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Injection for Gonorrhoea in Ken. — The Journal des praticiens for May Gth gives the following formula: IJ GaJlobromol 60 grains; Distilled water, |. ^^^j^ ^.^^ „ Glvccrm, \ M. Sodium Cinnamylate in Tuberculous Diseases. — Dr. Lowzki (Vratch, 1899, No. 1; Deutsche Medizinal-Zei- tung, April 17th) Buy Keflex has used a two-and-a-half-per-cent. solution subcutaneously in eight cases. He gives an injection twice a week, injecting at first as much of the solution as it takes to reach to the first mark on a Pravaz sj-ringe, and Antibiotics Keflex increasing it gradually to six times that Dose Keflex amount. Keflex Dosage The patient pursues his ordinary occupation during the treatment. The night sweats diminish grad- ually and finally disappear altogether. Almost all Keflex 500mg the patients gain flesh. The number of tubercle bacilli in the sputum Keflex Order is reduced — in one case they disappeared entirely — but they generally return subsequently, al- though in insignificant numbers. Purulent expectora- tion becomes Keflex Dose Keflex For Mrsa mucous. The cough is materially miti- gated. If the portion of lung tissue affected is small, and there is only moderate fever, improvement, both subjective and objective, is comparatively speedy. In hasty consumption the remedy does no good. An Antiseptic Dentifrice. — Lyon medical for April 9th cites the following formula from the Bulletin de pharmacie de Lyon for March : IJ Salol 300 500 Keflex Mg parts; Keflex Online Alcohol 15,000 " Oil of star-anise, / „, Keflex 1000 Mg i, an « r.-, t ■ ■ eaih 50 Oil of geranium, \ Oil of mint 1 part. M. A Pill for Gouty Migraine. — Dr. R. Bommier (Nord mrdii-iil, A|>ril loth) rocommends this pill: Keflex 250 Mg ^ Quinine valerianate 30 grains; Extract of colchicum 9 " Extract of digitalis 6 " Powdered aconite leaves 3 " M. Divide into twenty pills. One to be taken an hour before dinner, for five days in the week, with a glass of lithia water. A Liniment for Haemorrhoids. — The Gazette heb- domadaire de vifdcriiu' et de chirurgie for April 20th credits the following formula to A Keflex Oral Suspension parts; I ompound Keflex 400 Mg tincture of ben- I ' zoin, Keflex 500mg Price J Tincture of belladonna Five-per-cent. solution of carbolic acid Order Keflex Online in olive oil .'VJ " M. To 1)0 ajqilied two or three times a day. For Chloasma. — Aow^rding to the liiformn ntrdica for Miiv .Mil, Kaposi recommends: U N'ai''> iipiilii'il l.iriillv twii-e dnilv. 820 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. [N. Y. Med. Joub., NEW YORK Purchase Keflex MEDICAL JOURNAL. j\ Weekly Revieio of Medicine. Edited by Fra*nk p. Foster, M.D. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 1899. THE COLUMBUS MEETINGS. Year after year there are more and more satellites to the annual meetings of the Keflex 750 Mg American Medical Asso- ciation. This week, in Columbus, they included meet- ings of the American Academy of Medicine, the Associ- ation of American Keflex Purchase Medical Editors, the National Con-

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