Word-Bank's novel approach to explain the meaning of words

Website visitors can have difficulty with the meaning of words when they visit some websites. Word-Bank's novel approach brings an exciting and pictorial way of explaining the meaning of unusual words, long words and industry jargon.

Word-Bank is an affordable software product for website owners to help their visitors understand the meaning of difficult words or jargon which they will necessarily find on the website. Word-Bank does this by providing on demand a pop up box containing a description of a long, or unusual, word in textual, pictorial, animation or video form. It provides a context-friendly set of display options which can be configured by the site owner to match their site image.

A number of word dictionaries are available and we are adding to these all the time. Rather than download a dictionary, why not have the site explain in simple straightforward terms the meaning of words in situ. Most site owners will have implemented options to make the site more accessible, or readable, but have they made the site more understandable to those with learning and other disabilities?

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We have a number of dictionaries that Word-Bank has available. There is a general words dictionary for people with learning difficulties which contain common and unusual words that can be found to be difficult to understand.

We also have a medical terminology dictionary for use on websites containing medical words, which might be difficult for some people to understand because of learning difficulties, or because English is not their first language.

The benefits provided by Word-Bank to a website owner are: Website owners no longer have to risk visitors leaving the site because they don't understand the unusual words on your website. Provide this unique way of explaining the meaning of words.

Word-Bank is available to licence straight from this site.

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