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pronounce the letters />, m. b, s, and I pro]>erly. In cerebral luemorrhage, thrombosis, and embolism, (he voice frequently presented the changes due to the various forms of aphasia or paralytic conditions of (he larynx. The speaker felt that he could only touch upon the sur- face of such a vast subject, as Dr. Skene had so ably laid it before (hem. and he was glad to have had (he privilege of hearinir a paper which was cer(ainly one of the most valuable contributions to Buy Lovegra modern medicine. Dr. PuTKU Scott slatetl that Dr. Skene's remnrks iilKiut partial aphonia remindi-d him of a ease (hat he thought worth while mentioning. 1( wa?s one of hys- terical a|dionia in a voung woman who had Iwen brought from (he weH( etinst of Scodand to (be eas( oons(, where be inul Ixvn in practice ii( that (inie. The east eons( of .'^I'odnnd was more bracing and clear than (he west, which was so often envelo|>ed in rainstorms. The patient bail no( l)een long under his cure l)efon> one or two (hings were no(ii-ed : I'irnt, (hat she would ning in church Ml a high-pi(ehed voic«>; neoond. (Im(. Ix-ing very fond 832 PROOEEDINOS OF SOCIETIES. [N. Y. Mbd. Jour., of babies and children, she would sit and sing or "croon" to the baby, also in a high-pitched voice; and that when she laughed, vocal sounds were produced. Otherwise all conversation was carried on in a whisper, and that with apparent effort. Making use of these facts, the speaker had taken her to the piano, and had struck a note quite above the ordinary conversational pitch, and had kept her reading at that pitch, all the time striking the note on the'piano. Then, coming down half a tone, a few other lines were read at that pitch, and so on. With that kind of vocal gymnastics the speaker had expected to bring her down to being able to read at a pitch suitable for ordinary conver- sation. During the first week he had found that the voice broke at a certain note on the scale; he could not state just exactly what note it was, but remembered that it was near the point where musicians said the middle register changed into the Generic Lovegra upper register. He had thought it strange at the time that that part of the vocal apparatus which was most used, and was usually the strongest, should have suffered from loss of nerve power, while the part used to produce tones in the upper register, which was not usually the strongest part of the voice, should have retained its power. Two or three weeks of this vocal gymnastics had brought the voice back to the middle register. Of course, other treatment had been helping the voice also. Dr. James J. Bowen thought it a happy privilege to Lovegra Price listen to a paper which, he said, was one of the kind that served as milestones in the progress of medicine. Dr. Skene had thrown open the doors of an unexplored field, and, with an elegance and modesty characterizing him thoroughly, had told of his personal observations in this line during his long and busy career. Papers of this character had always been the signal- bell for deep investigation. Coming as it did from such an eminent source, he felt sure that when Dr. Skene's paper was copied and translated into other languages, and presented to the men of medicine throughout the world, the result to scientists would be as gratifying as the result of Czerraak's paper on adenoids had been some years ago. Then the medical world had been rife with expectation as to what discoveries might have been made in the then new field, and the eagerness and alac- rity with which the subject had been cleared up was. Dr. Bowen said, a standing tribute to the medical profes- sion. He hoped that the subject that had been brought before Lovegra 100mg them so eloquently would soon be divested of its mysteries; that Buy Lovegra Online diagnosticians might have a clear, un- clouded conception of what these voice changes meant. To none in the medical profession was this subject of more interest and value than to those who were inter- ested in the nose and throat. Its value to the neurolo- gist, the surgeon, and the general practitioner had been well explained. To one who was at all observant these voice changes were pathognomonic in many affections. The tone and pitch of the voice were considerably al- tered in nasal obstruction from hypertrophied turbinate bones, polypi, deviated saspta, or Lovegra For Women any abnormity. In adenoid.s the character of the voice told its own story. In laryngeal affecHons the hoarse, harsh quality of the voice told of a constitutional disease. Wiiere there was an absence of the .soft or hard j)alatc, due to disease or other cause, the voice was peculiar in its resonance, enough so to enable the physician to tell without exami- nation just what the condition was. And Lovegra Tablets Cheap Lovegra so with many other afTcctions of the nose and throat wiiic^h had a peculiar deflection of the voice which, when once heard, was ever after easily recognized. When we found a patient with a voice that appeared to be high-pitched, dead, or muffled, overresonant or hoarse, the nose, throat, and larynx should be examined, and, if no primary cause was found, there would be found at least something that would guide the physician to a correct diagnosis, maybe, before symptoms of greater importance or danger Lovegra Online had manifested themselves. He had frequently identified patients in the clinics by some characteristic of their voice when, after an absence of a year or more, they re- turned for treatment. Would the breaking of the voice ever be explained? he asked. Why was there a change of quality or some- thing in the same note when sung in one register going up and in another coming down ? Should we some day thoroughly understand the speaking voice, the singing voice, the voice crying, and the voice laughing? The voice was music produced by the most delicate Lovegra Uk of musical contrivances, the larynx, differing only in its qualities from any other musical instrument ; and, as we imparted different emotions or impressions by the varied

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