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The author then presented a patient on whom he re- marked as follows : " You will notice that he correctly interprets the sounds that he hears, that he reads understandingly, Purchase Lotrel and that muscle movements, although stiffly, are correctly performed. We can, therefore, exclude the superior temporal, the angular, and Broca's convolutions Lotrel 510 from participation in the lesions. Dependent upon the asso- ciation tract involved, different terms are employed to express the disturbed function ; thus, when the tract be- Lotrel 10 tween the auditory area and Broca's convolution is dis- Lotrel Coupon organized, the condition is spoken of Lotrel 10 20 as paraphasia, etc. ,\s the patient readily and correctly coordinates the dif- ferent centres forming the zone of language, we can ex- clude a lesion of the association tracts. You will, I think, agree Lotrel Online that the patient attempts to speak when ■directed — i. e., the sensory tract is intact. " But you liave also noticed that his attempts to speak are frequently abortive. It would seem, therefore, that we are dealing with a condition known Lotrel Coupons properly as motor aphasia. The history of this patient until his eighth year was uneventful; from that time, however, without apparent cause, he was seized with convulsions of the grand-mal type, which recurred at montlily inter- vals until last January, when he went into the status epilepticus and remained unconscious for three hours. On the following day the entire right side was found to be paralyzed and speech lost. Improvement since then has been slow but continuous, the face, trunk, leg, arm, and speech improving in the order named. The site of the lesion is doubtless in that part of the brain most fre- f|uently involved in cerebral ha;morrhage, the knee and jiosterior limb of the internal capsule. Since January the boy has had but one convulsion, the movements in which were generalized. Examination of the heart is negative; there is no history of luetic infection; knee, elbow, and wrist jerks in the right aceentuatod. In- quiry into the family history on the maternal side gives a line of goitrous ancestors, the mother and grand- Lotrel Price mother of the patient being nITlietcd with Lotrel 20 Mg this afTection. On the paternal side we find a grandfather Discount Lotrel who became 'sane at about Die middle of life. It is highly prob- therefore, llmt Ihe hov has inherited an unslablo nervous system, which at the time of Buy Lotrel puberty and under the additional stress of a series of convulsive seizures gave way." Nitroglycerin in Haemoptysis. — Flick {CentralbJatt fill- iniierc Mediziii, 1898, No. 27; Annali di farmaco- ierapia e chimica, January and February, 1899) has treated very successfully three cases of hasmoptysis that were resistant to all ordinary measures with very small doses of nitroglycerin. Gangrene of Lung Treated by Creosote Vapor. — Dr. W. Devereux {Britiak Medical Journal, March 4th) re- ports the case of a boy, aged eleven years, admitted to the Tewkesbury Hospital with signs of consolidation of the left lung throughout the axillary region, accompa- nied by hectic, perspiration, and other clinical symptoms of phthisis. On June 13th there was Order Lotrel a sudden change in the quantity and character of the expectoration. It increased to half a pint in the twenty-four hours. It was watery and opaque, with a greenish tinge, slightly streaked Lotrel 5 with blood, and lumpy. It did not coagulate on boiling. On microscopical examination an abun- dance of pus cells was found, but no lung tissue or tuber- cle bacilli. Tlie smell, especially during an attack of coughing, was horribly foetid. On auscultation over the dull area, physical signs of a large cavity were found. Cheap Lotrel It was determined on June 20th to try the inhala- tion of coal-tar creosote vapor. A small room, connected with the hospital Lotrel 5 Mg by a porch, was used, the fireplace and window being rendered as air-tight as possible, and the creosote vaporized in a metal dish over a spirit lamp. The patient was provided with plugs for the nose and watch glasses for the eyes. The vapor at first aggravated the coughing, and the patient brought up a large quan- tity of watery sputum, but after ten minutes the cough diminished, and he felt much easier. At the end of twenty minutes the boy felt Lotrel Cost weaker, and was taken back to bed, when he again expectorated a large quantity of sputum. During the next week the inhalations were contin- ued, each lasting from ten to fifteen minutes. His gen- eral condition showed considerable improvement, the frotor of the breath ceased, and the cavity in the left lung showed signs of diminishing. On June 28th the patient went out of doors. By July 4tli he had gained three pounds and a half in weight. The inhalations were continued daily till July 30th. The patient was discharged on August 3d, the dull- ness having greatly diminished. He was seen again on his return from the convalescent home on Lotrel 10 Mg August 17th, when he looked extremely well ; he had gained fourteen pounds and a half, and the pliysical signs in the lung had completely disappeared. The Treatment of Exophthalmic Goitre with Sul- phate of Ouinine.' -'I'lie Thrrapisl for May 15tli, Lotrel Mg citing \ho J/ivriiit/ df iiii'ilrciiie interne for December 15, 1898, says that Faulesco agrees with Reynier that exoph- thalmic goitre is not, properly speaking, a disease of the thyreoid gland, but a disease of the blood-vessel system, a vasodihitatinn, causing cerebral congestion, with an increased activity of the thyreoid Buy Lotrel Online gland, and other reflex symptoms. In the treatment of this trouble a vaso- constrictor is called for, and one meeting the roquire- inenis better than all others is suljihatc of quinine, lie reports three cases, one in detail; all were greatly benefited bv the treatment, June 10, 1899.J PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES.

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