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the corners nearly square, with proximal surfaces in contact a considerable portion of the distance from the cutting edge upward. The arch was nearly flat from one cuspid to the other, and the lines from this point backward nearly straight. The dome of the palatine surface was high and nearly square, the rugaj heavy and of square formation, corresponding to the general outline. In the sanguine we had a creamy-yellow color, beau- tifully rounded Mesterolone Online in proportion with well-developed cusps, Mesterolone Tablets the surfaces smooth, the edges and cusps translucent, round, and full festooned, set in a horseshoe-shaped arch, the dome high and round, with ruga; numerous and graceful. The jaw being inclined to rotate in mas- tication, the teeth articulated edge to edge, and were very often worn down to a level surface, the proximal surfaces being in contact for about half their length. The arch of the nervous was pointed like a Gothic window, the incisors often overlapping, while the vault of the mouth was high and narrow. Articulation was not close. The teeth were pearl blue or gray in color, long and narrow, with fine cutting edges and cusps, brilliant surfaces, edges transparent and set in beauti- fully festooned gums, corresponding in delicate tracery to this, the artistic temperament. The lymj)hatic gave us the large unshapely tooth of greater width than length, with cusps poorly defined and ha\ing an opaque, muddy color. The articulation was loose and flat and the gums thick, without beauty of outline. The arch was wide and semicircular in form, and the roof of the mouth low and flat and not particu- larly marked with rugae. The Intracranial Effects of Bums, especially in Re- lation to Legal Medicine. — At a nciiit meeting of the French Society of Ii<'gal Medicine, Professor Strass- mann, of Berlin (Gnzcile hchdoinadaire de medecinc el de chirnrijie, February 23d), communicated a some- what delicate problem in medical jurisprudence. In a house that had been Inirned down there was found among the ruins the half-carbonizeGeneric Mesterolone for Jfny has collected the following instances of the newer (lit- erarv) nnntomy : The mnnlercrs have discovered some astonishingly vulnerable parts of the human anatomy of late. From a paper llii
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