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SPECIAL ARTICLES. 827 of them said : " I don't know what physi- c - uliarged for making post-mortems for the county; 1 know nothing of the prices at which services can be procured; 1 Buy Cheap Lioresal judge from what I think it would be wortli." The other witness said upon cross-examina- tion : " I have never made examinations for the county ; my testimony is based upon all the circumstances. I base my opinion on what 1 think is the value of such services, irrespective of the price charged or paid." The counsel Lioresal Mg for the boardof commissioners then asked Buy Lioresal Online tohave the testimony of these witnesses stricken out, which the trial court refused to do. The supreme court said : " No error Purchase Lioresal Online was committed in overruling appellant's motion. The testimony was competent, for the witnesses were ehown to be experts, and to possess such knowledge, skill, and acquaintance with the subject under investigation as entitled them to express their opinions to the jury. They may have had some knowledge of the value of such services, without knowing anything at all about what others were cliarging Buy Lioresal for like services. ... It is clear, from the statements of the witnesses, that they were skilled in their professions, and that they did have suf- ficient acquaintance with the nature and value of serv- ices rendered in post-mortem examinations to entitle their opinion to go in evidence." The board of commis- eioners' counsel put the question to one of the members of the board : " At what price could you have procured competent physicians to make post-mortem examina- tions during the years 1877 and 1878?" The physi- cian's counsel objected to the question, and his objection was sustained. Upon the correctness of this ruling the supreme court said: "The question in issue was, not what others would have done the work for, but what was the rea.«onabIe Purchase Lioresal value of the services of appellee (the physician). It was no more competent for the appel- lant (the board) to introduce thp offered evidence than it would have been for the appellee to prove that any other surgeon would have charged twice as much as the sum claimed by the ap[)cllee. It was competent for a[)pellant Order Lioresal Online to call conipctcnt witnesses to give their opinions of the value of the services, but not to prove particular bar- Order Lioresal gains or offers." • In States where the statutes authorize the board liaving charge of ttie particular matter to limit the amount of relief Generic Lioresal to be furnished, such board mav, before the relief is furnished or services renilered, estiiblish a Buy Cheap Baclofen limit, but where no such limit has b<'en cstablislicd. the board must allow the reasonable value of the services rendered.! Ill passing from the subject of presenting and prov- ing claims agnin-if towns, counties, etc., it is ri'lrvaut to say that a doctor who lin« rendered services to a poor person, and luis presented his bill for the same to ttie proper ollicer of tlie municipality, is barred bv the audit- ing and allowing of hucIi bill from ever collecting the same from Itin pntirnt, and it makes no diffcrenet' wbctluT the bill in allowed nt its face or at a reduced valniilion. J Defense. — The physician havinjj gliown his employ- ment, e'nt u|)on tho pnticnt to show some just • Tlir ttoanl of dmmlKiilnnore of Marion I'ountjr r«. ('li«iiil>oni, 7ft In.! , 4iMi. , t lliinirr ri. Jaaprr (V, <0 In , ftfl*. t \V.««I „ Miin«m. 7ft Ilun . 4«» ; 24 N. Y. Siipp., "iH?. Sw A' )'. IMirti/ Jimmal, VLty laih, p. flHiJ. reason why he should not pay, and, if he fails in this, Lioresal Price judgment will be rendered against him. Experience has shown that the human mind is very fruitful in devising excuses and discovering reasons for avoiding obliga- tions; it therefore usually happens that the defendant has a defense. Perhaps the most common defense, when the suit is between the physician and patient, is that of general denial, which simply necessitates the strict proof that the services were rendered as alleged, and that they are of Buy Baclofen the value claimed. Frequently the defendant pro- duces witnesses, who, it has been heretofore shown, must be physicians, to prove that the services are of a less value than that claimed. In such a case the plaintiff should be careful to secure as -his witnesses men of good professional standing whose judgment is Lioresal Tablets esteemed and integrity undoubted. The defense has been interposed that, excepting for those visits specially requested, the patient is not liable unless the physician shows some reasonable necessity for the additional visits. This de- fense has no legal weight ; a physician, being employed to attend a patient, is the proper and the best judge of the number and frequency of visits necessary, and, Cheap Lioresal in the absence of proof to the contrary, the court will presume that all professional visits made were deemed necessary and were proi)erly Lioresal Online made. Justice Temple, of the su- preme court of California, said : " It would be a danger- ous doctrine for the sick to require a physician to be able to prove the necessity of each visit before he can re- cover for his services. This is Lioresal Intrathecal necessarily a Buy Baclofen Online matter of judgment, and one concerning which no one, save the attendant physician, can decide. It depends not only upon the condition of the patient, but, in some degree, upon the course of treatment adopted." * In the case of Jeffries vs. Harris the defendant at- tempted to show the character Lioresal 10 Mg of the physician, but was not permitted to do so. Tho court said : " Character was not put in issue by the nature of this action, and the defendant is equally liable on his assumpsit, whether the plaintiff's character were good or bad; for. if he chose to emjiloy him as a physician, it is not competent to him, afterward, to say that he is not a good one. and, therefore, that he Lioresal 25mg will not pay him. If. indeed, the plaintiff had imposed on the defendant by false preten- sions to skill, he would have been responsible for any in-

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