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I cas*, I ili'iith. CalriilU, India Apr. 15 SJ H3 deaths. Tslnnn. KorinoM, Japan. .. Apr. S4 S4 case*, IB '■ Tsl.l.ii, Jnpnn Apr. J5 S " Tailinkn, Jnpnn Apr, 25 S " Tain. Ill, Jspon Mar. I l-Apr. IS. . . Ho7 " 5HS Hlrall« Settlenirnls, Ppnang. Mar 27 Plague pre.rnt. The Ameri^nn Snr^cnl Aitoointion. — At tliir, KoImtI F. VVrir, of Levothroid Vs Levothyroxine New York; vicc-prenidunlii. Dr. Cliiirh's H. Xancrede, of Ann Arbor, Micliigan, and Dr. E. M. Sou- chon, of Xew Orleans; secretary, Dr. Herbert L. Bur- rell, of Boston ; recording secretary, Dr. De Forest Wil- lard, of Philado]])hia ; treasurer. Dr. George R. Fowler, of New York (borough of Brooklyn). The Buffalo Academy of Medicine. — At the last reg- ular meeting of the Surgical Section, on Tuesday even- Levothroid Generic ing, the Gth inst., a paper on Cystitis was presented by Dr. J. Henry Dowd and was discussed by Dr. D. W. Harrington, Dr. \V. H. Heath, Dr. John Parmenter, and others. The annual election of officers followed. Tetanoid Seizures. — Dr. Pierce Clark {American ■Jovmal of Inxanitij, April), as the result of Levothroid 88 Mcg a careful study of "tetanoid seizures," says: " 1. The e.^ciusive tonic convulsions of petit-mal epi- leptic fits are not identical with tetanoid seizures. 2. Tetanoid seizures are clinical facts, although very rare; but a distinct classification of epilepsy, the so- called ' tetanoid epilepsy ' of Prichard, is not proved. 3. Tetanoid seizures are but a modification of true epi- lepsy and probably have no relationship to tetanus." Change of Address. — Dr. Simon Tannenbaum, to No. n Clinton Street, New York. Army Intelligence. — Official List of Changes in the Stations Order Levothroid Online and Duties of Officers serving in the Medical Department, United States Army, from May 20 to May 27, 1S99: Pur.viANCE, William E., Captain and Assistant Sur- geon, will proceed to San Francisco to accompany Kay, p. Levothroid 100 Mcg IIexry, Major, Eighth Infantr}', to his sta- tion in Alaska. Shakespeake, Edw.vrd 0., Major and Brigade Surgeon, member of the board of medical ofTicers on the emer- gency ration, appointed August ISth, is assigned to duty in Washington for an additional period of two months, for the purpose of completing his rejiort. Vauohan, VicTon C, Major and Division Surgeon, member of the board of medical officers on the emergency ration, appointed August 18th, is as- signed to duty in Washington for an Levothroid 75 Mg additional Ceriod of two months, Levothroid 25 Mcg for the purpose of completing is report. Wilson, William II,, Captain and .\ssistant Surgeon, is Levothroid Vs Synthroid relieved at the Josiah Siin|>son General Hospital. Fort Monroe, Virginia, and will proceed to San Francisco Levothyroxine Vs Levothroid for a.ssignnient to dutv. Society Meeting:s for the Coming Week: M(iNi>AV, ./»M.' Ijlli: Levoxyl Vs Levothroid New York Medico-historical So- ciety (|)rivntc); Now York Oplithnlmological Levothroid 0.1 Mg Soci- Levothroid Synthroid ety (private); Gynsreological Society of Boston ; Burlington, Vermont, Medical and Surgical Club. TlTK.si)AV, June ISIh: BulTalo Academy of Medicine (Section in Medicine); Home, New York. Meilical Society; Medical Society of Levothroid 125 Mcg the County of l{en.**e- laer. Now Y'ork ; Trenton, New Jersey, Medical As- sociation. WKPNK.miAV. Junr mh: New York Pathological Sooi- oty; American Microscopical Society of ilto City of Now York; Society for Medical I'rogross, New York; Philadolpliin County Purchase Levothroid Online Medical Society. TlHitSDAY, Jinir loth: Now York Academy of Motli- cino; Brooklyn Synthroid Vs Levothroid Surgical Stviety; Now Bedfonl. Mn!voment. FiiiiiAY, JiinK KUh: Baltimore Clinical Society; Chi- cago Gynaecological Society. ■826 LETTERS TO THE EDITOR.— SPECIAL Generic Levothroid ARTICLES. Order Levothroid [N. Y. Mei>. Joue., %t\in^ to \\t ^iritor. THE PERIOD OF INX'UBATION OP MEASLES. Fkankfort, N. y., June S, 1S99. To the Editor of lira New York Medical Journal: Sir: In a letter to the Journal, May 8th, I called attention to a letter Levothroid 100 Mg upon this subject from Sara New- comb !\Ierrick, ]\I. D., published on May Gth, and I then expressed the opinion that the doctor's conclusions were based upon error. Notwitiistanding Is Levothroid Generic the explanation

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