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are influenced, and. with the removal of the irritant and the consequent physiological rest of the centers, the disorder may be apparently, and in the course of time actually, dis- sipated. But there are other cases in which, from what I have indicated above, such a course will Micardis 80 Mg Price obviously fail. Those of my colleagues, therefore, who consider the re- '■■' See article by the writer in the " Medical News," Philadelphia April 4, 1885. Feb. 26, 1887.1 WOODWARD: A CASE OF NEURALGIC OSTEITIS. 237 moval of the uasal obstruction or irritation as the sole rem- edy Generic Micardis Hct fortius disorder, base their belief, it seems to me, upon an incomplete conception of its pathology. The value of the galvano-cautery and other therapeutic measures ad- dressed to the nasal passages will depend, to a large extent, upon whether the existing nasal disease is the primary cause of the central irritation, whether it is the sequel of repeated attacks of vaso-motor coryza, or whether it is a purely accidental phenomenon. Whether primary, secondary, or accidental, it always acts as an excitant of Micardis Hct 40mg 12.5mg the disease, and it is of the utmost importance that it should receive the most careful attention. Hut it must Micardis Alternatives not be forgotten, at the same time, that behind the nasal, throat, and head phe- nomena stands the neurosis, and that, until the sympathetic nerve-irritation is overcome, we can not Micardis Generic Equivalent expect to thor- oughly eradicate the disease. A Micardis Substitute CASE OF NEURALGIC OSTEITIS. Micardis Mycard Program By J. II. WOODWARD, M. D., BURLINGTON. VT. Mr. A. N., a tanner, about forty years of age, came to me for treatment in September, 1885. His well-knit frame denoted remarkable Buy Micardis Hct physical strength and endurance. His health had always been robust until his present attack. He had never used tobacco or alcoholic liquors, and no history of specific or hereditary constitutional disease could be obtained from him. In March, 1885, while operating a large, square churn, he was struck in the face by one of its corners with great Micardis Telmisartan 40 Mg force. The blow cut through his upper lip and laid bare the jaw-bone at a point directly over the root of the left upper canine tooth, loosening that tooth and both "bicuspids. The wound through his lip healed promptly, the teeth soon became firmly fixed in their sockets again, but the wound through the gum at the root of the canine tooth did not heal, and later on it began to dis- charge. He worked on his farm as usual until about the 1st of August, 1885, when he began to suffer pain in the left side of liis face. Up to that Micardis Plus 80 25 Mg time his jaw had not given him any trouble. The pain rapidly increased in severity, until it was a constant dull, heavy, throbbing ache, which seemed to start from the region of the socket of his left upper canine tooth and invade every part of thai side of his face. Tin pain was deep- seated. It was most severe about the canine tooth, at the in- fra-orbital foramen, in the substance of the malar bone, and at a point deeper than, but near to, the left tcmporo-maxillary articulation. After six weeks' trial of drugs, bis physician bad been unable to mitigate the severity of the pain. Ai (be date of bis first visit to me, September L8, L885, the patient was suffering with the excruciating pain already men- tioned. He bore the marks of suffering in bis countenance. lie could not work, lie could not eat. His nights were rest- less, mid bis sleep was broken by the agony be endured. lie was losing ile-b and strength. At the bottom oi the small dis- charging excavation at the root of the canine tooth the probe touched bare bone. All of his teeth appeared to be sound. They were examined by Dr. F. 11. Hudson, a skillful dentist, and nothing abnormal was discovered excepting the small ex- cavation and the denuded bone al the bottom of it. None of the teeth were tender to pressure or percussion. Excepting in the region immediately surrounding the excavation, no signs id' inflammation in the bone or soft parts were discoverable. Dur- ug the preoeding three weeks the patient had bc.ai annoyed by a purulent, discharge, which flowed from his left nostril, and which seemed to be more abundant when he rested on his right side. Hypertrophic rhinitis was well marked in both nasal pas- sages, but it was not more marked in the left than Micardis Plus 80 12.5 Mg in the right. The walls of the antrum were not displaced in any degree. September 20, 1SS5. Micardis Plus 80 Mg — Anaesthetized the patient with ether, to which chloroform was sparingly added, for even an Micardis Telmisartan 80 Mg unusually large quantity of ether did not suffice Micardis Hct Generic to control his movements on the table. The anaesthetics caused profuse diaphoresis. The left upper canine tooth was extracted with considerable diffi- culty, for it was firmly adherent to its socket. The anterior wall of the socket was removed, and the inflamed bone gou ■■ : away up to the floor of the antrum. By perforating the an- trum, I ascertained that it was in a healthy condition. No fur- ther indications for continuing Is There A Generic For Micardis the operation being noted, the patient was allowed to come Generic For Micardis Hct Micardis Plus 40 Mg out of the anaesthesia. He suffered considerable depression from the anaesthesia for several days. The operation caused a noticeable temporary diminution of the severity of the pain; but two days later the patient was suffering intensely again. Full doses of quinine were given, without benefit. I was obliged to resort to opium in large doses to make life endurable for him. This operation wound was never the site of pain or uncomfortable sensations. 27th. — Owing to lack of anterior support, the first bicus| id tooth bad become loose, Micardis 40 Mg Price and it was exlracted. Its i t was rough, and pretty firmly attached to the alveolus. About this time electricity was added to the treatment. I found that the rapidly interrupted faradaic current < trolled the pain better than Micardis Mycard the galvanic. The + electrode (my hand)

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