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13 214 420 249 142 11 36 5 14 Cerebrospinal meningitis 13 19 46 10 139 2 Marine-Hospital Service Medical Supplies. — The following circular letter from the office of the supervis- ing surgeon-general, Marine-Hospital Service, dated Washington, June 3, 1899, has been addressed to Cheap Levaquin com- missioned officers, acting assistant surgeons, and others concerned : You are hereby notified that so much of the work of the purveying division of Levaquin Mg this bureau as pertains Levaquin Online to 500 Mg Levaquin the issuing of medical and other supplies to the vari- ous stations Levofloxacin 500 under the control of this service has been transferred to New York city, where a purveying depot has been established at No. 378 Washington Levaquin Buy Street, Buy Levofloxacin in the borough of Manhattan. All requisitions for sup- plies Buy Cheap Levofloxacin will be addressed as heretofore to this office for Purchase Levaquin approval. Officers in command of stations are re- quested to withhold, until the beginning of the ensu- ing fiscal year, requisitions for supplies, except in cases of emergency, in order to reduce the work of the purvey- ing dej)ot to a minimum during its installation. Contractors for supplies are also notified of this change of address for freight and other shipments. The official address for freigbt will be Levaquin Cheap " Medical Purveyor, United States Marine-Hospital Service, 3T8 Buy Levaquin Washing- ton Street; New York city," and articles hereafter or- dered for the use of this service must be shipped in ac- cordance therewith. [Signed.] Walter Wyman, Surgeon-Oetieral, Marine-Hospital Service. The St. Louis Medical Society. — At the last regular iiu'cling, on Sill unlay evmiing, .June 3d, Dr. James Moores Ball was to read a paper Levaquin 500 on the Removal of the Superior Cervical Oaiiglion for Levofloxacin 500 Mg Glaucoma, with r('|)ort Levaquin 750 Mg of a case. The pa])er was to be discussed by Dr. Wilhird Biirtlett and Dr. K. C. Renaud and others. Dr. Robert Barclay was to make A Report of Actual Cases nomon- strating the Relief, by Modern Methods, of Patients ilopolessiy .Mllicled fur Many Years with Deafness from Cutarrii, Running Ears, Low Speaking Voice, June 10. 1899.J ITEMS. S§5- Dizziness, Noises in the Head and Ears, Worse Hearing Levaquin Levofloxacin in Quiet Places, Aural Distress, etc. Marine-Hospital Service Health Eeports. — The fol- lowincj ca.ses of small-pos, yellow fever, cholera, and plaofuc were reported to the supervising Levaquin 500 Mg surgeon-gen- eral during the week ending June 3, 1899: Small poz — Uniltd Levofloxacin Levaquin Stata. Los Anpele.a, Cal Mav 27 3 Levaquin 750 ca.
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