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uses of that voice, why could we not study the possibil- ity of using Generic For Macrobid other more common musical instruments for the same purpose, and thus commune with the mute, with the birds, and with all animals which Purchase Macrobid were as sus- ceptible as, if not more so than, we to musical vibra- tions? These questions, he hoped, would be answered when the investigation which Dr. Skene had the honor and good fortune to start was finished; then the world would thank the society for the paper, Macrobid Vs Macrodantin and in particular its able and eminent author Dr. Skene. Dr. Skene said that the discussion of his paper reminded him of his experience in consultation with his professional brethren in the past, in which he had always received more than he had given. He felt conscious of his lack of knowledge regarding the voice changes in diseases of the voice-producing or- gans and of the brain and nervous system, and he thought that this deficiency had been met by the re- marks of Dr. Meyer, Dr. Bowen, and Dr. Brush. Their contributions were certainly of the greatest possible value, and gave that completeness to the paper in this department which, Macrobid Price he said, was very much needed. He had been deeply interested in the remarks of Dr. Brush upon the voice changes in mental Cipro Vs Macrobid depression and brain diseases. He had long been conscious that the voice wa& modified in these affections, but to what extent and in what direction he had had no opportunity of discovering. The case related by Dr. Scott brought out, he thought, a portion of the subject which he had entirely overlooked in composing his paper — viz., the liability of the breaking Buy Macrobid Online of the voice in running from one regis- ter to another. Generic Macrobid This had been known to occur in some of the most talented and cultivated voices. One of our most celebrated singers suffered from this defect or acci- dent, whicli would sometimes occur in spite of all her culture and great care to avoid it. He had never hoard of a case so marked as the one related by Dr. Scott, and he was sure that we were on the right road to dis- cover the cause of this breaking. Dr. Siv'KNE said that when selecting this subject for consideration he had been guided by Macrobid 50 Mg a full assurance that, although (here had not been much said of tlie sub- ject in our literature, there was a great deal of valuable knowledge scattered among the medical ))rofession, and ho had hoped, in calling attention to this subject, to gutber ill from the meiiiiii'rs ol' tiie society some most Viilinihlc inf(iriniiti(in.aiid he had not liecn disappointed. line 10, ]899.] BOOK NOTICES. 833 ^ook lloiites. ^ hccination: its Natural History and Pathologj'. Be- ing the ililroy Lectures for 1898 delivered before the Koyal College of Physicians of London. By S. MoxcKTON' Coi'EMAN, M. A., M. D. Cantab., M. li. C. Macrobid Online P. Lond., iledieal Inspector to her Jla- jesty's Local Government Board, etc. London and New York: The JIacmillan Company, 1899. Pp. x-257. [Price, $2.] A MonE able and e.xcellent treatise than the work before us it would be Order Macrobid difficult to imagine. The individ- uality of the subject and its distinctiveness both con- tribute to the result in the hands of such a writer as Dr. Copeman, and nobody will read his historical intro- duction without feeling that the subject has acquired a new interest. From the historical the treatise passes to the pathol- og}- of vaccinia, and chapter ii takes up the relation- ship between that disease and small-pox. Price Of Macrobid lu the third chapter is most interestingly described the history of various lymph stocks, and in the fourth and fifth chap- ters respectively the Macrobid Generic histology and the bacteriology of vaccinia are treated of. A brief though interesting chapter (the seventh) deals with the antito.xic treat- ment of human variola, and concludes with an expres- sion of doubt as to the future of the practice until culti- vation outside the body is possible Macrodantin Vs Macrobid with the microbe of variola. The concluding chapter is devoted to glycerinated lymph, and the subjects of the preparation and storage of vaccine are continued in an appendix. The work, as Buy Macrobid its title implies, is essentially non-clinical, but for the histolog)' and pathology of vaccination we Macrobid Generic Name do not know its superior. Practical Mnieria Medica for Nurscx. With Generic Name For Macrobid an Appen- dix containing Pol-sous and their Antidotes, with I'oison Kniorgencies; Mineral Waters; Weight:^ and Measures; Macrobid Vs Cipro Dose List; and a Glossary of the Terms u?ed in Materia Jledica and Therapeutics. By Emily A. ^L Stonkv, Late Superintendent of the Training School for Nurses, Carney lli)spital. South Boston, Massachusetts, etc. Philadelphia: \V. B. Sounders, 189!). Pp. 5 to 300. [Price, $1.50.] TlilB Macrobid For Men work is no more and no less than a much abridged materia medica, and we are at a loss to dis- cover wherein lie its peculiar advantages " for nurses " as rrim|iHrral waters, weijfhts and measures, doses, etc. As we have said ol- Macrobid Cost nady, the l>ook is the etpuil of moot of its kiml.

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