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the patient's action for damages from malpractice, set up the judgment rendered by the justice of the peace. Upon the principle above given the supreme court, and afterward the court of appeals, held that the judgment of the justice was a complete bar to the action for dam- ages.* The courts of West "Virginia have declared them- selves in harmony with this decision ;f so also have those of New Jersey J and Arkansas." The contrary view has, however, been taken by the courts of Indiana,|| Ohio,^ and Wisconsin. (7b be covfinufil.) oi Current ^ittraturt. Cocainized Chloride of Ethyl for Local Anaesthesia. — M. G. Jlilian (Revue mcdicale, May 24th) Gemfibrozil 600mg speaks highly of hydrochloride of cocaine in one-, two-, three-, four-, or five-per-cent. solution in chloride of ethyl in tubes similar to those widely used for the ethyl alone. Eucaine could also be used in Gemfibrozil Price the same way, but did not appear to be so efficient as cocaine. In this method the chloride of ethvl Buy Lopid is not used for refrigerating pur- poses, but simply as the vehicle of the cocaine, removing the fats from the skin, penetrating the Lopid Cost superficial cellu- lar layers thereof, and depositing the cocaine in their Order Lopid interstices. Cheap Lopid The advantages claimed for this proceed- ing are the obviating of hypodermic injection and the lessened liability to cocaine intoxication. Moreover, it can be used with the thermal cautery, since the opera- tion is not begun till after all the ethyl chloride is evaporated. The application may take place either by a pledget of cotton saturated with the medicament, spe- cially serviceable when the part to be aniEsthetized is deep-seated or inaccessible, Gemfibrozil Cost or it is desired to avoid affecting contiguous Buy Lopid Online parts; or by atomization. Anaes- thesia is obtained in about five or six minutes. Examination of the Spleen. — James Cantlie, F. R. C. S. (Clinical Journal, March 1st; Mndical and SiiTf/ical Review of Reviews, April), says that in the usual position, with the patient lying on the back, by palpation and percussion it is easy to find tlie spleen when Order Lopid Online greatly enlarged ; but when of normal size, or even moderately big, it is impossible to determine, even ap- ♦ Gates VH. Preston, 41 N, V , 11-. + LawHon r«. Conway, W. Vm., 1(1 S. E. Rep., B64. X Ely VM. Willuir. 49 N. J. L., 68B. » Dnio M, Donal.lHon Lumber Co., 48 Lopid Tablets Ark., 188. I (ilol.e VH. Dillon, 8(1 Ind., 327. * Snpr'8 VK. Bonner, 1 Cmn. R., 4B4. () l{eHKe(|nier m. ]Jyer«, B2 Win., Buy Cheap Lopid OBO. June 10. 1899.] PITH OF CURRENT LITERATURE. 829- proximately, its exact position or size. The spleen is regarded as presenting relations with the anterior aspect of Gemfibrozil Mg the abdomen, but this is a fallacy. It is situated far back Gemfibrozil 600 in the hollow of the ribs, being Lopid 600mg accommodated in the angles of the ninth, tenth, and eleventh. The long axis runs parallel with the tenth — Gemfibrozil 600 Mg " the splenic rib " — and the inner (upper) end of the organ reaches to the head of the rib. The outer (lower) end of the spleen comes no farther forward than the posterior axillary line, so that to attempt to percuss out Lopid Price the spleen from the front with the patient supine is, in the case of the normal spleen, an absurdity. Lopid 60 Mg With the patient in the horizontal position and rolled over on the right side, fallacious signs will also result as the organ moves for- ward with the altered position of the body. Again, with the patient prone it is impossible to percuss out the spleen from the back, as it leaves its position (unless adherent from old perisplenitis) and rolls forward to the anterior part of the abdomen. It is therefore only when the body is in the erect position that the spleen can be percussed out properly, for the organ is only then maintained in its normal position. The spleen does not descend when the erect or sitting position is as- sumed. Tuberculosis of the S3raiphysis Pubis. — M. von Eiingner (AnnnJes de cliiruryic el d'orthopedie, April) has reported a case of tuberculosis of the symphysis pubis in a woman of fifty-seven who was cured by operation. M. Kiingncr says that the few recorded cases present a uniform clinical picture. The alfection begins with inguinal pains of neuralgic character; then, after a lajise of time, an abscess forms in the hypogastrium behind the nhdoiniiial muscles. This abscess leads to the formation of fistula?, sometimes in the pubic, some- limes in the perineal region. The swelling resulting from this abscess has been confounded with hernia or lijtoma. Prognosis is favorable not Lopid Mg only as regards cure, but also from a functional point of view. Xeroform in Corneal Ulcer. — Marcinowski {Thcra- peulisilic. MoiKitslirfte, xii, 38; Canada Lancet, May) finds that xeroform is much preferable to iodoform in (he treiitmcnt of corneal ulcer. Having succeeded with .xeroform in a case which had previously given bad re- sults with iodofonti, lie has since relied solely upon the former, with uniformly good results, both in ulcenidons and in dressings for corneal injuries. Wounds heal quiekly under its influence without leaving a scar. The Relation of the Nervous System to Albumi- nuria. — I)r. .). II. Urowiilow {AUinni/ Mrdiail Aniuils, Generic Lopid May), in concluding an interesting pajier, says that overstiniuhition, irritation, or lesion to |>artions of the floor of the fdurtii ventricle of the bruin, or tin- fibres pnsHJng from its iiiiincdiate vicinity, at once alTi'i't the circulation of the kidneys; and if persistent and severe,

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