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The case practically consists of two trays, male and female, made of sheet iron and enameled in white at a temperature of several hundred degrees (Fig. 1). The male or larger tray measures 17 X 8 X 6 inches, partially fits into the shallower female tray (17 X 8 X 3 J inches), leaving a space of motilium cost two inches, in which space is contained a third tray made of canvas, with loops and compartments to contain the glassware of the case I lu t • Ix'nlhor hnlilrr iif r««o »liomotilium imodium kitchen oven, or by steam under pre.«suro, as the size of the case jierniits its being slerilizcd in the medium-sized steam sterilizer of the market. No matter what the charac- ter motilium tablets of tlie case attended, be it ever so septic, or instru- ments, douclie bag, catheter, gown, etc.. ever so soiled with pus and blood cheap motilium when thrown into the case to Ik? car- ried homo, the entire outfit can be placed in motilium tablets 10mg a wash boiler and rendered sterile in a short i)eriod of time by i)oiling. 2. Sucli a case furnishes us at the beple, purchase motilium aside from a supply of hot water, motilium 10 in an emergency noth- ing motilium generic more nwd be roe used to wm.mI) the hand.') and foroarmn in M>flp and wntor, and 840 ED GAB: OBSTETRICS IN PRIVATE PRACTICE. [N. Y. Med. Jock., the smaller female traj^, which holds when half full three quarts, to disinfect the hand and forearm in subli- mate solution. 3. The length of this tray (seventeen inches) per- mits of the entire forearm being submerged in the sub- limate solution, an advantage that will quickly be appre- ciated by the surgeon (Fig. 3). 4. motilium buy The writer is in the habit of using the smaller female tray as a sterilizer. The obstetric forceps I boil just before using it. It is after use scrubbed with soap and hot water and a hand brush by my office nurse, then boiled in an ordinary fish kettle, wiped dry, pinned in a freshly laundered towel, and placed with the other articles in the case ready for the call. When in the course of labor indications point to the use of forceps, the instrument, still pinned in the towel, is placed in the smaller tray of the case, and sent to the motilium domperidone 10mg kitchen to be boiled for an hour. The boiling water is poured oil' in the kitchen, and the forceps, still in its towel, is brought in the tray to the bedside, and the towel is only removed after the patient and the operator's hands have been motilium price prepared for operation. 5. The larger tray, again, by reason of its motilium online size, makes an excellent bath in which to plunge an asphyxi- ated child, and one has always at hand a convenient bath tub in which a modified Byrd's method of artificial respiration can be carried on, the child being meanwhile submerged in very hot water (Fig. 4). 6. The advantages of the inner canvas tray, which rests in the space between the two metal trays, will be readily appreciated (Fig. 2). This tray is practically order motilium a canvas case, measuring 17 X 8 X 2 inches, with a lid, and canvas handles at either end to lift it out of the smaller metal tray (Fig. 2). My object in using can- vas here, with a separate motilium canada loop or compartment domperidone motilium for each piece of glassware or instrument, was to secure a noise- less tray for this part of the physician's obstetric outfit, one in which the articles are all in plain sight, so as buy motilium online to be selected at an instant's notice, and one, moreover, Fill. 8.— Hiniill fimalc- Irny riBcrl to nuhmirreif linml mid for nnliitliiii. (From |)hiito«rapb.i

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