For an average business disabled people may account for up to 20% of all customers1

Which groups benefit from having Word-Bank enabled sites?

Does Word-Bank help with Public Sector Equality Act compliance?

Word-Bank helps with Equality Act compliance by ensuring the wider public have better access to information.

Acess logosHow accessible is Word-Bank?

What's the user experience?

Do you offer discounts on bulk licences?

Yes, see our pricing page for details.

How easy is it to install?

Very easy! Just set up an account and add your Word-Bank linking code to your website template then choose which dictionaires to automate back to you're site - kapow!
For added security Word-Bank's linking code is specific to your websites URL so please make sure that you are consistent e.g. www.mysite.com or mysite.com.

Registration form

How long does it take to get up and running?

About 20 minutes.

Easy set up

Can I have it on multiple websites?

You can, but you'll need an account for each website. This way you can control the branding of each website individually. We also have bulk purchasing options.

What support is available for licensed users?

24/7 email support, you can also call us during office hours.

I have paid for my account, how do I set it up?

Login to your account then select 'Word-Bank Definitions' to choose which dictionaries to link back to your website e.g. base dictionary, legislation dictionary and/or clinical dictionary. We will continue to add dictionaries to the system, get in touch if you would like a dictionary added.

Easy to set up automated jargon buster

Can I control branding of Word-Bank on my website?

Yes, once logged into your account go to Your Preferences and click on the Branding tab.

Branding tab

From the branding tab you can also turn the sidebar on with text only or layered HTML animation support. The sidebar is useful to graphically demonstrate that Word-Bank is available a how to use it.

Website visitors can choose to hide the sidebar at anytime or not to show it again.

Word-Bank on your site

Can I edit my dictionaries?

Yes, once you have added dictionary's to your account you can then you can preview each definition and:

Word-Bank interface

Can I add my own definitions to Word-Bank?

Yes, feel free to contact us if you would like a dictionary added your account or if you would like to see Word-Bank added to another website.

1 Atkins estimate based on the following figures: 10.6m disabled people for 2007/08 (ODI: Disability prevalence estimates, ODI website) and 61.4 million UK overall population as of mid-2008 (ONS: Population estimates. Statistical bulletin, August 2009); makes allowance for the figure of 10.6 million under representing the total number of disabled people.