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A further question naturally suggests Mirapex 1 Mg itself — ^name- ly, of what does the obstetric outfit to-day consist ? Aside from the " mother's outfit," meaning the clothes she will need during her Ipng-in period, and the " baby's outfit," Generic For Mirapex including, if possible, a " baby basket," the obstetric outfit should at least include the following articles: 1. A douche pan, preferably square and of enamel or agate ware. 2. Two ordinary rubber blankets, or two pieces of rubber sheeting, one one yard square and the other two yards square. 3. Three or four dozen soft napkins for vulvar dressings, or the same number of vulvar pads from a surgical-dressing dealer. 4. One or two pounds of sterilized absorbent cot- Mirapex Cost ton, or twenty-five yards of cheese cloth or sterilized gauze. This for sponging. 5. Six abdominal binders of soft muslin or mull, eightcMi inches wide and preferably made to fit the figure at the sixth month of gestation. 6. Two hand brushes. 7. Some old linen for the baby's eyes and mouth. 8. Mirapex 0.25 Mg {"'our ounces of tincture of green soap. !). Bottle of sublimate tablets. 10. Seven ounces of cliloroform. 11. Four ounces boric acid, powdered. \'i. One tube of sterile white vaseline (for the baby). 13. Small and large safety pins and bank pins. If there is no nurse available before labor sets in, and it is necessary for the patient to sec to the cleansing of the Mirapex For Rls above articles, she may be instructed to pin the douche pan, rubber sheeting, and hand brushes sepa- rately in coarse kitchen towels and boil for half an hour in an ordinary wash boiler. The articles so boiled are then dried without removing the towels, put away, and not o|)ened until the time of lalwr. 'J'he soft napkins, if these are to be used for vulvar dressings, sliould, freshly laundered, be pinned, half a dozen in a package, in coarse kitchen towels and put nwny >intil the onset of labor. The nurse is then in- structed to sterilize Mirapex 0.125 Mg one package at a tinic by placing in Hw oven until the outer c«ivcring is scon^uxl. For sterilizing instruments and dressings in the oven of the kitchen range, one only re<]uircs a thermometer grad- Jiated Buy Mirapex Online to 200" C, so Mirapex Coupon a.s to |m'vci\t the lein|vrature rising too liigli, and to nuil.e sun» that 1 10" C. is obtained, Tho aliHorbent cotton, thi' old linen for the babv's eves, and S38 EDOAR: OBSTETRICS IN PRIVATE PRAOTIGE. [N. Y. Med. Jour., Mirapex Rls the cheese cloth are treated in the same way, the two latter being cut up into convenient pieces and sterilized as needed. It is sufficient that the abdominal binders be thoroughly laundered and pinned separately in fresh- ly laundered towels until needed. Further articles to be in readiness at the time of labor, and obtainable in most households, should in- clude : Articles to he in Readiness at Time of Labor. — 1. Arrangements for an abundant supply of hot water. 2. A bowl for vomited matter. 3. Two clean earthen, agate, enamel, or paper ware bowls Generic Mirapex for hand cleansing. 4. A clean bowl for the placenta. 5. Three pitchers.: one for boiling water, one for cold boiled water, and one for mixing antiseptic solu- tions. 6. A clean cup or tumbler with boric-acid solution and gauze or old linen wipes for the baby's eyes. 7. A Cheap Mirapex half dozen freshly laundered old linen sheets to serve as bed pads or pilches. 8. An abundant supply of freshly laundered sheets and towels. 9. A change of night Pramipexole Mirapex clothing, warmed, for the mother. 10. A warm blanket to receive the baby. Of these articles, the four bowls, the cup, and the three pitchers should be scrubbed with soap and water and boiled What Is Mirapex in a wash boiler, or at least scalded out. It is sufficient that Buy Mirapex the old sheets to be used as bed pads and ihe usual bed sheets and towels are freshly laundered. For special cases, however Mirapex Er Mirapex Coupons — for example, breech pres- entations — it is desirable that half a dozen towels Mirapex Generic are sterilized by boiling or by dry heat in the oven, Mirapex Price as de- scribed above. It will be noticed that the time-honored douche bag and tube have not been referred to, and this is be- cause we do not employ douches except for a positive indication; and, further, because Mirapex Litigation we believe these arti-

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