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federation of State Medical Examining and Licensing Boards, and the Association of American Medical Col- leges. The meetings were all well attended, as was to be expected. That of the American Medical Association was noteworthy, apart from the great number in attend- ance, Buy Cheap Lamictal for the excellence of the formal addresses. Recog- nizing the fact that these addresses would sufficiently cover the ground of purely scientific communications, so far as addresses were concerned, the president. Dr. Mathews, -wisely read what he himself denominated a " message," rather than an address on any one medical topic, although he dealt Generic Lamictal most forcibly with plans for restricting the prevalence of tuberculous and syphilitic disease. It Cheap Lamictal is satisfactory to find that Dr. Mathews favors a " local habitation " for the association, and we have no fault to find with his choice of Washington as the Order Lamictal Online locality, although we have recently favored a number of central cities as places in which the association should meet in turn. Dr. Mathews gives excellent reasons for preferring Washington, and it is undeniable that that city has unexcelled facilities for disposing of visitors. Another matter handled very dextrously by Lamictal Mg the presi- dent was the chronic difficulty over the permanent secre- taryship. He suggests that the editor of the associa- tion's Lamictal Lamotrigine Journal should be, ex officio, the secretary. No doubt such an arrangement would conduce powerfully to the best conduct of the affairs of both the associa- tion and its Journal. In our opinion, the president properly deprecates the clinics, dinners, etc., that now lure so many members away from the sessions. We trust that Dr. Mathews's rel)iike to the Antivaccination- ists may prove of some avail, but they are a stiff-necked lot, hide-bound by their fad. As a whole, tlie address was scholarly and ominonily jiractieal, and we com- mend it tr) nil our readers. SUMMER HEAT Order Lamictal AND THE SUMMER DIARRHfEA OF INFANTS. That the influence of summer heat — an undeniable factor in the production of the summer diarrhcea of infants — has often Lamictal Xr been misinterpreted there can be no doubt. Lamictal Online Some who recognize most Lamictal Buy distinctly that the heat of summer operates more particularly in the aeti- ology of infantile diarrhrea by favoring deleterious changes in the milk on which the infant subsists can not, Purchase Lamictal nevertheless, overlook altogether the old idea that the Slimmer diarrhoea of infants is a form of " thermic fever " with a special intestinal manifestation. Among these is Dr. Stawell, honorarj' physician to the out- patient department of the Children's Hospital, Mel- bourne {Intercolonial Medical Journal, March). How- ever, Dr. Stawell agrees with all special observers that summer heat " must be classed only as a remote, pre- disposing, though very potent factor in the causation of summer diarrhoea." He thinks that wherever the general winter temperature is comparatively high, and the child is acclimatized to it, a summer temperature correspondingly higher than that elsewhere capable of giving rise to a decided increase of mortality from sum- mer Buy Lamictal Online diarrhoea is required to Rash Lamictal produce the same effect. For example, in Queensland, he says, the child gets acclimatized to a high winter temperature, " and must be exposed to a correspondingly higher temperature in summer than the child in Melbourne before diarrhoea comes on." Further, he thinks that if the power of re- sistance in the individual is very great, " even decompos- ing food may produce no deadly result; older children, for instance, can drink obviously stale milk without suffering, calves can digest sour milk, and pigs fatten on putrid food." Nevertheless, Dr. Stawell is a thorough adherent of the doctrine that summer diarrhoea is due to septic changes in the milk taken by the infant. " Broadly speaking," he remarks, " no completely breast-fed Purchase Lamictal Online in- fants die from ' summer diarrhoea,' " and this statement he supports by citations of the statistics given by Dr. L. Emmctt Holt. Tn Jiis own hospital experience Dr. Sta- well has not mot with a single fatal case of summer diar- rhoea in an exclusively breast-fed infant, and he believes his colleagues' experience has been the same. " In the Lamictal Discontinuation country," he says, " there is no summer diarrhoea, or, to put the matter in another way, if the mother of an arti- ficially fed infant has a cow of her own which can be milked twice daily, the summer heat will rarely help to induce intestinal irritation in the infant, and the milk is, of course, given fresh, before heat has induced changes in it." Dr. StawcH'a observations in the June 10, 18'J9. EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 823 Southern Hemisphere are certainly confirmatory of the most trustworthy reports on the subject that we have from physicians of our own quarter of the world, and they are deserving of close attention. "PARESIS HALL." WiiKN a legislative commission sets about inves- tigating the management of the city of New York, we must presume that it is quite within its sphere to bring out testimony bearing upon matters Lamictal Rashes illustra- tive rather of the depravity of certainof the inhabitants than of the essentials Buy Lamictal of municipal government. We are not saying that to demonstrate that vice flourishes o^jenly in the city is not to show laxity Lamotrigine Lamictal or favoritism on the part of the olficers of the law, but we fear that such demonstrations can do no good further than to stir up a temporary feeling of horror among the good people of the State that may lead to further repressive legislation, a two-edged sword susceptible of being put to base uses by first one and then the other of the principal political parties, accordingly as the one or the other is in the ascendant for the time being and feels reasonably certain of so continuing. Lamictal Use

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