn Kranklicitssunptoiii' n der einfacheu catarrhalischen Angina uervoser orethischtn Personen: cine purchase hydrochlorothiazide online Angina, bei welcher als hauptsaohlichste Symptome, Prostration und Eopfschmerz, Schwindel, ineistens auch Erbrechen erscheinen, und sich als llauptleiilen hilislellcn. die jedoch deut.lich von dem Zeichen der Ziisaiiimcnlioi-igk. it des Znsamuienhangs und Ursprungs, von der frischen Rothang der Schlandgebilde begleitel Bind." While the enthusias f the author carries him a little too far, his pamphlet must he regarded as an important con- tribution to the literature of the naso-pharyngeal reflex. ■ " Der Neisekrampf u. deren Bi ziehung zur Migrane, zum Bronchial- asthma u. zum Heufieber." " Arch. .i. Heilkunde," lOter Jahrg., Leip. cheap hydrochlorothiazide zig, 1869, p. 686. 231 MACKENZIE: RESPIRATORY VASO-MOTOR NEUROSES. [N. Y. Med. Jons., Finally, Trousseau * discussed at length the relation of coryza to asthma, and Follin and Duplay f assert that main* of those who suffer from nasal polypi ''become subject to attacks of asthma." To Voltolini belongs the hydrochlorothiazide tablets credit of cur- ing his patient by removal of the nasal neoplasm. The older writers, as has already been pointed out, hydrochlorothiazide mg J were doubtless familiar order hydrochlorothiazide with the disease known as " hay-fever," which they considered as a species of, or identical with, the so-called bronchial asthma of the present day. It was not until after the esidrix 25 mg observations of Bostock that the asthma aris- ing from the emanations of grasses was regarded as distinct from the asthma produced by other causes, while it has taken nearly a century for us to return to the simpler classi- fication of the older nosologists. Even now our notions of the condition known as "asthma" are more or less vague and indeterminate. It is purchase hydrochlorothiazide looked upon as a disease per se, as a distinct pathological entity ; but if we consider exactly what is involved in the ordinary conception of this condi- tion — that, like many other disturbances of respiration, it has no definite anatomical lesion — that it is common to an almost indefinite number of pathological states, we shall be forced to regard asthma as a symptom which, like cough, nia\ be ushered in, follow, or occur generic hydrochlorothiazide simultaneously with irritation in various parts of the body, but which is most commonly symptomatic of some disorder of the respiratory tract. I do not propose, in this communication, to discuss the mechanism of the asthmatic paroxysm; whether it is

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