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sis of many cases which Order Flonase Online undoubtedly Flonase Generic Name were typhoid fever. . . ." This failure to recognize typhoid fever during its earlier stages is an error of diagnosis which was made on a very extensive scale during the civil war, Flonase Coupons Printable has been made Buy Generic Flonase on an equally extensive scale by surgeons of the British army on duty with troops in India, and is still being made by a majority of the practitioners of medi- cine in certain pnrt.s of our own country. [The surgeon-general then made extensive quota- tions from his own work on Malaria and Malarial Dis- eases; from Dr. George B. Wood's Practice of Medicine (ninth edition) ; Y)t. .James C. Wilson's Treatise on the Continued Fevers: Dr. W. W. Johnston's paper (Amer- ican .Journal of the Medical Sciences, October, 18S2) On the Mild Forms Flonase Acne of Continued Fever which I'reviiil in Washington;, Sir Joseph Fayrer's recent work on Fflvrr in India; Flonase Generic Price and from l'r) on NiiplcH Fever, nil tending to siibstiintinte tiie thesis that tlio mistaken diagnosis of typiioid fever ns ninliirinl fe- vers of various kinds prevailed very widely, thixigh not more, jHTlinps, in this cDuntry than in roiitinentnl i''u- rope and British India. The great diniciilty of Cheap Flonase forming nn early correct diagnosis from clinical symptoms was empliiisi/eFlonase Generic Equivalent in Flonase Nasal Spray Generic diagnosis once made might be persisted in in the later stages, either under the continued influence of the pre- conceived and dominant idea, or from the reluctance to confess to an error.] Finally, the principal lessons to be derived from our recent experience may be stated as follows: A trained medical Flonase Generic Cost corps, hardly adequate for an army of twenty-five thousand men, can not control the Flonase Canada sanitary situation when this army is quickly expanded to two Purchase Flonase Online hundred and fifty thousand. Physicians and sur- geons from civil life, however well qualified profession- ally, as a rule are not prepared Flonase Ns to assume the responsi- bilities of medical officers charged with administrative duties and the sanitary supervision of camps. The proper performance of such duties can not be expected from a physician without military training or experi- ence, no matter how distinguished a position he may have held in civil life. Courage and patriotism on the part of line officers and enlisted men can not take the place of knowledge and experience. New levies of troops are, as a rule, ignorant of the first principles of camp sanitation, and reckless as to the consequences of their neglect of pre- scribed sanitary regulations. Therefore training and discipline are essential factors in the preservation of the health of soldiers in garrison or in the field. The value of the aphorism " In time of peace pre- pare for war" has received additional support. This preparation should include a corps of trained medical officers larger than is absolutely necessary for the army on a Alternative To Flonase peace basis, and systematic instruction in military medicine and hygiene for the medical officers of the national guard as well as for those of the regular army; also instruction of line officers in the elements of hy- giene, and especially in camp sanitation. It should also include the esfablishment of camping Flonase Rxlist grounds in various parts of the country, having an ample sup]ily of pure water, a proper sjsfem of sewers, etc. If our volunteers could have been assembled in such camps during the late war n saving in Generic Flonase Nasal Spray lives and money would have resulted which would without doubt have demonstrated tin- r-idii- omy of such preparation for war in time of pen< ( THE VOICK IN DIAGNOSIS.* Hv ai.kx.vndijj .i. c. skknk, m.o. I. IvTRoni'moN. — The easiest and most interesting method of studying the voice in nil its rt'lntions to health nnd disease is to l)egin at the Flonase Alternatives In-ginning of the develop- ment of Inngimgc nnd follow its evolution from the first • RmiI IwforK ilic Hnioklvn Mnllral .^.h-IpIt. Mkrrli K, I SHU 810 SKENE: TEE VOICE IN DIAGNOSIS. [N. Y. Med. Jodh., audible functions of a primitive larynx up to the mature Flonase 0.05 speech of the highest types of the human race. The demands of professional life do not permit of our doing more than glancing at some of the leading principles of the subject. It must suffice for our pres- ent purpose to recall the fact that lower beings express their thoughts and feelings by a very limited number of sounds, that are multiplied as creatures ascend in the scale of brain development. The primitive races in the human family having small brains that are not exten- sively cultivated, their mental powers are limited. They have few ideas, thoughts, and emotions, and hence have few words in their language, and they speak in a mo- notonous way. Having no extensive range of thought or marked shades of meaning, they express themselves without any great range of modulation. As the brain grows in size, power, and activity, the voice develops to meet the requirements of the mind, until we have in our day that infinite variety of voices, beginning with the uncouth babbling of the savage, Flonase Discount up to the orations of Demosthenes and Webster; from the

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